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Top 5 best Bangkok shopping malls

January 15, 2024 - 3229 views

Why are people coming to Bangkok for the shopping malls? Check out the best Bangkok shopping malls that you can’t miss when traveling to this beautiful city!

Many tourists come to Bangkok for shopping because they can find whatever they want here, especially in shopping malls. Although there are plenty of them in the city, we only focus on the top five best Bangkok shopping malls in this article. 

1. Siam Paragon

At Siam Paragon, you can find the most luxurious items. The most expensive brands are located at the ground floor, and as you go up, you can find cheaper items. There are thousands of shops in this mall but it is easy to find the one you want to visit thanks to the layout. Apart from being a shopping mall itself, Siam Paragon has also become a tourist destination.

Although Siam Paragon is huge, you can easily navigate so do not worry about getting lost. It has the L shape gallery where all the luxury fashion shops can be found, along with a department store with Thai fashion. The big advantage of Siam Paragon is its easy access from the central BTS station. People often gather near a fountain outside at the plaza and take pictures. 

When you want to take a break from shopping, come to the lower floor for food. There is a huge collection from local cuisine to sophisticated cuisine all over the world.

Siam Paragon - Top 5 best Bangkok shopping malls

Siam Paragon is a great place to shop for luxury items

2. Terminal 21

The most special thing about Terminal 21 is its design. Located on Sukhumvit 21, it is not only a place for shopping, but also a fun place to visit. Coming here, sometimes you will feel like you are at the airport, move further up you will be at famous destinations in the world: the Caribbean, Istanbul, Tokyo, London, Rome, Paris, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Each floor has a boarding gate as well. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Because each floor is named after a big city, all the shopfronts and alleys are decorated in the city’s style. You can easily see tourists and even locals taking pictures in each area, but the most popular places are in front of a red London bus, a pair of wrestling Sumos and the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. It is definitely one of the best Bangkok shopping malls that you need to check out once you come to Thailand!

Terminal 21 - Top 5 best Bangkok shopping malls

 Located on Sukhumvit 21, it is not only a place for shopping, but also a fun place to visit

3. MBK Center

MBK Center might be the oldest shopping mall in Bangkok. This place is perfect for budget shoppers. It is close to the Siam complex so easy to recognize and access. There are over 2,000 huge shops and stalls in the mall where you can find plenty of decent brands. While the other malls in the area such as CentralWorld, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Siam Paragon focus on high-end items, MBK targets budget shoppers, which makes it different to other Bangkok shopping malls and gives customers more shopping options.

MBK has a total of 7 floors. When you first come here, you might think all the shops look the same, however, keep going and you will be amazed at how many choices that the shops offer. There is also a food court where you can find delicious Thai food. Apart from shopping, you can enjoy temporary events outside the mall, try some dishes on the street food market, or watch a Muay Thai Boxing match. It’s very exciting.

MBK Center - Top 5 best Bangkok shopping malls

MBK Center might be the oldest shopping mall in Bangkok

4.  Central World

Central World was originally called the World Trade Center. It was opened in 1990 and was a dark blue maze. At the moment, it is brighter and has really good design. In this mall, you can find a lot of restaurants and shops. In addition, there are entertainment venues for you to have fun with friends or families as well, like an ice skating rink.

Central World Plaza - Top 5 best Bangkok shopping malls

Central World was originally called the World Trade Center

5. IconSiam

Compared to other malls in the area, Icon Siam is the largest with many retail stores. Visiting this shopping mall, you can find a wide range of shops. If you are first travelling to this country, you might wonder why there are so many malls here. But once you visit these places, you will realize that these Bangkok shopping malls are not just for shopping, but also it is a nice place for meeting friends, eating together, or spending time for entertainment. That’s why just like any other mall, Icon Siam does focus on food and entertainment.

In addition, Icon Siam set a very unique location. It is right on the Chao Phraya riverside so it is a popular destination for people taking pictures. The design of the lower floor is like an old Thai village. There is also a floating market and you should try some local food there. Furthermore, if you are into Japanese culture, spend more time at the department store as you can find plenty of Japanese products as well as Japanese restaurants. If you want to try other cuisine, go up the floors above and you will find many nice restaurants and bars with the river view. 

IconSiam - Top 5 best Bangkok shopping malls

Icon Siam is the largest with many retail stores

Let's plan a trip to come and enjoy tour with shopping in Thailand now!

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