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Stone Dog Island Halong Bay

Stone Dog Island is close to the west of Dau Go Grotto and is one of 1969 islands in island complex populated around the the beautiful Halong bay. Ha Long journey will certainly be perfect without admiring the stone dog island in a whole of 1969 islands around the beautiful Ha Long Bay. 

Stone Dog Island

Stone Dog Island

From Thien cung Cave, it will take tourist about 10 minutes to reach Stone Dog Island. The Island is named Stone Dog (or Cho Da in Vietnamese) because it is shaped like a dog, with the head turing to the sea. And with the height of 8 meters, the island is like a giant gatekeeper, watching and being alert. Dog staying outside the door at the position of doormans is a very familiar image of Vietnam. In every temples or in front of old houses, there are usually stone dogs on either or both sides to greet and inform good news of visitors or gatekeep and prevent anything wicked or evil getting inside the house.
Thus, nowadays Stone Dog island is the sympol of peaceful sea and safety for sailing junks in the bay as well as for on board tourists and crews.

Stone Dog Island Map

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