Top 5 Busiest International Airports in Thailand

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Thailand has a lot of busy international airports and they are all important gateways for many famous airlines in the world. Which are the airports? Please take a look at our top 5 Busiest International Airports in Thailand in this article.

Thailand is a country that attracts the most tourists in Southeast Asia. Every year more than 32 million foreign visitors visit Thailand. Therefore, the aviation industry in Thailand is also extremely developed with many international standard airports such as Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Don Mueang International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, etc… Most airports in Thailand are highly appreciated for their infrastructure and quality of service. To find out more, consult the list of the busiest international airports in Thailand below to add useful information for the upcoming flight.

1. Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is located in Racha Thewa in Bang Phli district of Samut Prakan province, 25 km east of Bangkok. This airport is also known as the new Bangkok International Airport has just been put into use instead of Bangkok International Airport. This airport is ranked 18th on the list of the busiest airports in the world. With an area of ​​32.8 km2, the airport serves more than 45 million passengers per year, capable of being upgraded to 150 million passengers per year. After repeatedly delaying its terminals, the airport made its first test flight on September 15, 2006, and officially put it into operation on September 28, 2006. Currently, the airport is preferred by many international passengers. The first 6 airlines operating at this airport, Thai Airways International Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Airways PBAir, One-Two-Go, have used the airport for 20 domestic routes.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is currently the largest hub in Southeast Asia, with international flights from Europe, the Americas, and Africa often transiting at airports in Thailand. At the airport terminal, you can also find a transit hotel, ATM, luggage storage, restaurants, cafes around the station, grocery stores, post offices, free wifi, accommodation. Arrival and departure halls also have popular duty-free shops, they also offer promotions, additional discounts, and the airport is equipped with a large number of exchange offices, currencies, fast food restaurants, and Thai food that you can experience at this airport.

Busiest International Airports in Thailand Suvarnabhumi

Suvarnabhumi Airport

2. Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang International Airport is about 25 km north of downtown Bangkok and was officially put into operation on March 27, 1914. Don Mueang was once the only and largest international airport in Bangkok until September 28, 2006, when Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport was officially put into operation to replace this airport. Currently, this airport has been transformed into a cheap international airport. Each year the airport welcomes 21,546,568 passengers, with a number of operating aircraft of 172,681. Most private airlines in Bangkok are based at Don Muang Airport.

The airport has 2 terminals, a domestic terminal, and an international terminal. Previously, the airport had a terminal that served both domestic and international flights with a capacity of 28 million passengers per year, but due to the increasing demand for travel as well as domestic tourism, the airline Thailand Airlines has built a second terminal to serve domestic flights, with a capacity of 12 million passengers per year, with 6 check-in counters, a total of 70 counters, including 10 counters for people with disabilities. This terminal was put into operation in 2016, helping the airport increase its handling capacity of up to 40 million passengers per year. At the airport there are also a number of fast-food shops, souvenir shops, duty-free shopping malls, car parks, services for the disabled, and lots of ATMs everywhere along with Money exchange counters, information counters, medical services,... serve with the best quality, meeting all the needs of passengers arriving at Don Mueang International Airport.

Don Mueang Busiest International Airports in Thailand

The airport is quite busy at all times of the year

3. Phuket International Airport

Phuket is an extremely popular tourist destination in Thailand, attracting about 10 million visitors each year, from many different countries. Therefore, Phuket International Airport is an important transport hub in the tourism industry here. Phuket International Airport is an airport located 32 km north of downtown Phuket. It is the second busiest airport in Thailand, after the new Bangkok International Airport. Every year, the airport welcomes 5.7 million passengers with 37,991 flights and 12,000 tons of cargo. The airport has a runway in the direction of 09/27 with a length of 3000m, 9,843 ft with an asphalt surface. Currently, the airport is using a single 3-story building with the capacity to receive about 12 million passengers per year. There are 2 terminals being used as Terminal 1 for international flights with an area of ​​45,688 m2 and Terminal 2 for domestic flights with an area of ​​19,144 m2.

Phuket International Airport is increasingly upgraded and expanded with extremely modern equipment to best meet the needs of customers. There are many famous airlines operating at Phuket International Airport such as Malaysia Airlines, Korean Air, Thai Airway, Vietnam Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Nok Air,... At Phuket International Airport, you will be served utility services such as ATMs everywhere, where electronic devices are charged, dining, duty-free shopping, information counters, bus rides to locations in the city,... You can be most comfortable coming to this airport.

Busiest International Airports in Thailand phuket

A lot of passengers choose to go to Phuket International Airport

4. Chiang Mai International Airport

As the third busiest airport of the "Golden Temple Country", Chiang Mai International Airport is located 4 km southwest of Chiang Mai city, an important gateway in northern Thailand. Every year, there are 9,446,320 passengers both domestically and internationally. The airport has a runway in the direction of 18/36 with a length of 3100 m with an asphalt surface. Chiang Mai International Airport has a terminal with 2 floors: the ground floor is the arrival lounge for both international and domestic guests. There is also a check-in area and utilities.

The first floor is the departure hall divided into domestic and international lounges, which has a number of duty-free shops and other services. There are many popular airlines operating here such as China Airlines Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines Austrian Airlines,... In addition, it also provides a full range of utility services with extremely modern equipment such as free wifi, information counters, ATM, duty-free shopping, restaurants, amusement parks,... help for passengers with the most complete flights.


Busiest International Airports in Thailand chiang mai

Chiang Mai International Airport

5. Koh Samui International Airport

Koh Samui International Airport, also known as Samui Airport, is a private airport in Thailand. The airport is 2 km north of Chaweng village. The airport was officially put into operation in 1989. The airport is located near the Buddha pier, where there are ferries to the island of Ko Pha Ngan. There is a 17/35 directional road with a length of 2,060m and 6,759 ft with an asphalt surface. Currently, the airport has two operating terminals, a domestic terminal, and an international terminal. The international terminal is located 50 meters north of the domestic terminal. The airlines serving this area are Bangkok Airways and Berjaya Air. Samui Airport is uniquely designed with souvenir shops, ticket offices, VIP reception areas for shopping, relaxation,... as a tourist area to help passengers freely visit and shopping here.

Busiest International Airports in Thailand KOH Samui

Koh Samui International Airport is a famous private airport in Thailand

This list of busiest international airports in Thailand will help you get the necessary and useful information for you to get the desired flight. Give yourself the right price tickets and come to "the land of the Golden Temple" to enjoy the exciting journey!

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