What You Should Know About Vietnam Visa 2023

Vietnam visa is one of the essentials for all foreign travelers to enter the country's border. The immigration process requires a range of necessary information and documents that you should prepare before you go to Vietnam. For the purpose of traveling and tourism, a Tourist visa will be required for entry to Vietnam. Let's get things well-prepared before traveling to Vietnam by acknowledging the overall guide to Vietnam visa.

Before every vacation to Vietnam, a visa is required for every traveler to ask permission of the Vietnamese competent authorities to gain access to Vietnam. There is a variety of information and documents that you should take notice of before preparing the Vietnam visa application. Our guideline on Vietnam visa includes the information about Vietnam visa requirements and procedures, Vietnam visa extension, and Vietnam e-visa.

Vietnam visa

Vietnam visa

Vietnam offers visa exemptions to tourists from 24 countries and e-Visa to tourists from 80 countries (updated on July 1, 2020). Nowadays, foreign travelers can easily apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival online or in person at a Vietnamese embassy/consulate. In terms of Vietnam e-visa, the maximum validity is 30 days for single entry and the payment method is paid online and non-refundable for refused application. All you need to do is follow the Vietnam e-visa application form by the Vietnamese Immigration Department. It is all about the Vietnam tourist visa which is issued for foreign travelers with the validity for 15 - 30 days and the extension up to 3 months for tourism purposes.

Vietnam visa on arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival at the airport

With all provided visa information, it is important to make ready to get a Vietnam e-visa, a Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese embassy, a Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam's airports before you go to Vietnam. Whether you choose e-visa or visa on arrival, the following travel guide to Vietnam visa, from how to apply, which procedures to be required, which countries to get issued, and other more.