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Useful Tips to Hire a Motocycle Rental in Thailand

February 26, 2024 - 228 views

Renting a motorbike in Thailand to freely explore is a very enjoyable experience, so there are a few things you should know before renting a motorbike in this country.

 Useful Tips to Hire a Motocycle Rental in Thailand

Be careful riding a motorbike in Thailand/

There is no denying that motorbikes are a means of transportation that many tourists choose to travel while traveling in Thailand. However, to avoid getting into trouble, you need to know a few things

#1 Required documents to rent a motorbike

The procedure for motorbike rental in Thailand is quite easy. Many rental stores do not ask to see your driver's license. The two most important things are the passport and the money. Please discuss with the rental site what the form of parking deposit is because there are places to deposit with a passport, some places only require passport photos and deposit. But in general, prepare the following for a quick motorbike rental:

- Passport

- Cash: You should prepare between 150 - 450 baht ($ 5 - $ 15) / day, depending on the type of motorbike that you want to rent (When renting a motorbike, the supplier usually accepts cash only. Card swipes are not common here)

- Thailand contact details (Your phone number, the address of the hotel staying in Thailand, etc)

Chiang Mai Motorbike Rental  Tips to Hire a Motocycle Rental in Thailand

A motorbike on the street of Chiang Mai/

#2 How to move

In contrast to many other countries, in Thailand, they go on the left side of the road. For a multi-lane road, the leftmost lane is the lowest speed lane. High speed gradually shifted to the right lanes. Keep this in mind when traveling in Thailand - just move the motorbike to the left lane for safety.


Renting a bike in Thailand Krabi

Riding a rented motorbike in Krabi

#3 You should rent a car with insurance

Wherever you can rent a motorbike such as a motorbike rental shop or a motorbike rental company, you should rent a car with insurance. However, usually, only motorbike insurance is provided by the company. So I recommend that you rent a car with insurance. The strange feeling of traveling in new terrain can cause you to have an unforeseen accident, so it is still a good idea to wear motorbike insurance to protect yourself against unexpected risks.

Useful Tips to Hire a Motocycle Rental in Thailand insurance

Renting a bike with insurance/

#4 Always wear a helmet

Remember to always wear your helmet when on the road. In Thailand, vehicles usually travel very quickly, and cars and trucks a lot. The sharp curves and left-hand traffic habits in Thailand can be a bit overwhelming when driving, leading to a crash.

#5 Note about the rental period

Motorbike rental packages in Thailand are usually fixed for 24 hours. If you just want to spend a little time, then try negotiating with the supplier. When delivering the car, the supplier will record for you when you need to return the car. Remember to return your car on time to avoid losing the extra penalty for late returns.

Renting a motorbike in Thailand for travel is a wonderful experience. You can go anywhere you want to explore. Hope the above will be useful to you when renting a motorbike in Thailand.

Jenny Tran

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