Tung Gau Area Halong Bay

Considered as one of the most beautiful and cleanest places in Lan Ha Bay, Tung Gau is steadily attracting tourists by its own natural features.

Tung Gau is a water area situated in gorgeous Lan Ha Bay. Providing tourists with captivating seascape, fresh air and golden beaches, Tung Gau area is quieter, more peaceful than the busy central of Ha Long Bay. Therefore, it becomes people’s choice for a holiday of relaxation than the crowded neighbor Ha Long. However, Tung Gau is not well-known to cruises. A blessing in disguise, while Ha Long is facing environmental problems, Tung Gau is able to keep its cleanliness, light breeze, fresh air and limestone islets after years of tourism development.

Tung Gau Area

Tung Gau Area

What helps keep ecosystem here preserved is that Tung Gau is directly under the management of the Natural Reserve of Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay boasts its own unique biosphere, different in several ways from that of its neighbor, Ha Long. The most notable difference, which Tung Gau area boldly displays, is the bright green foliage cascading down the cliffs of the limestone karsts. Tung Gao is one of nearly 400 limestone islets scattered throughout Lan Ha Bay. Thanks to the tranquility of the surrounding waters, Tung Gau is an ideal place to take out some snorkeling gear and admire the marine life - there is a beautiful coral reef here. If staying above the water is more like your speed, why not take out a kayak and explore the coastline - it is a great chance to see the area from a different perspective and access some of the harder-to-reach areas.

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