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Thailand Breakfast - Best Foods & Drinks to Start a New Day Like A Local Thais

January 20, 2024 - 2735 views

Thailand is an interesting tourist destination with a unique ethnic culture, people's hospitality, and especially food so it attracts many tourists every year. Thai cuisine is not only famous for its lunch and dinner but also home to some unique breakfast dishes. We have compiled some best Thai breakfast in the guide below so you can check them out during your trip here.

Typical Thai breakfast foods


Favorite Thai breakfast for locals is porridge (also called Jok in Thailand). A bowl of porridge is equivalent to a corn tortilla and a glass of milk in the Western menu. This dish is quite popular, so visitors can eat at many restaurants around Bangkok.

Jok is a favorite breakfast dish of many Thai people. The porridge is stewed from shiny, delicious, firm, and simmered grains of rice until tender. Porridge is often eaten hot, when people often add a few eggs, a few slices of ginger, pork, and coriander to decorate. Imagine traveling to Thailand to enjoy a bowl of hot porridge in the morning, eat a cake, sit and drink a glass of milk according to the Western menu.

In the morning, Thai people also love to eat porridge, so you can easily find and enjoy a nutritious bowl of porridge in popular restaurants, shopping centers, even trolleys, and street vendors. According to nutrition experts, a bowl of porridge for the breakfast of Thai people has the nutritional value equivalent to a corn cake and a glass of milk according to the Western menu. If you are wondering about breakfast in Thailand, what should you eat? Then porridge is one of the great suggestions for you there!

Porridge - no 1 Thai breakfast menu


Salapao dumplings

Salapao is one of Thailand's breakfast dishes originating from China, now very popular in both Thailand and Vietnam, which is loved and chosen by many Thai people. The dish is sold in many places in Thailand with very diverse cakes such as mix, pork, beef, eggs, red beans, or cream sauce.

Just like Vietnamese dumplings, Salapao's crust is made from wheat flour, filled with spices to taste. The hot and nutritious dumplings will definitely provide enough energy for you to get ready for a travel itinerary, visit famous landmarks in the land of the golden temple. Salapao dumplings are often sold on mobile carts. Breakfast in Thailand will be very full with 1-2 hot steamed dumplings.

Salapao Dumplings - Thai breakfast

Salapao Dumplings

Khao Tom Thailand

Referring to the Thai breakfast, Khao Tom is always on this list. If the first day you have tasted Jok porridge, the next morning visitors can change the taste with Khao Tom- another variation of Joke porridge. It is probably a quite special dish for the breakfast of the Thai people. The dish is known as another variation of porridge, but instead of using short, fine rice grains, Khao Tom is cooked with ordinary long grains.

Rice, after being washed, will be cooked with boiling water until soft and completely floating on the water. After that, people skillfully processed ingredients such as eggs, pork, ginger, coriander, sometimes including seafood in dishes. Their flavor is quite great and is a dish you should enjoy for breakfast while traveling in Thailand. Like porridge, Khao Tom is served with eggs, pork, cilantro, onions, and even seafood.

The barbecue skewers Khao Neow Moo Pin

The nutritious barbecue skewers will definitely start a dynamic morning when visiting Thailand. Pork, after being marinated with spices, grilled lucky, coriander, and coconut milk for a while to permeate, will be grilled on charcoal to give an aroma.

The brown color and the aromatic scent makes the dish strangely attractive to other food. Khao Neow Moo Pin is considered as one of the nutritious dishes that are easy to buy and enjoy. The food is widely sold in markets and popular restaurants in Thailand. The selling price of the dish is also quite affordable.

This is a high-energy dish that you can easily eat on the go and is a great way to start a new day full of hustle and bustle in Thailand. This dish is often sold in markets and popular food stalls.

Patongo Cake

This dish is similar to hot dipping in Vietnam. Patongo is a Thai version of the donut, made from a thin layer of thinly fried dough that is fried with gold until the inside is fluffy, outside a thin layer of golden crispy. Patongo cakes are eaten alone or simply by dipping with milk as a sauce. It can be said that this is a favorite cake in many countries in Asia.

Patongo Cake

Patongo Cake

Mama noodles

Mama noodles are the most popular type of noodles in Thailand used many times but most often used in Thai breakfast. The noodles taste sour and sour with a similar taste to Thai hot pot. At any restaurant from popular to luxurious, this attractive noodle dish is served.

Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya

The name of the dish seems a bit long and a bit difficult, but just remember that this is one of the typical Thai sticky rice dishes. The dish is made of delicious glutinous rice covered with a piece of custard-apple covered with banana leaves and then steamed for a few. These sticky rice dishes are made from many different ingredients, but the most popular sticky rice is still sticky rice, with a layer of custard and a layer of coconut milk to add fat.

Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya

Khao Neow Dam Sang Kaya

What do Thai people drink for breakfast?

Kai Luak

If in Vietnam egg coffee is a dish that is loved by many people for its delicious and nutritious flavor, there is also a dish with similar flavors in Thailand. Khai Luak is an egg dish that's baked through boiling to make a peach heart and put into coffee. This is an extremely attractive breakfast dish rich in protein and high in energy, this dish is suitable for long active days.

Kai Luak

Kai Luak

Nam Tao Hoo

Soy milk is also a favorite Thai drink every morning. This drink is often served hot to help you have more energy to work for a long day. You can drink it simply or people often mix it with a variety of random ingredients, including ginkgo, rice corn circuit, pumpkin ...

Nam Tao Hoo

Nam Tao Hoo

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