Tan Son Nhat Airport Ho Chi Minh City

Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the largest airport in Vietnam in terms of area and capacity. It is located 6 km north of the center (District 1) of Ho Chi Minh City, and you only need 15 minutes to get to the city center from the airport by car. This convenient location makes the airport an attractive starting point for foreigners to visit Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Airport Terminals

Tan Son Nhat International Airport has two terminal buildings: Domestic Terminal 1 for domestic flights and International Terminal 2 for international ones. The distance between these two terminals is negligible, so you’ll only need five minutes to walk from one terminal to the other. However, if you catch a domestic flight after an international one, make sure to have two hours’ layover time for schedule changes.

Domestic terminal

The domestic terminal is the older one in the airport and has a capacity of 15 million passengers per year. Located to the left of international, the terminal consists of two-level buildings with 19 boarding gates. The domestic security line moves at a reasonable pace except for public holidays. 

Ground-level is the Arrivals level with the baggage claim area in the center that leads to the Arrivals Hall, with Departure Halls A and B on each side. Here, you can find check-in facilities and separate security checks. 

First level: The first level is the boarding area where lounges are located. There, you can have access to the four boarding bridges.

If you’ve got time to kill, there are various eating options scattered on both levels.

Tan Son Nhat Airport

Tan Son Nhat Airport


International terminal

The international terminal is a new terminal, opened in September 2007. It has a capacity of 8 to 10 million passengers per year and handles all international services to and from Ho Chi Minh Airport.

Ho Chi Minh Airport International Terminal facilities are distributed into four levels as follows:

Ground level: This is the Arrivals and baggage claim level. There are information counters and exit to ground transportation. Here, you can find the information counter, first aid station.

Level 1: This is the passport control for Arrivals and Immigration level. Once cleared, passengers can proceed to the Ground level, where Arrivals are located.

Level 2: This is the Departures level, where check-in is located and access to the 12 boarding gates after security check. The boarding area is split by the green area, distributing its gates on either side (boarding gates 8 to 20).

Level 3: Find here Immigration. Once cleared, passengers have access to restaurants and some concessions.

Tan Son Nhat Airport at night

Tan Son Nhat Airport at night


Ho Chi Minh Airport services

Wi-Fi: There is Free unlimited Wi-Fi available at both Domestic and International Terminals at Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Medical Services: There are first aid places for medical emergencies in both Terminals. Domestic Terminal: It is close to the D2 entrance at the domestic terminal and at Arrivals Hall A2 entrance at the International Terminal.

Sleeping Zone: If you need to sleep, there are free sleep chairs available and 10 sleep boxes at the international terminal. The sleep boxes are equipped with beds, pillows, towels, power outlets. The price is 7USD per hour. 

Luggage storage: On the ground level, close to columns 13 and 14 at International Arrivals, you can easily find luggage storage at a reasonable price.

Information counters:  There are several information counters at the two terminals:

Smoking rooms: You can find smoking rooms at the domestic Terminal (Departures Hall, opposite Gate 14), and International Terminal (Departures Hall, opposite Gates 15 and 18)

Dinning: Ho Chi Minh City airport offers a broader range of dining choices from coffee shops to restaurants such as Kinh Do kiosk, Phaner bakery kiosk, Skynet restaurant, KFC, Trung Nguyen Coffee shop. You can buy snacks, cookies, sausages, light meals,s or even larger meals with more energy here.

Shopping: Duty-free shops attract visitors to this national airport. You can buy various types of clothing items to electronic devices at the airport. Some recommended products to buy are alcohol, tobacco, perfumes, fashions and accessories, electrical devices, handicrafts, souvenirs, and artworks.

Other Services: Other services available at Tan Son Nhat airport are ATMs, Restaurants and cafes, Baggage Wrapping, Children’s Play Area, Currency Exchange, Water Fountains, Foot spas, Massages, Mobile Charging, Post Office, Rest Zone, Showers, VAT Refund.

Tan Son Nhat Airport restaurant

Tan Son Nhat Airport restaurant


Ho Chi Minh Airport transfer services

From the airport, there are several ways to get to the city center, which are by taxi, bus, or private car.

Taxi: You can easily find many taxies in front of both domestic and international terminals. You can trust Mai Linh and Vinasun, but make sure the meter is turned on. The price should be less than 200,000 VND

Bus: This kind of transfer includes public and shuttle buses. The public bus (Route 152) is the cheapest way to get to the city center from the airport. It stops at Ben Thanh Market, Trung Son Residental Area, so tourists can walk to the city center. The shuttle bus (Route 49, Route 109) passes many tourists attractions, has English-speaking staff on the bus. This kind of bus is a great choice for tourists, especially backpackers.

Private car: Private car is the best way to travel from the airport to the city center. To avoid any scams and disappointment, you can book a private car in advance. Most of the travel agencies provide this kind of service, however, you need to find the good one. Contact BestPrice Travel to book a private transfer from the airport to your accommodation.

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Ho Chi Minh airport  transfer

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