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Soi Sim beach Halong Bay

Soi Sim beach is located at Soi Sim Island, about 10 km away from Bai Chay beach. With its unexplored scenery, Soi Sim beach is called Zakynthos of Vietnam.

It is called “Soi Sim” because at the time people found out this area, they saw many Sim trees in the island. If you come here in the summer, you will really fall in love with the beauty of the island when Sim flowers blooming. The scenery is covered by the purple color of Sim flowers. When you walking on the island, you will have a chance to enjoy the fresh, sweet and safe Sim fruits.

Soi Sin Beach

Soi Sin Beach

Unlike other places in Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim beach has only opened for 10 years and is considered as the most unspoiled place because of its least impact of human. Soi Sim beach is famous for clean and smooth golden sand, clean water, convenient transportation system and rescue work, etc. Swimming and lying on the beach are the best ways for you to stretch out after working for a long time. Besides that, it is also very interesting way to discover this island that you can easily climb to the highest peak by stair. From above, zoom out to see the whole island, the beauty of the Southeast and the Northwest are minimized into your vision.

Soi Sin Beach

Soi Sin Beach

It also has diverse kinds of flora and fauna which some of them are only belong to Ha Long Bay Ecology. In the future, Soi Sim will be transformed into a large eco-tourism center: the system of flora and fauna conservation, sight-seeing floors, small wooden houses ... promises to be one of the most attractive resorts in this area.




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