Sapa Love Waterfall

Besides climbing to the top of Fansipan, or cycling through the golden rice paddies, immersing yourself in the cool water and peaceful atmosphere of Sapa waterfalls will be a good idea to enjoy your vacation in the town. Among famous waterfalls, Love waterfall is definitely worth a visit. 


Not only attracting tourists by the beauty of misty mountains or rice paddies that stretch endlessly, but Sapa is also well known for its romantic waterfall called Love Waterfall. A tourist once getting to the town should never miss seeing the waterfall due to its breathtakingly beautiful scenery and interesting legend. 

Located about 14 km to the Southwest of Sapa town, Love Waterfall lies in San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. The waterfall itself is also the starting point of climbing travel to Fansipan peak. Therefore, on your trip to the peak, you will have a chance to drop in the waterfall to relax and get your money back to be ready for another journey. 

Beautiful Sapa Love waterfal

Beautiful Sapa Love waterfall


Best time to visit Love Waterfall in Sapa 

The best time to visit Love Waterfall is from March to May and from September to November as during these times, the weather is pretty stable with sunny days and cool nights.  

In particular, the time between March to May parallel spring in Sapa. The weather is very comfortable for tourism. It is dry, clear with a lot of sunshine during the daytime. Therefore, you can take part in many interesting activities and enjoy the beauty of Sapa’s tourist spots, especially Love Waterfall without worrying about sudden climatical phenomena. 

Additionally, the view of Sapa’s terraces is at its best between September and November. During this time, it is cool and dry with stable temperature, sometimes light rain. This makes the natural factors here grow fast, creating a stunning landscape. 

On coming to Sapa Love Waterfall during these times, you can take part in trekking, climbing to the top of the waterfall, immersing yourself in the cool water. Don’t forget to take some photos of the waterfall as it is really stunning. You can show the photos that you take to your friends or family when you are back in your home country. It will be great. 

Best weather to visit love waterfall in Sapa

Best weather to visit love waterfall in Sapa


How to get there 

The waterfall is located about 17 km on the winding mountain road from Sapa near the pass of Tram Ton. To get to it, you can follow the easiest way by renting a transport like a motorbike, bike, or car and arriving in the waterfall by yourself. From Sapa town, go about 3,2 km to the Southeast, throughout Xuan Vien and Fansipan street. After about 13 minutes of driving, you will reach the foot of Fansipan. Then, park your motorbike at the paid parking lot for 10000 VND per one and walk to the fall for about 20 minutes on the trail. The route seems so simple that everyone can follow and get to Love Waterfall easily. 

Alternatively, as Love Waterfall lies at the starting point of the climbing travel itinerary that conquers Fansipan peak, you can book a Fansipan tour during your stay in Sapa. On your tour, the tour guide will certainly lead you to the waterfall for sightseeing, relaxing, and having fun after a long journey of climbing to the top of Fansipan.


What to see at Sapa Love Waterfall 

Before getting to the Love Waterfall, you will have to walk through a forest that lies along the trail. This forest features primitive beauty with a tacit mossy old canopy of bamboo. This lush immense bamboo forest is flickered with red, yellow, and white azalea flowers. Coming through the forest, you will get to the sense of peace and be enthralled by its pristine scenery. 

The winding path then will lead your straight to Love Waterfall. From far away, the fall looks like the conical hat sparkling in the sunshine. With a total height of 100 meters, Love Waterfall retains the cold air of the mountains and falls down the golden stream as the great epic of the immense forest. The stream at the foot of the waterfall, along with lush greenery at both sides and stretching thickets of bamboo, creates the poetic picture. If visiting on misty days when the surrounding landscape is dim, tourists will get the sense of being lost in Penglai. 

Amazing activities in Love waterfall

Amazing activities in Love waterfall

Besides, Love waterfall, as its name suggests, is linked to a romantic love story. The story is told that a long time ago, this fall was the bathing place of fairies from heaven. One day, a fairy was enchanted by the flute sound of a young boy near the fall. She spent every night listening to his melodies. Not long after, her parent knew the secret and forbade her from coming back to the fall. The fairy, eventually, turned into a bird so that she should live with her love forever. 

If you want to know more, you can ask the locals. They will happily tell you the whole story. Don’t forget to get to know about the locals daily like as it is really interesting


Ticket price & Open/ close hours 

Love Waterfall is open for tourists to come and visit from 9 am to 5 pm every day. Therefore, if planning to visit in the fall, you should come there during that time. 

To get into the fall, you have to pay about $4 per adult and $2.5 per child. 

Above is our recommendation for Sapa Love Waterfall. For more detailed information or booking tours, you can contact us through our website or call (+84) 4 3624-9007. We are always here to help you get the best experience during your trip. Wish you have a great time in our beautiful country. 


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