Tra Gioi Beach

Tra Gioi beach is located on Tra Gioi islet, Bai Tu Long Bay. Tra Gioi islet has been discovered recently so that it is really a great place for you to relax and immerse into the natural scenery without any bother.

tra gioi beach

Tra Gioi beach

Like other beaches in Bai Tu Long Bay, coming to Tra Gioi beach, tourists will have the chance to admire a dreaming beach with a cool blue sea, white sand, and wonderful natural scenery. The beach is not too large because of a mountain surrounding it. On the top of the mountain, tourists will be able to admire the whole Bai Tu Long Bay including a lot of different islets and expansion of the blue sea.

Visiting Tra Gioi beach, you should not miss the chance to swimming in the sea, lying on the beach to drink coconut milk while sun-bathe. Tourists can kayak with your friends or family to explore the nearby caves and islets in Bai Tu Long Bay. Besides that, visiting the fishing village to learn more about local life is also a popular activity here.

In the evening, do not forget to organize a BBQ party on the beach with grilled seafood, drinking cocktail,s and feeling the sea cool breeze right on your face.

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Tra Gioi Beach Map

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