Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Located only 15km away from Hanoi center, Bat Trang village is a well-known attraction to tourists and locals who love traditional culture and new experience at the same time.

Travelling does not only include sight seeing, but also conquering new experiences. If you are looking for an interesting activity that you can actually hand on, then Bat Trang Ceramics Village is the choice for yours.

 Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Pottery Making

Bat Trang village is an important history spot for Asia’s ceramics industry as being closed to Thang Long and Pho Hien trading ports. The village has a long history back from Le dynasty. The village was the place housing local artisans, who create beautiful porcelain artworks combining traditional and modern techniques. Indeed, it is the oldest and most famous ceramics village in Vietnam, which results in its development of tourism nowadays.

The village is expertized in producing variety of types and shapes of pottery. Visitors can explore many ceramic stores and workshops to browse through a vast selection of vases, bowls, cups, and plates, which are all hand-made beautifully and artistically. You can not only wander around the artists’ working place but also try hand-made pottery yourself with their help. Firstly, you will need to pay for only from $1 to directly use their spinning table and ceramics or clays to start creating your own pottery. After modelling, your pottery will be burned for final masterpiece. A little gift from your adventure created truly by your hands sounds like a great deal for your loved ones, doesn’t it?

Ceramic Shop

Ceramic Shop

Coming to Bat Trang without trying the local traditional food is definitely a waste. There are plenty of street food vendors who offer snack-able dishes with low prices such as grilled cassava cake, hot rice cake, or rice, pho, rice noodles specially flavored by the Bat Trang villagers. The most famous dish recommended for your lunch is the squid and bamboo sprout soup, which is usually chosen to be the main dish of traditional festivals, weddings, or Tet in Bat Trang village. Don’t miss the chance to try one a life time!

Bat Trang Ceramics Village can be easily reached by joining a day tour or public transportation. Many agents offer a one-day tour with meals and tour guide who can provide you with much interesting information about the ancient village and Hanoi also. The cheapest way is to travel by Bus No. 47 from the city center. Nevertheless, taking taxi is the most convenient way and does not cost much thanks to the short distance.

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