7 Useful Tips for a Budget Trip in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most money-saving destinations in Southeast Asia. The country is home to plenty of mysterious cultures, amazing landscapes, and impressive cuisine. Before going on a Thailand vacation, you should better learn these useful tips to budget your stay in Thailand.

It goes without saying that Thailand is a fantastic destination for every traveler. Either you are into beautiful sightseeing or fancy aesthetic culture, Thailand can fulfill your wanderlust as well.

How about the budget? It all depends on you. Our recommendation of Thailand tours offers all kinds of travel budget, ranging from luxurious relaxations to adventurous experiences. For those who plan a budget trip to Thailand, it is expected to spend a daily expenditure of 2,500 to 4,000 baht to stay in a mid-range hotel, experience either street vendors or budget restaurants, and get around by local transportation.

In this article, you can pick up some travel hacks to save money on your Thailand vacation.

#1 Hunt for cheap flights to Thailand

As airfare accounts for the biggest proportion of total expenditure on the Thailand trip, you should hunt for low-cost flight tickets to save money. There are numerous budget airlines offering promotional codes and super-saving flights to Thailand, such as Jetstar, AirAsia, VietJet, TigerAir, and other Thai domestic brands. To get cheap flights to Thailand, it is better to spend time researching and comparing between different airlines to opt for the most reasonable choice. Learn these 6 essential tips to reduce the cost of airfare for your Thailand trip.

#2 Try more Thai local food

The best choice for money saving is to eat Thai local food including street food, Thai specialties in mid-range restaurants. Instead of having fancy dining in Western food venues, trying street food is much more authentic and economical. Thailand is fantastic food heaven where well-made local food is incredibly cheap, tasty, and fresh. You can fill your stomach while wandering around the streets and markets in Thailand. One more thing, you can try various dishes for the same budget of very few dishes at luxury restaurants.

Trying Thai local food is friendly to your budget

Trying Thai local food is friendly to your budget

#3 Book rooms at mid-range hotels

Saving cost on accommodations is also important for budget travelers in Thailand. There is a wide range of budget accommodation types depending on your own preference, including 3-star or 4-star hotel, hostel, dorm, local homestay, and even couch-surfing community if you want to get out of your zone. All in all, it is much more comfortable and safer to find a room full of necessities at a mid-range hotel or hostel in Thailand. A budget vacation also needs time and privacy to relax.

#4 Save on transportation cost

There are many ways to save money on getting around in Thailand, from public bus, train, tuk-tuk to walking. While using taxis frequently can cost you a leg and an arm, public and local transportations save a lot of money. Especially, tuk-tuk is worth trying at least once in Thailand and you can haggle the price before taking the ride. Negotiate a fixed cost per person or per group, as well as one-way or round-trip with the drivers to avoid the common tuk-tuk scams in Thailand.

Use tuk-tuk to save for your travel in Thailand

Tuk-tuk is a must-try while traveling in Thailand

#5 Shop at local markets/malls

In Thailand, nowhere is cheaper than the marketplace where you can find great deals on various goods. Thailand is full of weekend markets and night markets to enjoy local market vibes and save money on shopping. However, if you are not into bustling places and bargaining experience, just head for some of the cheapest shopping malls in the city. One small tip for shopaholics to save money on shopping is setting a daily budget for each category of expenditure during your stay in Thailand.

#6 Buy things at convenience stores

Whenever you want to buy snacks, soft drinks, and other essentials in Thailand, go to convenience stores like 7-Eleven. With a great diversity of stuff at reasonable prices, 7-Eleven is always opened for guests. Furthermore, local brands usually cost lower than imported ones, especially alcoholic drinks. And buying alcohol at convenience stores can save you about 3-4 times compared to drinks at bars. So, an experience like a local will be a wise choice to enjoy a budget trip in Thailand.

#7 Join inexpensive activities in Thailand

Besides the admission fees of some famous attractions, plenty of sightseeing with free admission and inexpensive activities await you to explore. In Thailand, many temples, parks and markets are free to visit. Also, you can find some deals of budget Thailand tour, which offer all kinds of excursions such as temple visit, beach relaxation, soft adventure and other more. 

Enjoy budget day tour in Thailand

Enjoy budget day tour in Thailand

To sum up, the most effective way to save your budget while traveling in Thailand is to experience like a local. Let’s visit our page bestpricetravel.com to follow up on hot deals and travel guides in Thailand.

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