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Russian Market Phnom Penh

This curious name was began in the 1980s when the Russian came to work and live in the capital Phnom Penh and they just prefered shopping at this market, so the Russian Market name appeared from this reason.

A range of countless items displaying in here such as street food, clothes, cosmetics, souvenirs or motorcycle parts,..especially Psar Tuol Tom Poung, a kind of clothing that produced by local people.

Russian Market

Russian Market

Located in the south of the city, on the other side of Issarak town, at the crossroads 163 and 432 street. The exact address is on the 155 street, Tuol Tom Poung 1, Chamkar Mon district.


Although the appearance outside the market is not impressive, a bit narrow and without an air conditioner, it is still an ideal shopping destination for ancient items lovers like antiques, Buddha statues, silk clothes, silver jewelry, precious stones, and old banknotes collections from previous periods.

Besides handicraft and old items, you can find some famous brands such as Banana Republic, Billabong, Calvin Klein, Gap, or Colombia with only 1/3 of the price for each item. As you dig deeper into the market, household stuff starts to appear, including some amazing lamps, wood carvings, fabrics, kitchenware, and more

 Products Of Market

Products of Market

If you feel tired, you can stop and have a relaxing drink at one of the cafe shop around or the other street food stalls inside the market. Due to the range variety of goods here, before you want to buy any item you should go around many stalls without references and of course not forgetting to bargain with vendors to buy the products at the best affordable price.

One highlight that you should know that in the Russian Market, there are some Vietnamese vendors and if you have a chance to meet them, you can easily communicate with them in Vietnamese.

Inside The Market

Inside The Market

Let's join our Phnom Penh City tour to explore the Russian Market and understand local shopping culture.

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