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5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

June 11, 2022 - 1050 views

If you are in Bangkok, and you are looking for the best local restaurants, you should have a look at the list of 5 best restaurants in Bangkok bellow.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is well-known around the world for its cuisine. It is not only street food, but also the best restaurants in the world that make more and more people come to visit Thailand. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Bangkok, the bellow information with 5 Best Thai Restaurants in Bangkok can help you.


Bo.lan is a delicious local Thai restaurant with high-quality ingredients. It was named after its two chefs, two leaders in the resurgence of authentic Thai cuisine, who are husband and wife. The food has traditional recipes but is displayed in European style. The restaurant served food in set menus, there are 6 courses each set. The basic and vegetarian set is 1980 baht while the reduced option from the basic set is 1680 baht. Each dish in this restaurant is exceptionally creative & has a standard much higher than the local. Must-try dishes in this restaurant are a set of salad of Phang Nga Chicken, Wing Bean, and Grilled Banana Blossom with Chilli Jam, Coconut Based Soup Sustainable Seafood, Stir-fried Prawns, and Red Curry of Phang Nga Chicken.

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

Chef Owners - Married Couple in Bo.Lan restaurant, Bangkok

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

Grilled Coconut Relish Of Salted Fish With Assorted Vegetable And Spice Crusted Beef in Bo.lan restaurant

2. Sorn

Sorn is a family-run restaurant that specializes in fine Southern Thai food. Sorn is an elegant space, featuring long tables, a see-through kitchen. It is fresh ingredients from 14 provinces in Southern Thailand, traditional cooking techniques that make the food here exceptional! The menu includes 22 different dishes starting from the tiny little sand mole crabs to two degrees’ Celsius lobster or seven colored lobsters from Phuket served chilled to two degrees Celsius. The fixed-price menu is at 2900 baht and there are only 22 seats in this restaurant. Therefore, you should book a table in advance to enjoy Southern Thai cuisine in this lovely old house.

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

The main course in Sorn

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

Lobster head curry in Sorn restaurant, Bangkok

3. Issaya Siamese Club

Issaya Siamese Club is on a small street near Rama IV Road. It was opened in December 2011 and is an ideal place for anyone who is looking for something romantic, tranquil, luxury, and tasty in Bangkok. This authentic Thai teak restaurant has both dining rooms and outdoor seating areas. Its set menus (starting from 1500 baht) and a la carte offerings are both incredibly delicious. Famous dishes in this local Thai restaurant are tender double-boiled glazed beef ribs, steamed lobster with curry custard and fresh coconut, jasmine flower panna cotta.

Issaya Siamese Club

Issaya Siamese Club in Bangkok

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

Food in Issaya Siamese Club, Bangkok

4. R-Haan

R-Haan is 2 Michelin Star Restaurant which serves the most authentic dishes of the local tradition, capturing the scent, taste, and feel of the best food from Thailand. The restaurant is perfect for couples who look for a nice, direct, and welcoming atmosphere. There is a private room for a small group as well. The restaurant creates amazing classic Thai dishes from fresh vegetables, premium meats, colorful aromas, and vibrant spices. There are 3 sets in the menu, 14 dishes in each set. The menu is priced at 1 219 baht per person for lunch and 2 912 baht per person for dinner. Delicate and delicious are the words used to describe the food here.

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

Delicious food in R-Haan restaurant, Bangkok

5. Gaa

Gaa - Asia’s best restaurant according to The World’s 50 Best, is all about India: Indian flavors, Indian diversity, and Indian tradition. Gaa is led by Mumbai-born chef Garima Arora, the winner of Asia’s Best Female Chef Award 2019. Her team uses global techniques to create unheard and completely new food from local ingredients. Gaa has a 10 or 14-course tasting menu. The menu is priced at 3 800 baht per person. This is definitively a must-try if you are in Bangkok and you love Indian food.

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

A Duck Tongue Served With Chickpeas in Gaa restaurant, Bangkok

5 Best Thai Restaurants You Shouldn't Miss in Bangkok

Gaa restaurant, Bangkok

Were you able to chose the restaurant to enjoy the best Thai food in Bangkok? Is there any information about Thailand you need to know? Contact us for more information! 

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