Swimming in Nha Trang

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Nha Trang is one of the most beautiful beach cities, also famous for seaside resort-town and water activities. Swimming in Nha Trang is a popular activity in Nha Trang which is cheap and fun.

The below article is all information about swimming in Nha Trang, the best places to swim in Nha Trang, and some tips to have a great time swimming there.

Nha Trang beach

Beautiful beach in Nha Trang

Overview of swimming in Nha Trang

Beaches in Nha Trang are famous all over the world. It is in the top 29 most beautiful beaches in the world. One of the must- things to do in Nha Trang is swimming. Thanks to the calm wave and cool water, Nha Trang beaches can satisfy any tourist from amateur to experienced swimmers. Swimming in Nha Trang is safe, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful coast of this lovely city, surrounding mountains. There are many beaches in Nha Trang for swimming, some of them do not have lifeguards, so be careful when choosing a beach to swim. You had better pick up one which has lifeguards. The best time to swim in Nha Trang is from Feb to Nov to avoid a dangerous undertow.
Besides swimming, there are a lot of activities for you to take part in such as cruising, snorkeling, diving, jet-skiing, parasailing…Moreover, the local foods, and seafood in Nha Trang is incredible. It is fresh, delicious, and at a reasonable price.

Best places to swim in Nha Trang

1. Doc Let beach
It is around 45 km north of Nha Trang. Doc Let beach has incredibly calm, clean water, and quite shallow water. The height of the water is only up to your waist. The sand beach is soft and the weather is cool all year round. Doc Let beach becomes one of the best beaches in Nha Trang for swimming. Besides, it is an ideal place for team building activities including playing tug of war, playing volleyball in the sea, and going camping overnight.

Doc let beach

Doc let beach

2. Bai Dai beach
It is around 30 km from Nha Trang city center and 10 km from Cam Ranh airport. Due to the remote location, this beach is still a pristine land. The 1 km long beach has smoothly white sand, clear blue water, ideal depth for swimming. The best time to swim on this beach is from September to May when the water is warm and clear, and the wave is gentle. Besides swimming, you can come to this beach for jet skiing, parasailing experience, or watching coral on the glass-bottom basket boat

Bai Dai beach

Bai Dai beach

3. Nha Trang beach:
Nha Trang beach is the only beach in Vietnam located in the center of the city. Boasting a seven-kilometer stretch of beautiful coastline, Nha Trang Beach looks like a crescent meets the blue seas and the water is green as turquoise. The weather is good, the wave is not too high, making this a perfect place for swimming. Besides swimming, you can join many other water sports on this beach like paragliding, flybroad, Jet ski…. This beach has easy access to green parks, squares, restaurants, hotels, bars…

Nah Trang beach

Nha Trang beach

4. Bai Duong Beach
Located 1.5 km north to the main bridge on Tran Phu street, 5 km from the city center, Bai Duong beach is two kilometers long, a quiet and relaxing beach. This beach is small but clean and peaceful. It is an ideal place for swimming if you are looking for a gentle, clean and close to the city center.

Tips and Experience:

- Besides swimming in Nha Trang, do not miss your chance to try other water activities or local seafood.
- Visit Nha Trang in March and April for the perfect time to swim.
- Avoid Mid October to January because it is a heavy rain season. There can be rain in late-day or early morning. Thunderstorms with strong winds make it dangerous to swim.

Nha Trang beach

Parents with kids in beautiful Nha Trang beach


Hope that the above information is helpful and you have a great time swimming in Nha Trang. For more activities in Nha Trang like cruising, fishing, or snorkeling, click these links.

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