Yangbay Waterfall Nha Trang

About 45km far from Nha Trang city center, Yangbay Waterfall is located in the middle of a valley with an area of 570ha at an altitude of 100m above sea level, in Khanh Vinh district. Yangbay area has 3 waterfalls: Yangbay, Yang Khang, and Hocho. This place is originally a primeval forest with a fresh and cool climate.

Yangbay waterfall attracts visitors by the wild beauty of mountains, trees, and waterfalls, cool air. According to Raglai language, “Yangbay” means "sky waterfall". Legend said that Gia Kang mountain has many smooth and flat rocks like a chessboard, so Heaven Emperor and fairies often come here to hang out and party at the beginning of spring.

Yangbay Waterfalls

Yang Bay Waterfalls

Yang Bay waterfall still owned the wild beauty with the primeval forests and the wonderful waterfall. In summer, the water is cool and clear. At night, it will be cold and the fog will cover all the surface of the mountain. At the foot of Yangbay waterfall is a blue fresh lake that can see rocks at the bottom. The lake is surrounded by ornamental plants and colorful flowers. Tourists can freely play and enjoy the coolness of the water stream to forget the worries of daily life.

Hot Spring Bath Service In Yang Bay Waterfalls

Hot Spring Bath Service In Yang Bay Waterfalls

After enjoying the water and climbing the cliffs, visitors can reach the top of the falls. From there, you can admire the majestic nature, send your soul to the cloudy sky and the rolling waters flowing through the plants on both waterfall sides.

Besides that, tourists can also join in many outside entertainment activities such as: visiting the peach garden, fairy garden, visiting wild bears, ostriches, crocodiles, pig racing, watching performances of ethnic musical instruments. There is also a hot spring bath service, with adult fare only 150,000 VND and children also 100,000 VND / person.

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