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Traveling to Myanmar, aside from visiting architectural monuments, tourists should also take some time to stop by the Yangon Zoological Gardens, recorded as the oldest and second largest zoo in Myanmar.

Located near Kandawgyi Garden, the zoo is known for its variety of wild animals that have been nurtured since 1882, allowing visitors to blend in with the animal kingdom. This is a recreational destination in the heart of Yangon, suitable for any animal lover or families with young children. With an impressive area of nearly 70 hectares, the zoo is recognized as one of the largest conservation center for an impressive collection of flora and fauna since it was opened in the early 1900.

One fun fact about Yangon Zoological Garden is that it was founded in 1901 by the contribution of Myanmar people with the amount of 240,000 Kyats. Construction started at the current location after being approved with a land plot of 61 ha. The first collection of zoo animals began in 1882 at Phayre's Museum and was then taken to the current campus of Yangon General Hospital. The animals were finally transferred to the current place, which is Yangon Zoological Garden.

The zoo was initially called the Victoria Memoria Park in 1901 to honor Queen Victoria but it was officially renamed into the Zoological Gardens of Yangon in 1951 and consequently becomes one of the most visited attractions for tourists and city residents nowadays. The zoo is home to nearly 200 species of animals and large shade trees, over 60 species of mammals, 70 species of birds and 20 species of reptiles. Many endangered species include the Bengal tigers, Asian elephants, leopards, hornbills and swamp crocodiles are also conserved here. The garden area consists of an impressive collection of Southeast Asia's prolific flora such as shrubs, bamboo, and seasonal flowers.

Coming to the zoo, tourists especially children will have a chance to witness those playful elephants eating sugarcanes, naughty monkeys climbing and swinging and be impressed by the marvelous nature of Myanmar. There are also many food stalls where tourists can buy food and feed animals like elephants, giraffes or monkeys… all by yourself.

Elephant ride at Yangon Zoological Gardens

Elephant ride at Yangon Zoological Gardens


In addition to playing around with cute animals, taking photos with them, tourists can also visit the natural history museum located right in the zoo, where one can gain some knowledge about Myanmar history and culture as well as the establishment of the zoo. The museum is also the exhibition site of the Burmese flora species.

Yangon Zoological Gardens

Yangon Zoological Gardens


The aquarium is a very interesting area that tourists should not miss. This is considered as the first large scale aquarium in the country with colorful and diverse species of fish. Moreover, visitors can be entertained when coming to the amusement park area, with many games and rides suitable for all ages. On weekends, tourists will be satisfied with the circus performances and dances from the very smart snakes and elephants at the zoo. Don’t worry! These animals are being very well taken care of even daily or after the show.

Yangon Zoological Gardens

Yangon Zoological Gardens


Every month, the zoo will also organize a festival to celebrate its foundation anniversary, where tourists can blend in with the vibrant atmosphere here. Yangon Zoo is surrounded by the Shwedagon Pagoda, Kandawgyi, Garden and Karaweik Hall. Thus, after a long day at the zoo, tourists can also stop by those sites to fully explore Yangon’s famous destinations during the trip.

Myanmar is a tropical climate country. Therefore, the most ideal time to visit Yangon in general and the Zoological Garden in particular is from November to February next year, as the weather is fairly pleasant with cool climate and low rainfall. As the zoo consists mostly of outdoor activities, tourists should bring along hats or umbrellas for heat protection. It is recommended to keep some cash in hand in case tourists want to buy food for the friendly animals at the zoo.

The opening time of the zoo is from 8 AM to 6 PM daily. It is suggested to hire an electric tram at the park to fully explore the whole garden. Elephant or horse service is also available yet trams are still preferred in order to protect and be friendly to these animals.

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