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Sapa has always been a trendy spot for travelers to visit thanks to its beautiful refreshing 4 season weather, amazing food, and amusing destinations. There are tons of locations you should stop by when you go to Sapa. One signature place that BestPrice suggests you play a visit is Sapa Market because it captures the unique soul and distinguishes the cultural sides of ethnic minorities here.

To describe Sapa Market the best, it’s the place for merchandise trading among ethnic minorities around there. As can be known, Sapa is already located in a golden location when it sits in the central area of different villages of the entire region at the bottom of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range. It also connects the way to and from Northern Villages and Southern Villages. Indeed, the market is situated right in the center of Sapa. That’s why it’s a perfect and convenient destination for trading goods.

You can always ask your hotel receptionist to call a cab for you, but in fact, the option to walk or rent a bike is more popular with tourists. In these ways, it’s easier for travelers to enjoy the fresh air, observe the peaceful scenery, and feel the Sapa spirit. Normally, the market is scheduled to operate on Sundays. For people who arrive early the night before, you will have the chance to take part in a special event where ethnic boys and girls gather, sing, dance, get to know each other through music, and chat close by the fire. Through this activity, many ethnic potential young adults have found their potential soulmate to initiate a possible relationship in the future.

Sapa market

Inside Sapa market


Things To Do in Sapa Market

You are considered to haven’t been to Sapa if you haven’t visited Sapa Market. Like I mentioned before, it’s a signature one-of-a-kind full-on cultural economic activity. Because its main purpose is to exchange goods, so of course Sapa Market is an ideal place for you to go shopping. However, do you know what you should buy here? Keep reading for a recommendation. If you want to buy something clean to eat for your meals, vegetables in Sapa are well-known to be super clean, fresh and the taste is immaculate.

Shopping in Sapa market

Shopping in Sapa market


For a more specific shopping tip, usually, ethnic girls bring their made-from-scratch products to the market to trade as well as sell. Their skills are quite impressive so, to be honest, the quality of the products is pretty decent. Hence, artificial customary ethnic items are actually a good investment. It’s cute, unique, rare, and the price is not something that you can’t afford. It’s also practical that you can use regularly and it reminds you of a magical time in Sapa. A lot of people also love buying Sapa ethnic clothes to take a picture to fit in more in the pure background in Sapa.

Besides, silver jewelry is a hit in the market. You can pick your favorite style and shape in many different designs at a quite cheap price for its good quality. According to the observation, pharmaceutical products made with lots of natural ingredients that are less harmful to consumer health are on the list of things to buy in Sapa Market for the majority of shoppers, too. Last but not least, tourists should also consider purchasing valuable forest products.

Fresh food stall in Sapa market

Fresh food stall in Sapa market

On the other hand, going to Sapa Market is a wonderful opportunity to try local food that represents the cuisine of Sapa. On the top of the list, “Thang Co” is a must-try dish. It’s a traditional soup of Hmong people for over 200 years already. This soup is made with so many ingredients that have high nutrition. Basically clarified, the main ingredient of the soup comprises buffalo meat, horse organs, stewed bones, beef, different veggies, and adding more than 20 types of herbs for spices.

I know, it sounds like something really hard to swallow, but it tastes really special and unforgettable. It will remind you of a pork belly hotpot that will be awesome for a cold winter day. You can come to the restaurant “Anh Quynh Sapa” at the address 15 Thach Son, Sapa for a traditional delicacy taste. At the same restaurant that we have just mentioned above, you can also test “Com Lam”. “Com Lam” can be described as sticky rice that is cooked in a bamboo tube using embers.

When they cook this dish, they will move and twist the tube regularly and continuously to make sure the sticky rice has been cooked evenly. In this way, the rice can maintain the sweetness and have a slightly pleasant smell of aroma. “Com Lam” is perfect to eat alone but you can also taste it with sesame salt, it will enhance the flavor of the rice. The texture of the rice is soft and sticky, and for some meat lovers, although it’s not a traditional way to eat with meat, you can still enjoy it with grilled meat for more protein.

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