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Top 7 Shopping Center in Hanoi [Should Visit]

January 12, 2022 - 1133 views

Hanoi is one of Vietnam's famous tourist destinations. The beauty of Hanoi is not only the long-standing traditional cultures but also the development of infrastructure. The increasing population has led to a strong development of many types of services such as shopping, food, entertainment. In order to resolve this problem, many shopping malls were born. You want to visit shopping malls but you don’t know where they are, which products they sell. This review will introduce the top 7 shopping centers in Hanoi.

In their free time, people are usually interested in how to effectively relax. They often think of the right way to shopping centers. There are many benefits of shopping malls such as cool weather, some beautiful views and many kinds of popular services. People often want to choose a shopping mall which is nearest their houses, sell products they want, has some high-quality cinemas. Then BestPrice will list the top 7 famous shopping centers in Hanoi.

1. Trang Tien Plaza

If visitors have the opportunity to set foot in Walking Street of Hanoi, don’t miss Trang Tien Plaza. Trang Tien Plaza is located on 24 Hai Ba Trung street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi which is opposite to Hoan Kiem Lake and near Hanoi Post Office. 

Trang Tien Plaza has 6 floors which are known as the total shopping mall of Hanoi.  In Trang Tien Plaza, most products are imported from luxury brands such as Dior, CK, Gucci, Rolex, and so on. Most visitors who come to Trang Tien, often admire the beauty of this building. But they rarely buy products there because of the expensive prices. 

Trang Tien Plaza

Trang Tien Plaza


2. Vincom Mega Royal City

Vincom Mega Royal City was built early which is known as the first shopping mall of Hanoi. It is located on 74 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi. Besides, it has a large area so Vincom Mega Royal City is an ideal destination for visitors, especially on the weekend.  

Vincom Mega Royal City has shopping areas, cuisine areas in which visitors can experience some high-quality products as well as Asian-European-style dishes. This place is famous for modern amusement parks such as Vinpearl Land Water Park, Dream Games, Ice Rink, and so on.

Vincom Mega Royal City

Royal City


3. Aeon Mall Long Bien

Aeon Mall Long Bien is on 27 Co Linh, Long Bien District, Hanoi which welcomes thousands of visitors to visit and go shopping every year. Aeon Mall Long Bien is a combination of many kinds of services such as shopping, entertainment, cuisine. The architecture of the building is Japanese style, as well as this, is a place that sells most products made in Japan.  

Visitors can go there to go shopping, eat and experience the largest CGV cinema in Vietnam. 

Aeon Mall Long Bien

Aeon Mall Long Bien


4. Lotte Shopping Center

Visitors are surely amazed by the magnificence of Lotte Shopping Center, which is located in Lieu Giai Street. This is the second-largest building of Vietnam which always attracts most visitors, especially tourists from other countries. 

All products there are so expensive such as perfume, cosmetics, clothes, watches from the luxury brands of the world. Like Trang Tien Plaza, visitors often come here to take some panorama photos of Hanoi on the sixty-fifth floors of the building.  

Shop in Lotte Shopping Center

Shop in Lotte Shopping Center


5. Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall

In the past, Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall was only a market which was located in Hang Da District, Hanoi. Recently, this old market has been upgraded to a small shopping mall. 

In the morning, its basement is full of vegetables, meat, seafood, fruits, and so on. On the second floor, visitors can buy clothes, jewelry, scarves, and other necessary items. Besides, there are many kinds of second-hand clothing items on the second floor, too. On the third floor, most products are clothes which are imported from foreign countries such as Japan, Korea and so on. 

Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall

Hang Da Galleria Shopping Mall


6. Savico Megamall

Savino Megamall is on Nguyen Van Linh Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi. It is about 5 km from here to Hoan Kiem lake. This is a place including supermarkets, cuisines areas, and amusement. On the first floor, there are many stores which sell the most expensive products made from other countries such as watches, jewelry, cosmetics and so on. There is a supermarket on the second floor which mainly sells furniture, home appliances. 

Besides, there is a cinema, cuisine area, and children's playground on the third floor. 

Savico Magamall Long Bien

Savico Magamall Long Bien


7. Vincom Mega Mall Time City

Vincom Mega Mall Time City is on 48 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, which is known as a large entertainment complex of Hanoi.  Vincom Mega Mall Time City has shopping areas and cuisine areas like other malls. Products are very varied so visitors can comfortably choose. Besides, visitors can enjoy some dishes from famous brands such as Pizza Hut, Lotte, KFC and so on. 

Especially if visitors are fans of Marvel, please come to Vincom Mega Mall Time City because there is a Marvel shop there for visitors to choose from. 

 Inside Vincom Mega Mall Time City

Inside Vincom Mega Mall Time City


It is obvious that nowadays, there are many shopping centers in Hanoi. But when coming to lots of shopping centers in Hanoi, most visitors will remember immediately about the above ones. It seems that the image of these high buildings reminds visitors when they need to find a place to relax and go shopping. Moreover, the quality of services in these shopping malls is very good so more and more visitors know about them. Shopping centers in Hanoi are healthy entertainment places, they help people relax after hard working hours. Besides, visitors also go there in order to avoid heat in the hot summer. 

We hope that visitors can choose the best shopping centers in Hanoi to visit and go shopping. BestPrice Team is sure that this article will be useful for visitors, especially visitors who are going to visit Hanoi this summer. 

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