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Vung Ha area - Ha Long Bay is a strange beautiful limestone mountain area. You will be surprised by a beautiful and miraculous islands. The islands here have not many trees, the area has many limestone mountains one after another.

Vung Ha VillageVung Ha

Located in the center of Ha Long Bay, between Crescent Island and Vung Vieng fishing village, Vung Ha area is one of the three main areas of Bai Tu Long Bay. The area is quite large and only a few people living here because . Due to the lack of locals and notourists visit the area, this area still retains its natural scenery. It is the best choice for you if you do not want to come with the crowds. While there are few inhabitants in the area, there are a lot of fishermen go to this area because of the diverse marine resources. Seeing fishermen at work is one of the most interesting activities when tourist visit Vung Ha area.

Vung Ha

Vung Ha

Vung Ha beach belongs to Vung Ha area which have a very clean beach due to the lack of people. Visiting Vung Ha beach is a good idea for you to enjoy some outside activities such as: kayaking, swimming, walking along the spleded sandy beach and feel the cool breeze on your face, etc. There are no basic facilities for living here, tourist can have a chance to immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Vung Ha area.

If you find Vung Ha area interesting, you can try booking a Ha Long Bay tour which has visiting Vung Ha area in its schedule or a private tour that you can offer which places you want to visit during the tour. They will provide you the transportation, delicious meals and tour guide in cruise.

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