Steamed Rice Rolls - Hanoi's signature cuisine you should definitely try once

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Hanoi with many delicious dishes always captivating diners everywhere. In particular, steamed rice rolls with a very unique flavor and characteristics of Ha Thanh land. Not only Hanoi but also many other provinces also have this dish. However, the most typical and outstanding feature is still Hanoi.

When did steamed rice rolls come from and where did they come from? In Hanoi, this is called steamed rice rolls because it is steamed rice riled with a layer of wood ear mushrooms, minced meat, a little more onions, and fish sauce served with sausages. To Hue, steamed rice rolls are fragrant yellow rolls wrapped in a fragrant broth (soy sauce), this dish is called wet meat pie. Join us to learn more about how to make this spring roll!

Steamed Rice Rolls - Hanoi's signature cuisine you should definitely try once

Steamed Rice Rolls in Hanoi @Địa Chỉ Ăn Ngon Hà Nội

How to make steamed rice rolls

How to make steamed rice rolls

In Hanoi, you can easily see any steamed rice rolls on the street, at the market, or in small alleys. However, to eat steamed rice rolls properly you need to have knowledge and understanding.

Steamed rice rolls are with the aroma of rice rising from the stove with a rice-coated boiler. The shopkeeper scoops up the dough, spreads it all over the cloth, covers it with a little lid then the surface of the cake bulges and the cake is cooked. About making cakes, you have to choose a good type of rice, such as non-sticky rice to make a cake with a certain degree of satisfaction. The rice that you have chosen is then brought back to a smooth, small grind. It must grind from the previous night and soak in water. The next morning, the water was drained, so that the bread was soft, smooth, and delicious.

The choice of rice with flour is very important to have thin and smooth cakes. Cakes in many restaurants are often hard because they grind hard with too thick dough and the bread is also hard. If the dough is difficult to thin, make a thick paste and gradually mix until the cake is soft. Put the dough and let it ripen. Making honeycomb charcoal is not good, but the heat stove will be perfect. After opening the cooked bread, a whole thin layer of rice like paper is lifted out, and stuff the ingredients in the middle and roll up, evenly arranged on the plate. The aroma of the rice of meat mingled with the smell of dried sprinkled onions and rolls are evenly arranged. There are guests who say that they are addicted to the rolls, which are both delicious and convenient to eat in the morning, so they have to eat 3 times a week. A delicious cake is made from the cheaper country rice on the street that has the right taste of rice and the natural scent. Unlike in ancient days, Ca Cuong essential oil is more difficult to find now, so it reduces part of the aroma. Steamed rice rolls of Hanoi is a famous dish that is delicious and easy to eat.

Steamed Rice Rolls

Making Steamed Rice roll


Enjoy steamed rice rolls

Enjoy steamed rice rolls

Steamed rice rolls are soft and refreshing, so the dipping sauce is also tasty, not too sour, not too salty, and a little sweet of sugar, a little spicy of pepper. Depending on the taste of each customer, they can squeeze more blueberries or add a little fresh chili and vegetables are also fresh and clean. The steamed rice rolls are thin and glossy, and the whole layer of meat, shiitake mushrooms, and wood ear mushrooms can be seen inside, then some non-dried aromatic onions.

When the steamed rice rolls are laid out, the hot and smelling rice aroma has soft chewy cakes with a little aromatic yellow onion. A bowl of amber sauce with a bit of chili and a few slices of greasy greens served with a bit of coriander and mint makes diners feel more and more excited. Come to Hanoi and do not miss this signature dish!

Steamed Rice Rolls enjoy

Enjoying Steamed Rice Rolls @Địa Chỉ Ăn Ngon Hà Nội

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