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Vietnam Airlines Opens New Flight Route Between Nha Trang and Singapore

February 26, 2024 - 110 views

Vietnam gets its 5th route operated by Vietnam Airlines to connect major cities of Vietnam with Singapore. The routes are operated with 4-star international service standards.

Nha Trang - Attractive Beach Destination

Nha Trang, a lovely seaside city with a dynamic lifestyle and gorgeous natural surroundings, is one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations.

Travelers to Nha Trang may experience one of Vietnam's most stunning beaches, with white sand beaches and a pure blue ocean. They even offer Vinpearl Land, the "most appealing amusement park" (as voted by the Vietnam Tourism Association), where you may stay in a 5-star hotel, eat delicious seafood, and participate in a variety of activities. There are also several historical sites for people interested in learning more about the culture.

Nha Trang Blue Beach

Nha Trang Blue Beach

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Nha Trang - Singapore New Flight Route 

On June 3, 2022, Vietnam Airlines coordinated with Khanh Hoa Tourism Department, Central Airport Authority, and Cam Ranh International Airport to open a new route between Singapore and Nha Trang, connecting the "Lion island" with the beautiful central coastal city of Vietnam. 

Singapore To Nha Trang Flight Route

Singapore To Nha Trang Flight Route

The flight route between Nha Trang - Singapore is operated by Vietnam Airlines with a frequency of 2 flights per week. Flights depart from Nha Trang every Tuesday and Sunday and from Singapore every Friday and Sunday.

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Singapore to Nha Trang flight route


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