Vung Ha Beach

Located in the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay, which is known as the real paradise of beach and stone, Vung Ha Beach attracts thousands of visitors every year with its charming scenery but still retains the wild beauty of nature.

Charming Vung Ha Beach

Charming Vung Ha Beach

  • A beach blessed with many beautiful natural sand beaches interspersed with tall rocky islands
  • Owning many endemics plants that grow on the cliffs
  • The “neighbor” of Vung Vieng Floating Village, with community ecotourism models
  • Lots of  scientists also come here to research fishes, benthic animals, animals in the swamps, and other closed parts



Vung Ha Island is a fairly large island located in the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, 30km east of Ha Long City and 28km from Hon Gai seaports. It is located between Crescent Island and Vung Vieng fishing village. Vung Ha area is located in three main areas of Bai Tu Long Bay. 

Therefore, Vung Ha Beach still retains the original, unspoiled natural beauty but is no less poetic and charming.

Bai Tu Long Bay


What to do?

With a large area and a clear blue beach, here are some activities you can participate in when coming to this real paradise in the World of Wonder:

  • Visit the houses of local people
  • Participate in activities such as mountain climbing
  • Kayaking or even watching the fishermen fish on this island
  • Anchor to explore the fishermen's daily life in the beautiful Vung Vieng fishing village

If you need a space to rest and feel peace, Vung Ha Beach will be your best choice in Halong Bay. Immerse yourself in nature, float on a boat to admire the poetic mountain scenery, feel the cool sea breeze... all fatigue will gradually disappear.

Participate In Various Interesting Activities

Participate In Various Interesting Activities in Vung Ha Beach


How to get to Vung Ha Beach?

How to get to Vung Ha Beach

Vung Ha Beach is situated in the center of Halong Bay, and there are several ways to reach there:

  • Hire a day boat and explore it on your own.
  • Take a Halong Bay cruise with a stop at Vung Ha Beach on the schedule. 

Along with visiting this serene beach, you can also take part in fascinating onboard activities like kayaking, squid fishing, Vietnamese cooking classes, and more while traveling through Halong Bay.

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Travel Hints

  • Remember to carry sunscreen since it will likely be sunny while you're here to protect your skin
  • Bring a camera or phone to capture special moments
  • You should bring food with you in order to prevent going hungry since there are no stores selling food on this island

Hope the information in this article will be helpful for your Bai Tu Long Bay Trip. Remember to share beautiful memories with us, BestPrice Team is always available to answer all of your wonders!

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