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Top 10 Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi

February 08, 2022 - 5147 views

Vietnam has a long history of food culture, considered one of the most diverse and delicious cuisines in the world. Being the capital city, Hanoi features an abundance of local food and is home to some of the most traditional, popular restaurants in the country. There is something to satisfy the gourmets at whatever price range — from 2-dollar street food to luxury fine dining meals. This guide will provide you with some of the must-try Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi.

The rise of European and Western-inspired restaurants such as Mexican taco bars or Hawaiian poke restaurants do not take away the popularity of Vietnamese food in Hanoi. Vietnamese food is always a go-to for every generation — from trendy teenagers to the elders unwinding on the weekend. It will be a shame if foreigners hesitate to try out the authentic dishes of Asian food with an old history and a sense of home. Check out our top mid-range to fine-dining restaurants for a little change from the small eateries while also having a taste of local food.

1. Cái Mâm Bistro

  • Address: 7 Luong Van Can
  • Opening hours: 10:00 - 14:00 | 17:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: $5 - 20$

Located in the heart of Hanoi Old Quarter, just a couple of steps away from Hoan Kiem Lake, this small and cozy Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi serves fresh Vietnamese food with extensive vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options at a reasonable price. You can enjoy a variety of North Vietnam dishes while enjoying the view of the busy streets below. The rustic decoration of Cai Mam is what customers love when visiting. Every corner of the space fully encapsulates every breath of Hanoi like a rustic slice of time that exists right in front of you. Frog meat used to be a specialty of the countryside of Vietnam, but can now be found right in the middle of Hanoi, at Cai Mam, with their special buffet consisting of dishes made with frog. Besides, Cai Mam's sour bamboo hot pot is perfect for relaxing and chatting with friends on colder days.

cai mam bistro

We recommend the passion fruit fried squid, fried spring rolls, and vegetarian banh xeo. There is an additional fee for buffet meals on the weekend.

2. Home Hanoi Restaurant

  • Address: 34 Chau Long
  • Opening hours: 9.00 - 22.00
  • Price range: 6$ - 15$.

Head to Home Hanoi Restaurant for authentic Vietnamese delicacies and imported wines. This restaurant offers a diverse menu that is seasonally updated, with a focus on Hanoian food. A must-try dish is deep-fried spring rolls, guaranteed different from everything you have had before. There is a drinks menu that offers well-priced imported wines, premium cocktails, and other refreshing options, which brings the traditional Vietnamese menu to a new level. Home Hanoi Restaurant prides itself on the sophisticated decoration in a beautiful villa, giving customers a sense of home. It is a Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi on the higher end price range that provides you with an all-rounded experience.

home hanoi restaurant

At first sight, the resident is authentically Vietnamese with a contemporary touch. Source: pqChua

This restaurant is quite busy, so if you are going in groups, make sure to book in advance.

3. Essence Restaurant

  • Address: 38 Tran Phu
  • Opening hours: 11:30 - 22:00
  • Price range: $5 - $20

Making lists as one of the must-try fine dining Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi, Essence has made a name for itself since its establishment. Essence Hanoi Hotel, this restaurant provides a variety of Asian and Western dishes. It is a suitable choice for those who wish to celebrate special occasions in an elegant, refined setting.

Essence Restaurant is a refined setting for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, blending colonial and contemporary decor to gorgeous effect.

essence restaurant

Essence Restaurant is among the most celebrated restaurants in Hanoi.

4. Chaka Restaurant

  • Address: 13 - 15 Ngo Thi Nham
  • Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00, 9:00 - 22:00 on Monday and the weekends
  • Price range: $5 - 10$/portion

Located on the ancient Ngo Thi Nham street, the sparkling Cha Ká street is always bright and ready to welcome diners to enjoy the fried fish cakes with fish dishes. This restaurant is labeled as one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi that serve fish dishes. This hidden gem, like the name, is famous for its 'cha ca'' or fish cake. The fish cakes are fragrant and fragrant, and the fish are crispy and crispy with split onions - definitely a delightful dish for Hanoi's winter day.

Every detail from the setting and food are perfected to bring out the most complete culinary experience of Hanoi to customers. While dining at Chaka, sit beside the large windows overlooking the peaceful Ngo Thi Nham street to get an intimate view of Hanoi from above. Widely adored for the photogenic decorations, this is a popular place among locals who want to catch up with their friends or guests. Foreigners should come and sample one of Vietnam's renowned dishes at this Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi. Our recommendation: Order hot pot and wine for a great celebration with your group.

chaka restaurant

The decoration is amazing with different seating options for small families and larger groups.

5. Quan An Ngon

  • Address: 19 Phan Boi Chau, B2 R6 Vincom Royal City (72A Nguyen Trai), 25T2 Hoang Đao Thuy
  • Opening hours: 6:45 - 21:00
  • Price range: $2 -$10/dish

The renowned Quan An Ngon belongs to list of top Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi for many international visitors who come to the capital city. The name means 'delicious restaurant', and through years of tradition, this Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi has proved itself in the minds and hearts of many Vietnamese and foreign guests. The food court concept, with street-side stalls and dedicated chefs in cooking stations, allows guests to sample the best of Vietnamese cuisine as you scroll around. Alternatively, you can choose from the extensive menu that changes by the season. This place is recommended for Vietnamese food lovers, just one stop to try from street foods to royal food cuisine. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is a lot of good choices in this cozy vintage-style restaurant, with deep colors. The atmosphere brings you back to the old days of the ancient, cultural city.

quan an ngon

The first restaurant was opened in 2005 and instantly caught the attention of locals. Source: Phuc Hung Thinh

6. Ngon Villa Restaurant

  • Address: 10 Tong Duy Tan
  • Opening hours: 11:00 - 14:00 | 17:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: $4 - $15/dish

Ngon Villa Restaurant is a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi to explore the spectrum of flavors from all across Vietnam. Ngon Villa’s philosophy is rooted first and foremost in embracing Vietnam’s traditional culture and cuisine. The all-you-can-eat menu ($16 or $25), where dishes are available on-demand, is recommended by most tourists who came here for an all-rounded experience of Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy the taste of the north and south Vietnam while dining in a warm and welcoming setting, with live music playing in the background. Eating in a classical villa is quite an upgrade from eating street food, while also keeping the authenticity of Vietnamese food in Hanoi.

ngon villa restaurant

The beautiful architecture and decoration at Ngon Villa.

7. Mâm cơm Việt

  • Address: JM Marvel Hotel 16 Hang Da
  • Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00
  • Price range: $4 - $20

'Mam' in Mam com Viet stands for the tray that is used to place bowls and dishes in a meal of a traditional Vietnamese family. Although this tool is no longer widely used, the name suggests the restaurant's efforts in introducing customers to authentic home food and brings a familial sense to people. The restaurant is on the eighth and ninth floor of a hotel in the heart of Hanoi, which offers a great view of the Hanoi Old Quarter. It is suitable for a romantic date night and elegant, fancy Vietnamese dinner in a more upscale ambiance without overtaking it. There is also a cooking class in the afternoon, which would make an interesting plan in your travel itinerary in Hanoi.

mam com viet

Mam com Viet's display of a traditional family meal.

8. Hoang's Restaurant

  • Address: 66 Hang Buom
  • Opening hours: 10:30 - 22:30
  • Price range: $2 - $10/dish

Hoang's Restaurant is a small, humble Vietnamese restaurant in Hanoi, located on Hang Buom, a very busy street in the Old Quarter. This simple-looking place might not catch the eye at first, but if you are looking for tasty, authentic Vietnamese food in Hanoi at a very reasonable price, then Hoang’s has it all.

For customers who are not sure where to start, Hoang's Restaurant offers a fixed menu that includes a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes, namely bun cha, spring rolls, and vegetarian options, along with seafood. Here, you can start with the appetizers, then the main dishes, and finally top it off with dessert. One of the must-try offerings on the menu is egg coffee, an unusual yet remarkable drink of Hanoi, which is difficult to master, but Hoang's Restaurant has done just that. This lovely place is loved by many tourists from all over the world, regardless of personal taste. This makes Hoang's Restaurant one of the top restaurants in Hanoi on TripAdvisor.

hoang's restaurant

9. Cloud 9

  • Address: 27 Hang Be
  • Opening hours: 11:30 - 22:00
  • Price range: $20++/per person (Vietnamese menu)

Despite being a fairly new restaurant compared to other local Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi, Cloud Nine has made a name for itself as one of the best fine dining options in the capital city. This luxury restaurant offers both Western and Vietnamese dishes with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a wine buffet, where you can enjoy unlimited wine in two hours, and plenty of new concepts that are regularly updated.

The menu includes the finest of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, including dishes from all parts of the country and a large variety of favorite foreign dishes. Vietnamese foods are carefully prepared to bring out the traditional flavors while also being added some delicacies, making them high-class and elegant. A prominent example of Cloud Nine's cooking style would be Quang Noodles — the dish of Quang Nam, Quang Ngai people, where the meat ingredient is brought to a new level using fresh and tasty prawns. Enjoying a variety of premium dishes at Cloud Nine on the rooftop is surely an experience that is hard to beat for Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi.

cloud 9 hanoi

The Indochina-inspired interior design and floor-to-ceiling windows. Source: PQ Chua


Nem cuon and spring rolls.

10. Home Moc Restaurant

  • Address: 31 Van Ho 2
  • Opening hours: 11:00 - 14:00 | 17:00 - 21:30
  • Price range: $5 - $20

Home Moc Restaurant serves the very best of Vietnam's rich and diverse cuisine with a focus on exquisite seafood on the market. Located on a quiet street opposite Bay Mau Lake, this restaurant provides a peaceful escape from the busy streets of Hanoi central. The ingredients are fresh and handpicked to ensure top quality and customer satisfaction. Home Moc Restaurant is highly recommended for couples and groups looking to enjoy delicious, traditional Vietnamese food in Hanoi as well as some classic Western dishes. It is also an ideal place to hold events, such as school reunions or birthday parties. The foods at Home Moc Restaurant are quite expensive compared to the rest of Hanoi. However, they are high-quality, and the surrounding environment puts it all together. Considering all factors, Home Moc has earned over 500 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, putting it among the best high-end eateries and best places to eat in Hanoi.

home moc restaurant

Home Moc Restaurant is spacious with different rooms, which makes it suitable for large parties.

The charm of authentic Vietnamese food in Hanoi and Vietnamese culture goes above this list, and there are a lot of places to eat yet to be explored. We hope that this guide on top Vietnamese restaurants in Hanoi has helped you discover some of the highlights of Vietnamese mid-range and high-end restaurants. Keep a confident and ready-to-try attitude when it comes to different foods on the streets and in a royal cuisine restaurant as the city of Hanoi has a lot to offer!

Let's book our Hanoi tours and join Vietnamese cuisine in one of the 10 best Vietnamese restaurants now.


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