6 Ways to Get a Cheap Flight to Thailand

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It is quite affordable for global tourists to plan a trip to Thailand, while the biggest expense must be the airfare. With the rise of many emerging airlines, now you can easily get a cheap flight to Thailand. Here are 6 useful hacks to hunt for low-cost flight tickets to Thailand.

Thailand is one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia, which draws tourists’ attention to its beauty spots, culture, and cuisine. The larger number of tourists who visit this land of wonders each year, the higher chance you can get cheap flight tickets from economical airlines. The price range of airfare when traveling to Thailand would cost you approximately over 1,500 USD. If you long for cheap flight tickets to Thailand, learn the following tips to get the best deals on flights for your Thai vacation.

1. Choose the cheapest time to fly

There are months of high tourist season in Thailand, which ranges from June to August. It is a perfect time for summer vacations and festivals in Thailand. Out of these months, you will find the cheapest deals on flights to Thailand between September and October. You better check out the website to choose your estimated departure dates and find out the most economical options of flights to Thailand.

Avoid summertime to get cheap flight tickets to Thailand

Avoid summertime to get cheap flight tickets to Thailand

2. Hunt for either early-bird or last-minute tickets

It is best to plan ahead several weeks or even months before your vacation to Thailand. However, early-bird flight tickets aren’t always the most budget choices as many airlines cut down the price to fill up each flight. Let’s hunt for the last-minute deals of each airline to Thailand at the same time. All in all, a small tip for the best ticket fares to Thailand is to book 5 weeks in advance.

3. Be flexible about your flight dates

Don’t hesitate to allow yourself a couple of days off if you find a cheaper flight on weekdays or at night. Better deals of flights to Thailand usually come up on Tuesdays and Thursdays except for the time during international or national holidays. There is a survey showing that flying on Tuesday can save an average of 115 USD for travelers to Thailand, while Saturday departures can cost you 80 USD more for the privilege. Hence, it is highly recommended to check out flights available on each day then choose the most reasonable airfare for your Thailand trip.

4. Compare ticket fares between different airlines

The first step is to opt for 1 – 2 airlines to book your flight to Thailand. There are numerous budget airlines such as Jetstar, AirAsia, VietJet, TigerAir, and other domestic brands. After that, if you don’t have many options in mind, do research on some flight search engine sites, where you can easily compare different airfares and pick up the most cost-efficient flight to Thailand. Finally, just keep in mind that asking for help from a travel agent will make the booking process much easier and cheaper.

VietJet Air offers numerous low-priced flight tickets to Thailand

VietJet Air offers numerous low-priced flight tickets to Thailand

5. Use promo codes or membership rewards

You never know how much promo codes and membership rewards can save for your budget flight to Thailand. Check both airlines’ websites and social media channels to get the latest news and promotions for better deals. Another hack for cheap flight tickets to Thailand is to book through your favorable airline which gives you membership rewards to redeem a discount or special deal. Additionally, you can take advantage of using credit cards with special interest rates, credit card points in exchange for discounts on airfare to Thailand.

6. Head for Bangkok’s international airports

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the most low-cost airline hubs in Thailand

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the most low-cost airline hubs in Thailand

Two international airports in Bangkok are known as the main transfer hubs in Southeast Asia. They are also the most low-cost airline hubs in Thailand to fly into. Since Bangkok is the heart of Thailand, it is quite convenient and cost-saving to transfer from here to other destinations. Maybe you don’t know that a flight to Bangkok averagely costs 200 USD cheaper than a flight to Phuket. Then, the last tip for a budget flight to Thailand is to make Bangkok your first stop. Spend a couple of nights in the lovely capital, then go for exciting tours around Thailand.

Come to Bangkok and enjoy your holiday in Thailand

Come to Bangkok and enjoy your holiday in Thailand

To sum up, there are various handy tips to get a low-cost flight ticket to Thailand. Learn our suggested hacks and book an international flight as well as a Thailand excursion at a reasonable cost.

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