Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Sapa Ancient Rock Field is an impressive stop for domestic and foreign tourists. When we are too familiar with the hectic schedule, a quiet and dreamy land will be an ideal space to relax. If you take an interest in this destination, keep reading and discovering exciting things!

Sapa is known for its dreamland and charming scenery. Anyone who comes here definitely reserves a place in their heart for this land. If you want to find out something new and mysterious in Sapa, then Sapa Ancient Rock Field will be a great choice.

The special thing about this location is that it differs from many other destinations, or even it is beyond what you have thought. It not only brings you an interesting experience but also makes you become more enthusiastic about the myth. 

Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Sapa Ancient Rock Field


The History of Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Sapa Ancient Rock Field, situated in Muong Hoa Valley in the vicinity of respective communes Ta Van, Su Pan, and Hau Thao of Sapa District, is one of the valuable natural heritage. It is 8 kilometers or so from Sapa District to the rock field. The field was recognized as a national historical relic in 1994.

It attracts the stream of tourists yearly because everyone is eager to hear the love legend preserved from generation to generation. It is about 8 square kilometers in area, and the France archaeologists discovered over 200 rock blocks in 1925. On this rock, slabs are decorations such as the house of stilt, terraced field, humanoid, and even the vestige of writings. However, it also has a wide range of vague decorations that countless researchers and visitors yearn to decipher.

It is obvious that stones and rocks in common are senseless and inanimate things in nature. Nevertheless, the rock in Sapa Ancient Rock Field always brings warm and cozy feelings. People here have venerated it as a saint in their hopes of being blessed with health, happiness, prosperity, and lush crops. A harmony of ancient rock fields and terraced fields attract a lot of visitors. Rock fields as historical witnesses always follow native people day by day.

Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Speical characters Sapa Ancient Rock Field


Best Time to Visit Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Ancient rock fields have a full range of nuances all year round. In spring, rock fields wallow in immense green rice fields, which reflects many tourists of rustic life. When it turns to summer in which people harvest, visitors easily take a panoramic view of yellow rice fields. Countless avid travelers are blown away when they see it. Needless to say, they quickly take out a camera and snap some memorable photos. Even many adolescents post these photos on Facebook to share a sense of triumph.

In winter, Sapa Ancient Rock Field is full of snow. There is nothing more romantic than going around snow-capped rice fields with your beloved person, hand by hand, shoulder by shoulder, and enjoying the time together.

Ethnic people do transplanting from March to May, so it is a good time for you to see the tableau in the rice paddy. The sound of the adults talking and chatting, children giggling, birds singing in the trees, which make the cheerful ambiance and diffuse a large space.

The best time to visit Sapa Ancient Rock Field is between September and November when Muong Hoa Valley is suffused with the yellow color of ripe paddies. Viewed from above, the panorama of Muong Hoa Valley resembles an imposing and mysterious picture in the fairy tale. If Dalat is named a neverland, then Muong Hoa Valley will be a fairyland.

If you desire to see snow falling down from the sky, the great time to come is from December to February in the next year. A pile of branches of trees stripped of their leaves. Instead, white snowflakes cover the trunks and the ground as well. There is nothing more wonderful than eating baked sweet potatoes and walking in the snow.

Nice weather to visit Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Nice weather to visit Sapa Ancient Rock Field


Highlights of Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Although rock slabs are scattered at random, it seems that the arrangement is made by someone. This is also a reason why many people from the highland to lowland are fond of discovering. It hears from the grapevine that Ancient Rock Field in Sapa attaches a love story and vestiges of the antediluvians. Therefore, studying the legend is a great idea to take the source of the country in.

Ancient Rock Field is surrounded by green rice paddies, pure streams, and flowering plants on the roadside. It is far different from other places of interest of Vietnam, for instance, Hanoi City, where an assortment of vehicles rumbles up and down all the time, is always bustling with noises. Many people move from the city center to Sapa Ancient Rock Field to escape overcrowding. The serene and peaceful space will provide them relief from their work and bring a smile to their faces.

Homestay is available for tourists to adore and relax in Sapa Ancient Rock Field. Standing in the homestay and seeing something move will be an effective way to purify and enrich the soul. Tourists will take the opportunity to mingle themselves in the green nature and listen to similar sounds to which they may pay attention to one in a blue moon. If you want to enjoy your solitude and be close to nature, then take a deep breath and slowly feel the breeze blowing.

Highlight of Sapa Ancient Rock Field

Highlight of Sapa Ancient Rock Field


What to Eat in Sapa Ancient Rock Field

The cuisine of the Northwest area in general and Sapa, in particular, is extremely unique and eye-catching. The dishes have a harmony of natural ingredients and special recipes of the highland. If you are a gourmet, you can easily appreciate how yummy they are! The outstanding thing about them is foods made from simple ingredients such as vegetables, bamboo shoots, mushrooms in the forests.

However, various dishes are listed into special and phenomenal foods such as steamed lean meat, smoked buffalo meat, grilled fish, so and so. This is a subtle difference between dishes here and in the other places is that it is a mixture of natural spices that ethnic people grow or take from the forest. Besides food, tourists have a chance to try out the corn wine, which is considered the soul of people in the highland.


How to Get to Sapa Ancient Rock Field

When people know the reputation of the tourism area which is the so-called Sapa Ancient Field-Muong Hoa Valley, they focus on where it is and how to get there. The valley, located in Hauthao Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Provine, is about 8 kilometers from the center to the South-East.

You can follow the path in the high mountain to discover the splendid scenery. The way to get to the valley is quite simple. From Sapa town, you head to the South-East on the 4D highway (about 8 kilometers). You can travel by self-drive car, motorbike or hire ones. Whatever the means of transportation is, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the pristine beauty on the roadsides.

If you have an intention of visiting Sapa Ancient Rock Field and Muong Hoa Valley, you seem to have found the right direction. It will be a nice occasion for you to wallow in serene and peaceful nature and catch unforgettable moments instead!

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