The 6 Best Nightlife Activities in Bangkok

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Well, you know, Thailand is a favourite country for many international visitors. Coming to Thailand, you not only have fun, explore but also learn and enjoy the fascinating local specialities. Once in Thailand, you should learn about the nightlife in Bangkok. Scroll down to read more details.

1. Have dinner in Chinatown

Chinatown is home to Chinese immigrants from China, established centuries ago and is an integral part of the ethnic community of the Golden Temple. This neighbourhood contributes to the diversity of Thai culture. Chinatown is also the ideal destination for Thai tours that you should visit.

Chinatown is located on the Yaowarat Road in Samphanthawong district in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Around 1700, the Chinese came to this area to expand trade with the Siamese people, or Thailand now, some people stayed and gradually formed Chinatown. It is considered the largest Chinatown in Asia, a tourist destination very famous in Thailand today.

It is no coincidence that Chinatown is like the heart of Thai cuisine in Bangkok. Walking around Chinatown in the afternoon, visitors can easily find many food stalls for sale along the two walkways with popular dishes such as fresh seafood shrimp, fish, crab, shellfish, mussels, so on.

If you are an avid fan of durian, you should be ready for money because, in Chinatown, durian stalls are everywhere. The fragrant aromatic durian yellow zone will make you unable to control your cravings.

Chinatown - Top Nightlife activities in Bangkok

Chinatown is home to Chinese immigrants from China

2. Visit Nana Plaza

The prostitution industry in Thailand dates back to the 1960s, serving American soldiers. If the red light districts in Pattaya are famous for sex shows, the capital of Bangkok is equally renowned for the three red-light areas: Patong, Nana Plazza, Soi Cowboy.

It is a famous place for sex with hundreds of sexy shows, brothels, bars and so on. All are legally operated under government control, and these entertainment venues are destinations that attract foreign tourists when they have the opportunity to travel to Thailand.

When night falls, the neighbourhood lights up red lights. The lights from the signs are bright and shimmering to attract visitors. On a stretch of road, there are many massage bars, pole dancing, strippers, karaoke, and so on. According to experience in the Thai red-light district, if you want to come here to experience, you should find out in advance the appropriate services to avoid having a bad situation.

Nana Plaza - Top Nightlife activities in Bangkok

Nana Plaza is a famous place for sex with hundreds of sexy show

3. Stay overnight at Khao San

Khao San is a walking street, where many fun activities for tourists in Bangkok - Thailand. It's like an international neighbourhood, where visitors from all over the world come to Bangkok.

Coming to KHAO SAN Bangkok, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere around the clock, with restaurants, bars, discos, street food... It is an unforgettable nightlife experience for tourists when travelling to Thailand. This area is also near the Royal Palace and Chao Phraya River.

This street is crowded from morning to evening, and the most busy time is in the evening with a bustling atmosphere and many exciting nightlife activities. In addition, there are two interesting places in the surrounding area: Soi Rambuttri and the art area near Phra Athit - great places to avoid the noise in Khao San.

The food here is very diverse and authentic to the street. You can come across famous Thai specialities at affordable prices. Right on Khao San street or walking a few dozen meters, there will be another parallel street named Rambuttri full of delicious food.

Khao San - Top Nightlife activities in Bangkok

Khao San is a walking street, where many fun activities for tourists in Bangkok

4. Enjoy city view from sky bars

Famous from the famous Hollywood movie - Hangover II, the sky bar at lebua at State Tower is always on the "must-visit" list of international visitors to Bangkok. Located on the 63rd floor, Sky Bar - lebua at State Tower gives you one of the best views in Bangkok, not only to see the whole city but also the Chao Phraya River.

Sky Bar is not only famous for being the setting for Hollywood movies, drinks and cocktails here with international standards that will never disappoint visitors. If you are a fan of the Hangover movie, you should try the Hangovertini cocktail. In addition to the sky bar, there is also an outdoor romantic dining area. Having dinner at Sirocco restaurant - one of the highest outdoor restaurants in the world - in melodious music, windy and beautiful view is a memorable experience.

Sky Bar - Top Nightlife activities in Bangkok

Bangkok Sky Bar is "must-visit" list of international visitors to Bangkok

5. Watch puppet show

Asiatique, The RiverFront, is a riverside dining, shopping and entertainment complex that attracts thousands of visitors to discover and experience. Enjoy Thai Puppet shows, and traditional Thai dinner will give you an incredible feeling when you taste the delicious flavours of outstanding Thai cuisine and watch unique art performances. The traditional dishes that the restaurant serves are based on old cooking secrets with fresh ingredients.

An interesting thing when having dinner at Joe Louis Thai Restaurant - Asiatique The RiverFront Bangkok, you will have the opportunity to enjoy traditional puppet performances. The puppet shows at the restaurant before the meal will give you the chance to enjoy a fun show but no less meaningful. Although it only takes 15 minutes, you can feel a part of Thai culture.

Puppet Show - Top Nightlife activities in Bangkok

Puppet Show a fun show but no less meaningful

6. Watch Muay Thai Show

Muay Thai is a famous traditional martial art of Thailand. In many ways, it is much different from Western boxing. If you have the opportunity to visit Thailand, do not miss the chance to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok, because this sport is very popular with the audience, both in Thailand and abroad.

In martial arts, there is probably no martial art that can match Muay Thai in fierce terms. Many people said: "It is the most brutal sport." But looking at another angle, Muay Thai shows the brave heart of martial artists, even accepting sacrificing their own for honour, as well as for money.

Muay Thai Show - Top Nightlife activities in Bangkok

Muay Thai Show is a famous traditional martial art of Thailand

Thailand has long been famous for being a beautiful country with unique cuisine, friendly locals and exciting tourist destinations. If possible, come here to explore their culture. And don't forget the exciting best nightlife in Bangkok listed above. You will have a memorable trip.

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