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Ao Ech - Frog Pond

Ao Ech or Frog Pond is a famous destination in Lan Ha Bay for its stunning unspoiled area with calm water that attracts many tourists who come to visit and enjoy kayaking here every year.

  • Location: in the area of Gio Cung Ranger Station, Lan Ha Bay
  • One of the best area for kayaking in Lan Ha Bay
  • Not a real pond and actually doesn't have any frogs in it
  • Usually, be mistaken for Frog Pond in Cat Ba National Park for the same name

Ao Ech Area - Frog Pond

Ao Ech Area Lan Ha Bay

Is It Worth Visiting?

Ao Ech (known in English as Frog Lake or Frog Pond) is a small pristine area belonging to Lan Ha Bay, to the East of Cat Ba Island.

This place is well-known for its unspoiled natural beauty with poetic and charming scenery, covered by many rocky karst mountains – the special geological that can be found only in Halong Bay.

Scenic view in the sunset

Gorgeous sunset

This quiet area boasts an idyllic, untouched nature scene with clear water and surrounding greenery that will make tourists feel like they are part of a painting.

It is surrounded by a great variety of flora and fauna landscapes and Cat Ba National Park ecosystems. Its beauty is exceptional, distinctive from the lake area that cruises cannot reach.


Why is it called Frog Pond?

The word “Ao Ech” means Frog Pond or Frog Lake but funnily, it actually does not have any of this species living here at all! It's just that some of the mountain blocks that look like frogs are facing up, which made the name of this place.

Also, this place is called a "pond" because it is just a pool of water located in the bay, surrounded by limestone mountains, which makes this attraction perfect for kayaking.

Unspoiled destination in Lan Ha Bay

Unspoiled destination in Lan Ha Bay


Things to do

Frog Pond is located in an airtight area, surrounded by mountains, so it is an ideal place for water sports, especially kayaking.

  • Kayaking to explore the majestic area

This will bring experiences that cruising cannot provide. Passing by small islands and caves, kayaking in Ao Ech lets you get closer to rocky mountains and gaze at countless vivid views of the marine world under crystal-clear water. 

Kayaking - popular activity in the area

Kayaking - a popular activity in Ao Ech

  • Swimming in the cool, emerald sea

Swimming while looking at the mountains surrounding the bay is worth trying! Immerse in the cool water here and relaxing would be unforgettable for any traveler.

  • Perfect chance for taking pretty photos

With Ao Ech’s unspoiled beauty, tourists can take a selfie with the kayaks to have impressively beautiful photos for Insta check-in.


How to get to Ao Ech?

By cruise: To visit the Frog Pond area, tourists usually choose cruises as the main travel way as it is safe, convenient, and comfortable. 

Since this place is located in Lan Ha, there are many cruises including Ao Ech on the itinerary. You can contact BestPrice Travel for booking or click the link below to find your preferred one:

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Cruising to Ao Ech Area

Cruising to Ao Ech is the most suitable option


Travel tips

To help you prepare for your visit to Frog Pond, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the safest and most comfortable ride from locals: 

  • Wear a life vest while kayaking and remember to put sunscreen on to avoid the sunlight.
  • Check the weather and tide condition before and during your kayaking trip.
  • Follow instructions from the guide and only go to the safe area, do not travel on your own.
  • Keep an eye out for your belonging.
  • Wear comfortable clothes such as a T-shirt, shorts, slippers,... and prepare spare clothes and a towel in case you get wet while kayaking.


Let's organize a trip to Ao Ech Area in Lan Ha Bay with BestPrice Travel to take a break from our hectic life. If you have any queries about booking flights, hotels, cruises, or vacation packages, please contact us for more information

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