Tien Giang Guide - All you need to know

Tien Giang is located north of the Mekong Delta, adjacent to the Tien River. It has many rivers and islets such as Tan Phong, Tan Long, Ngu Hiep, and Thoi Son that have created renowned fruit gardens and fruit trademarks such as Cho Gao dragon fruit, Vinh Kim star-apple, Hoa Loc sweet mangoes, and Cai Be oranges and mandarins. The province also has a rich aquatic supply including freshwater fish, brackish fish, and saltwater fish.

Tien Giang is a coastal province in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam, with most of the province in the area of My Tho province before. Tien Giang lies along the northern bank of Tien River (a branch of the Mekong River) with a length of 120 km. Thanks to the very favorable position, Tien Giang has become the political and cultural center of the whole Mekong Delta.

Tourists will have a chance to sit on a small boat, walk around the canal under Tram forest or enjoy the delicious four-season fruits. Coming to Tien Giang, you will experience great things more than expected. In addition, you also have the opportunity to visit many historical-cultural relics and intangible folk culture in Tien Giang.

Tien Giang

Tien Giang

The history of Tien Giang

Before the seventeenth century, Tien Giang land belonged to Chenla. At the beginning of the 17th century, Jayajettha II became a King in Chenla, to against Siam, Jayajettha and Nguyen lord cooperate through marriage with Princess Ngoc Van. Relations between the two countries are closer and closer. When Batom Reachea became Chenla king (due to the support of Nguyen lord), Vietnamese people were allowed to live in this country.

Tien Giang has been reclaimed and settled by people from Central and Northern Vietnam.

Tien Giang province includes: My Tho, Go Cong, and Cai Lay.

Must-visit attractions in Tien Giang

  • Tan Thanh beach: Tan Thanh beach is located in the Go Cong Dong district, about 50 km east of My Tho city. If you plan to go swimming here, you will be disappointed because the beach is covered by thick black mud. However, this is one of the most beautiful black sand beaches in Vietnam, when you put your foot in the sand, you will feel the soft sand like velvet.

Tan Thanh Beach

Tan Thanh Beach

  • Vinh Trang Pagoda: Vinh Trang is a Buddhist temple near My Tho in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam. It is one of the best-known temples in the region. The temple stands on a 2 hectares (5 acres) block filled with fruit trees in the village of Mỹ Hóa in the town of Mỹ Phong, on the banks of the Bảo Định canal. The pagoda  is currently the office of the board of the provincial Buddhist Association of Tien Giang Province. It is a major provincial destination for tourists and pilgrims.
  • Cu lao Thoi Son: located downstream of Tien river, in Thoi Son commune, My Tho city, Tien Giang province. What makes Thoi Son attractive and charming is not only delicious fruits but also this is a great place to visit in the weekend. Traveling to Cu lao Thoi Son, tourists will experience the typical journey including: sitting on a boat to floating through the creeks between two rows of coconut trees, walking along the stone roads, crossing the orchards, and enjoy honey tea and listen to the folk songs in a garden.

Culture features

Tien Giang has long historical-cultural and patriotic traditions, with 21 national-level cultural and historical relics, including some famous monuments known in many other countries. There are various folk festivals such as Nghinh Ong and Ky Yen festivals, the festival of celebrating national heroes.

Vinh Trang Pagoda

Vinh Trang Pagoda

Besides that, Tien Giang people have a sincere, enthusiastic lifestyle and traditional cultural activities characterized of the Mekong Delta such as folk music, traditional craft village, floating market, etc.

With the history of 2000 years, from Phu Nam culture to Vietnamese culture, coming to Tien Giang is coming to the landscape of the Mekong Delta, with rice fields, rivers, gardens, islands, and sea; Southern people who are sincere, enthusiastic, hospitable, etc. all create a colorful and charming picture of Tien Giang.

Weather in Tien Giang

Tien Giang has a tropical monsoon climate, which has high temperature all year and divided into 2 seasons: dry season and rainy season. Rainy season from May to November, dry season from December - April next year.

You can travel to Tien Giang at any time of the year because you can enjoy different kinds of fruits in each season.


My Tho

My Tho

  • By bus: You can buy a bus ticket to Tien Giang at the West bus station or contact the Saigon - Tien Giang bus station like Thong Nhat garage.
  • By motorbike: The distance from Saigon to Tien Giang is about 70km. If you come from Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Tre, Can Tho, Vinh Long, you should go there by motorbike in order to more flexible when moving between tourist destinations.
  • By boat: From Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho, the boat is also popular transportation when traveling to Tien Giang. However, it is quite dangerous when traveling by waterway at a high speed on the river

Travel tips

  • Tourists should bring along summer clothes as Tien Giang is warm and hot all year round.
  • You should bring hats, coats, sunglasses to avoid the sun.
  • In the case of traveling in the rainy season, it is possible to bring raincoats, umbrellas, waterproof bags exclusively for phones, etc.
  • Not only Tien Giang but all other areas, when traveling, you should not bring a lot of cash. Tien Giang is a big city, so there are many ATM locations for you to withdraw money.
  • If traveling by motorbike, you need to equip two rearview mirrors. Note that if traveling through Tien Giang province, it should be careful because Tien Giang Traffic police are very strict.
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