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Red River

A Red River tour will let tourist visit historical places in the riverside, get more knowledge about unique cultures, legends and traditional villages of Vietnam.

Red River is a river that flows from Yunnan through northern Vietnam. Because of its heavy silt-laden, ancient people called this river as Red River. The Northern delta of Vietnam was consolidated by Red River and Thai Binh River. Red River Civilization related with three big cultures: Hoa Binh Culture, Dong Son Culture and Go Mun Culture. History of this area is prolonged about 5000 years, associated with many Vietnam’s ancient kingdoms: Van Lang, Au Lac, etc.

Red River

Sunset on Red River

Tourist not only discover secrets of the river, expand your knowledge about Vietnamese culture but also immerse yourself in the charming river landscape and feel cool breezes on your face under the sunset are good choices to relax after working for a long time. You also have chance to see Long Bien Bridge in another view, which was the biggest bridge of Indochina and was commended as the bridge connecting 2 centuries by French at the time it was built. During the time visiting Red River, you will hear about many legends and stories. Along the river, tourist will take a look at some ancient pagodas and temples: Dam temple – Dai Lo temple, Chu Dong Tu temple, But Thap pagoda, Dau pagoda, etc. Especially, you can have opportunity to visit Le Tuy Saint temple, one of 117 Vietnamese saints who are canonized by the VATICAN sanctuary. People living in this area have good technique in making handicraft such as bamboo and rattan, pottery. There are some famous traditional villages: Van Phuc Bamboo and Rattan Village, Bat Trang Pottery Village. When visit these villages, you can buy some products for your own or as a souvenir.

Long Bien Bridge on Red River

Long Bien Bridge

The fresh air and several beautiful sceneries of Red River will amaze you at the first sight, why don’t you have a visit soon?

The most convenient way for you to discover Red River is booking a cruise tour from travel agents. They will provide you the transportations, accommodation and even the meals during the tour.

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