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Thiri Mingala Kabar Aye Pagoda Yangon

Kaba Aye pagoda is also called as the World Peace Pagoda, which was built in 1952 by U Nu. Located on Kabar Aye pagoda road, about 1 kilometer North East of Inya Lake. Kaba Aye is always one of the must-see destinations in Yangon.

The stupa is about 36 meters tall and has a circumference of 34 meters around the base. Visitors will be attractive by golden dome and beautiful carved arches of the pagoda. The lower part of Kaba Aye is a corlorful structure including 5 entrances, which were decoreated with traditional style of carved lotus flowers and lutus buds. The Kaba Aye complex includes many monatsteries, stairways, vendors selling hand-made products...

Kaba Aye Pagoda overview

Kaba Aye Pagoda overview


Inside the pagoda

inside thiri mingala kabar aye pagoda

Inside thiri mingala kabar aye pagoda


Enter the pagodas, there is a large, hollow pillar which adorned by many amazing murals of nature. Moreover, around the pillars are golden images of Buddhas like Kassapa Buddha, Kakusandha Buddha, Konagamana Buddha and Gautama Buddha. Inside the hollow pillar is a large silver Buddha image seated on a elaborate pedestal. Around the walls are various smaller images in different postures.

Thiri Mingala Kabar Aye Pagoda Map

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