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Things You Should DO and DON’T in Thailand

July 18, 2022 - 657 views

Along with unique cuisine and interesting festivals, Thailand is also famous for diverse culture and traditions. Before visiting Thailand, you should learn about some DOs and DON’Ts below.

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that features many unique customs and practices. Thailand is also a country that adores the King and Buddhism. When you come to an unfamiliar country like Thailand to travel, you should equip yourself with some knowledge about DOs and DON’Ts in Thailand.

1. DON’Ts in Thailand

  • Do not disrespect the king and the monarchy of Thailand.

You must not engage in disrespectful acts with the king or their monarchy.  Do not step on money, because it has pictures of kings.

  • Do not touch other people's heads

Referring to things not to be done in Thai culture, one of the most important things to remember is not to touch people's heads.  No matter how intimate your relationship with the other person is, avoid touching or putting anything on top of someone else completely. 

In Thailand, the head is considered to be the holiest and cleanest part of the body, so when you touch someone's head, it basically shows that you disrespect that person.

  • Do not use your feet on anything except walking

Pointing at people, places, or anything else with your toes or below your feet is considered extremely rude. You also absolutely should not put your feet towards the temple, statues, pictures of Buddha and the monks (even if only accidentally when posing for photography).

This action is particularly rude and unacceptable. Rocks, stepping over something or closing with your feet are also taboos in Thai soil.

  • Do not touch the monks

In Thailand, monks are one of the most respected classes, which is why being

above or above them is strictly prohibited. If you are a female tourist, remember never to touch a monk in any way. Because the monks here are not allowed to touch women, they do not even give or give anything to women directly.

In case they want to return something, they will put the item on the ground for the woman to pick it up by herself.

In addition, monks are not allowed to sit next to women when using local public transport. Again, if you are a female visitor, contact with monks is one of the things to keep in mind in Thailand.

  • Shoes should not be worn in houses, temples, shops, etc.
  • There are no rude actions
  • You must not shout and shout at the Thai people.
  • Do not use your index finger to point to a Thai person because it means to attack them.

Shoes should not be worn in Temple - Things You Should DON'T in Thailand

Shoes should not be worn in houses, temples, shops

2. DOs in Thailand

  • Give a gift

When you are invited to a party in Thailand, bring a gift if you are an invited party, because Thais love to give each other gifts.

  • Should eat all food

In a tropical country like Thailand, there will be many dishes on the table and a plate of rice for all diners, you have to use the same spoon with everyone to get food, not separate spoons. When eating rice you should:

  • Take small portions several times instead of a large portion.
  • Forks are used for food but not for rice.
  • You should eat all rice on the plate because it is difficult to grow and harvest.
  • Hide toes

You find it strange, right?  But this is a very important Thai tradition.

You should sit on your toes when sitting or kneeling in temples, pagodas because of the Thai concept, the toes are quite an important part of the body.

If you are not sure how to sit properly, you should watch the Thais sit and follow.

  • Have gentle voice and proper gesture

You should speak gently when communicating with Thais especially in refusing to offer their purchase.

You should turn your hand down when waving to someone and bow or crouch if you accidentally glance over the two who are talking on the road.

Smile when it comes to Thai people, because Thailand is known as the "kingdom of smiles", so you will see Thai people always smile when facing difficulties.

Smile -  Things You Should DO in Thailand

Smile when it comes to Thai people so you will see Thai people always smile when facing difficulties.

Do you find it interesting? Thailand is a beautiful country with friendly, hospitable people. If you are going to Thailand for the first time, you should pay attention to what you do and do not have listed for you above. The accompanying tour guide will definitely remind you. Prepare yourself for an interesting trip to Thailand!

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