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What to Expect for Vip Bus Experience in Thailand

November 23, 2020 - 2826 views

If you are looking for Vip Bus in Thailand, do not miss this article!

During a trip to Thailand, the bus is one of the most convenient ways to get around. In fact, buses vary in terms of comfort and service. On different routes, you may have to choose the VIP bus. However, before booking any VIP bus service in Thailand, you need to remember some important notes.

What to Expect for Vip Bus Experience in Thailand

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The fact of the matter is that most of the VIP buses in Thailand are operated by private providers. Service quality is markedly different. Some companies have a very good reputation such as Chai Air, The Transport Company, and Green Bus Company. They are run by reputable companies used by Thai locals as well as foreigners and foreign tourists.

What to Expect for Vip Bus Experience in Thailand

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However, you should also avoid some VIP buses. Budget travelers and backpackers are the targets they are aiming for. In some locations in Thailand such as Bangkok, motels, and travel agencies will give you bus tickets because they receive a commission. Besides, you have the convenience of a service that can also include transfers from your accommodation. However, this arrangement has several disadvantages.

According to several reports over the years, there are items lost from luggage stored on these buses. Whichever bus you choose, you should always carry valuables in your bag and keep them with you. It is best not to put cash, valuables, passports, i-pods, etc. into your luggage.

On the other hand, you may see the VIP bus you have seen in the photos does not look like the actual bus you were on. They can take you to the wrong place.

Ways to Avoid Being Cheated

The best way is to go to the bus station and buy tickets yourself. In case you are in Bangkok, do not buy tickets from your guesthouse or from a broker. Although they have a Thai Tourism Authority (TAT) sticker on their windows, that doesn't mean they are trustworthy. To make sure you don't get scammed or scammed, go to the bus stop and buy your own ticket. This way, you will have a better travel experience, less hassle, and will probably also save money.

Buy tickets for the VIP bus before you travel, especially on Thai holidays and during peak travel seasons. Tickets can be booked online or through phone call centers. The easiest option for most travelers will be to buy tickets directly at the bus stop. Thanks to that, you can really see the buses you will take.


Ticket costs on VIP buses vary. The following is the average price for your reference

  • Bangkok-Chiang Mai 806 Baht (10 hours)
  • Bangkok-Krabi 921 Baht (13 hours)
  • Bangkok-Koh Samui 759 Baht (15 hours including via ferry)
  • Bangkok-Phuket 974 (13 hours)

What to Expect for Vip Bus Experience in Thailand

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Besides VIP Bus, there are a few other options as they are available. Traveling overnight in a sleeping cabin is often a bad option. In addition, you can receive promotional fares at prices comparable to VIP bus fares.

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