Quang Tri Province

Quang Tri province, a central province of Vietnam, obtains natural beauty and historical meanings. Coming to the area, tourists will witness the remnants of wars and feel the national spirit in each place. You will come from surprised to understand why Vietnam could defeat the French and the US army to win the nation's liberation.


Quang Tri History Events

Quang Tri, the narrowest part in the middle of Vietnam, has a special geographical location. That's why it was chosen as the demilitarized zone, separating two parts of the country. However, the province didn't have a peaceful day. During the two wars against French colonialists and the US army, the province had more than 20 years of living in fire, making it the most heavily war-impacted place. 

Quang Tri Citadel In The Past

Quang Tri Citadel in the past

According to the Geneva Agreement of 1954, the Ben Hai River (latitude 17) became a temporary demilitarized line, and Quang Tri province was a border dividing Vietnam into two. The Vietnam Democratic Republic manages North Vietnam, and south Vietnam is under the rule of the Republic of Vietnam.

The battle of Quang Tri (1968) during the Tet offensive was a remarkable event when the Vietcong (VC) and People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) attacked the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) and American forces to force the Saigon government to collapse. One of the most world-shaking victories was in Quang Tri Citadel. The battle lasted 81 days in 1972, contributing to the liberation and reunification of Vietnam.


Top Quang Tri's Attractions

Quang Tri Citadel

Quang Tri Citadel, located in the center of the province, is one of the historical attractions in the area and Vietnam. Its history traces back to the Nguyen dynasty when King Gia Long ordered the citadel to be built from clay. Then, King Minh Mang upgraded it to bricks, as we see now. It was considered an administrative, economic, and political center and a powerful stronghold during the feudal period.

Quang Tri Citadel At Present

Quang Tri Citadel at present

In addition, the site is also famous as a symbol of the nation's revolution and patriotism. It witnessed the bloody battle against the US army and liberation of Quang Tri during an 81-day-and-night-war fight. It contributed greatly to the peace of Vietnam, and now it's a place to educate young people about the country's fascinating history.

As the travel industry is developing in Quang Tri, Citadel attracts more and more domestic and foreign tourists.


Vinh Moc Tunnels

Vinh Moc Tunnels are a big complex built during the Vietnam war. It has rooms, a kitchen, toilets, and meeting rooms. Besides, there are clean water, air flow systems, and hospitals. The Tunnels are much bigger than the Cu Chi Tunnels and can accommodate more than 1,000 people. 

Vinh Moc Tunnel Quang Tri

Start the exploration in Vinh Moc Tunnel

The Tunnels' unique design impresses all the tourists who come to visit. It's like an underground castle where the former Vietnamese used to live during the war. The attraction is ideal for you if you want to know more about the country's history.


Hien Luong Bridge

Hien Luong Bridge was the border separating North and South Vietnam during the war against America and is now preserved as a war remnant. Since the country's reunification, the Bridge has been considered a national monument.

Hien Luong Bridge Quang Tri

Visit Hien Luong Bridge to learn about the Vietnam War

The ironwood-plastered Hien Luong Bridge is more than 180 km long with four spans. It has been through many repairs and upgrades and has become one of the worth visiting places in the province.

If you'd like to visit this historical site, visit Ben Hai river, Hien Luong Hamlet, Vinh Thanh Commune, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province.


Khe Sanh Combat Base

One more place that contributes to the golden history pages of the country is Khe Sanh Combat Base, where one of the deadliest battles happened. It's estimated that there were more than 10,000 deaths, including North Vietnamese, civilians, and American soldiers.

Khe Sanh Combat Base

The American army at Khe Sanh Combat Base

The base recorded one of the most famous sieges that the American army has experienced. Nowadays, there are many proofs of the crucial war, such as military airports, helicopters, tanks, moats, etc. 

Besides, you can also pay a visit to the museum displaying other evidence of the battle, such as weapons and pictures.


Cua Tung Beach

Apart from different historical sites, Quang Tri province is also well known for its natural beauty. One of the worth relaxing places in the area is Cua Tung beach which has a one-kilometer coastline.

Cua Tung Beach

Enjoy a beach relaxation at Cua Tung

Coming to the beach, you can swim under the clear blue water and enjoy the smooth white sand and gentle slope. Moreover, tasting the delicious seaweed is a must to ensure you don't miss the highlighted part of the trip.

Enjoy your time here with beautiful scenery and friendly local people.


Ta Puong Waterfall

Another highlight of Quang Tri is Ta Puong Waterfall, located in Ta Puong village. The way to this tourist spot is a little bit challenging but interesting. Prepare yourself with high-grip shoes as the road is slippery.

There are always tour guide kids willing to bring you through the difficult path. You can pay them by buying some candies or packages of cakes, and they're happy with that.

Ta Puong Waterfall

A majestic waterfall will pay your try with white water falling to erase your fatigue


Culture in Quang Tri

Talking about the culture in Quang Tri, people talk about the tradition of hard-working study, determination, creativity, and life sympathy. Due to its location, the area often experiences natural disasters leading to difficulty and poverty for the residents. However, people here remain undefeated.

There are three main ethnic groups: King, Pa Co, and Van Kieu. Though the minor groups only account for 9% of the population, they all live in peace and unite to overcome difficulties in life.


Quang Tri Weather

The weather in Quang Tri province is generally hot with high humidity. The temperature in summer can rise up to more than 40°C.

The area has two seasons: the dry season (December - June) and the rainy season (August - November). With the strong features of the tropical monsoon climate, the province experiences both floods in the rainy season and drought in the dry season.


Transportation in Quang Tri

How to get to

Quang Tri is in the middle of the country, and National Highway Number 1 is through the province, so there are many ways to get there.

By bus

There are buses from Hanoi and Hochiminh to Quang Tri province. If you start from Hochiminh, the travel time will be slightly longer. Below are some suggested bus companies:

In Hanoi

  • Hoang Long bus: 3 Nguyen Khoai – Hai Ba Trung district – Hanoi (Luong Yen bus station). Tel: +844.3987.7225
  • Hung Long bus: 338 Tran Khat Chan – Hai Ba Trung District – Hanoi. Tel: +844.3972.4505 or +84914.077.779
  • Dong Hien bus: 281 Doi Can – Ba Dinh district. Tel: +844.3832.7330

In Ho Chi Minh

  • Hoang Long bus. 292 Dinh Bo Linh – Binh Thanh district – Ho Chi Minh City (Mien Dong bus station). Tel: +848.2243.8989

By train

The second option to choose is to travel by train. It's a relaxing means of transportation as you can stay comfortably and enjoy the scenery all the way. It takes 12 hours to reach Dong Ha city from Hanoi and 20 - 22 hours from Ho Chi Minh. You can buy tickets online at dsvn.vn.

Train to Quang Tri

You can take a train from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Quang Tri

By airplane

Traveling by airplane can save you time, but since there's no airport in Quang Tri, you should take the flight to Quang Binh or Hue. Then, take a bus or train to Quang Tri in Northern Hue bus station or Dong Hoi train station. It will take about 2 hours.


How to get around

You can explore the province by renting a motorbike. It's also possible to travel by taxi. Here are the numbers of some taxi brands:

  • Taxi Mai Linh Quang Tri: 0233.; 
  • Taxi Le Nguyen Quang Tri: 0233.;
  • Sun Taxi Quang Tri: 0233 3535 353


Travel Information in Quang Tri

The best time to visit Quang Tri is from March to August, as you can visit different attractions and immerse yourself in the stunning local beach. However, June and July are the hottest times, so prepare yourself well before going out. If you don't plan to swim, any month during the year is ok for you to visit. Many heritage sites are waiting for you to explore.

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