Lan Ha Bay Kayaking: Complete Guide 2021

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What many travelers have not discovered is that Lan Ha Bay is a great spot for kayaking. Let's find out what Lan Ha Bay Kayaking offers in this article and consider this destination on your next trip.

Lan Ha Bay, made up of 400 limestone cliffs, boasts stunning scenery with emerald water and quaint attractive beaches. It is a great alternative to the world-renowned Halong Bay while providing a range of fun-filled activities beyond cruising and kayaking. Kayaking has become the second most popular activity for travelers who want to explore the beauty of Halong Bay just after going on a cruise, and it is even more rewarding as you get to see the bay on a more intimate level.

Why do Lan Ha Bay Kayaking?

Many cruise packages offer a kayaking excursion to Halong Bay areas such as Luon Cave, Dragon Eye Island, and Cong Do Island. The calm water streams and peaceful mountainous surroundings make it rewarding for visitors to embark on a day trip to discover Halong Bay. However, Lan Ha Bay is also the perfect destination for those who enjoy kayaking, especially if you would like to enjoy a more quiet holiday.

Lan Ha Bay kayaing

Kayaking is the more active on-hand activity compared to a rowboat.

Lesser crowds mean that you can freely explore Lan Ha Bay. It is exceptionally suitable if you are traveling with friends and families and are looking for a fun, intimate experience. The natural scenery of Lan Ha Bay is as captivating and alluring as Halong Bay's center. Both sit in the same vast area of the worldwide-famous destination, so you will never run out of things to see.

Additionally, it is exciting to go on a kayak excursion anywhere it is available, no matter if you are a complete beginner or experienced adventure seeker. It is a straightforward water activity with a low level of intensity, so worry no more, and consider kayaking as a way to explore the beauty of the Halong Bay area, surrounded by thousands of limestone islands, hidden caves, and enormous mountain ranges.

Halong Bay and the surrounding areas are the most beautiful and suitable for kayaking in Vietnam. The scenery is fascinating, with plenty of kayaking services available on top of cruise ships, providing you with a fascinating experience. After you have gotten a bit of activity, you can relax at one of the pristine beaches along the way and enjoy fresh air in an area full of green vegetation and trees. The free experience of kayaking allows you to explore Lan Ha Bay as you wish and decide on your itinerary.


Top Places to do Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

1. Ba Trai Dao islet

Ba Trai Dao Islet belongs to the area of Lan Ha Bay, near Cat Ba Island. From afar, the small islets look like three peaches, hence its name, Ba Trai Dao (meaning Three Peaches). It is a picturesque spot with a pristine, unspoiled beach and stunning beauty surrounded by greenery shined by the sunlight. Everything contributes to the memorable, romantic landscape.

Aside from swimming and snorkeling as part of a tour package, the eye-catching Ba Trai Dao islet is a famous kayaking spot when the weather is pleasurable. Many cruises stop at this area for guests to embark on a kayak excursion or discover the hidden lagoons through rowboat.

Heritage Cruise, Stellar of the Seas, and Era Cruise are some of the cruises that stop at Ba Trai Dao islet for kayaking and swimming.

Kayak in Ba Trai Dao Islet Lan Ha Bay

Kayak in Ba Trai Dao Islet

2. Dark & Light Cave

Dark & Light Cave sits on the border of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay. It is a popular spot for kayaking for those who want to explore the tranquil and unspoiled natural beauty of Halong Bay.

Dark & Bright cave boasts a mysterious beauty with dim natural light. Behind the entrance is an intriguing combination: plenty of green vegetation, clear waters, and natural habitat within the ecosystem that proves its thousands-of-year existence. The Dark cave is long with little natural sunlight, so passing through this cave requires a flashlight. On the other hand, the Light cave is much easier to explore with the sun beaming through the tunnel. Dark & Bright cave is a must-see destination to capture beautiful photos and discover hidden caves during your trip to Lan Ha Bay.

Heritage Cruise is worth checking out if you would like to stop at Dark & Light Cave. This secluded area can also be explored via rowboat by the locals.

Kayak in Dark & Light Cave Lan ha Bay

Kayak in Dark & Light Cave

3. Van Boi Fishing Village

Van Boi island is a pleasant spot for water sports such as kayaking and lounging on the shores. The emerald water is clear, adding to the peaceful scenery surrounded by sea cliffs. Van Boi island is a worthwhile day excursion from cruises, a hidden spot away from the bustling tourist cities, to take in the fresh air and engage in relaxing activities. It is one of the best places to explore in Cat Ba and Lan Ha Bay.

Van Boi island offers a wide range of activities for beach lovers. In the morning, many choose to sunbathe on the shore, swim in the clear emerald water, or dive to see beautiful coral reefs. A kayaking retreat in the calmness of the fishing village gives an unmatched feeling of tranquility. For those who linger in the afternoon, Van Boi is the perfect sunset destination in Lan Ha Bay, with scenery straight out of a movie — white sandy beaches, impressive mountainscape towering over the island, and colorful skies that will leave you wanting more. There are plenty of things to love about Van Boi island beyond kayaking, with its pristine beauty and diverse beachy activities.

Let's explore Van Boi Fishing Village with Indochine Cruise.

Kayak in Van Boi Fishing Village

Kayak in Van Boi Fishing Village

4. Ao Ech Area

Ao Ech, known in English as Frog Lake or Frog Pond, is located on Cat Ba Island's east side in Lan Ha Bay. This quiet area boasts an idyllic, untouched nature scene with clear water and surrounding greenery that will make tourists feel like they are a part of a painting. It is surrounded by a great variety of flora and fauna landscapes and Cat Ba National Park ecosystems. Its beauty is exceptional, distinctive with the lake area where cruises cannot reach.

Kayaking here will give you an experience unlike any other spots in Halong Bay. Bypassing through hidden islets and caves, kayaking allows a closer look at towering sea cliffs and vivid sights of the undersea world under the clear blue waters.

Explore this remarkable attraction on your kayaking journey, and Ao Ech will leave a lasting impression on you. Cruises that operate on Lan Ha Bay will give you a chance to see Ao Ech in its utmost beauty and other less populated areas, such as Peony Cruise. Therefore, those looking for an exhilarating retreat in a secluded area should not miss kayaking and cruise in Lan Ha Bay.

Kayak in Ao Ech area

Kayak in Ao Ech area

Safety tips for Lan Ha Kayaking

While kayaking is an easy sport to try out for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the safest and most comfortable ride. On top of this guide, your instructor will provide you with more information before departing and make sure that you have prepared sufficiently for your first kayaking trip.

Before you do Lan Ha Bay Kayaking

The most important thing that you should not forget is wearing life vests and putting on sunscreen for you and your children if you are going with them. Halong Bay is an area of fresh air and surrounding trees, but excessive exposure to sunlight, especially during summer months, can be harmful.

  • Strictly follow the instructions from the guide and be aware of the safe areas where you can go kayaking as well as weather conditions.
  • Wear suitable clothes like T-shirts and shorts that you feel comfortable in. Wearing hats and sunglasses is also a good idea.
  • Keep your valuables, such as jewelry, phone, and wallet, in protective waterproof bags or leave them onshore in safe places. Always keep an eye on these things while you are traveling.
  • Do not go kayaking if you are intoxicated or sick. It is crucial to maintain good health while going on a day trip, as it takes a long time to explore the places.
  • You might also want to prepare spare clothes and a towel for when you finish kayaking, in case you get wet.

Lan Ha Bay kayaking tips

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay is relatively easy and safe, as long as you follow basic procedures.

While you do kayaking

  • Go with a group to avoid getting lost in unfamiliar areas, but remember to keep a great distance between you and the other kayaks to avoid collisions.
  • Always seek advice before entering an area and stay insight with other travelers, as some caves are dangerous even for experienced kayakers.


Take a Kayak tour or rent on your own?

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay allows you to freely explore the island without having to follow a cruise itinerary. However, free travelers should consider renting a kayaking tour that covers all service costs and might come with other activities, or renting a kayak at the place you want to depart.

Rent a kayak by yourself

A short kayaking self-guided trip is a great opportunity to explore Lan Ha Bay if travelers are short on time, especially if you want to discover North Vietnam highlights during a long expedition. In this case, some travelers who have had previous experience with kayaking and understand the Lan Ha area might be confident enough to rent a kayak with a local agency and decide on their itinerary. Usually, you should arrive at their destination and return after your renting period is over. The services include paddles and life vests, but it differs on whether transfer from Lan Ha Bay is available.

These services can be found throughout Lan Ha Bay, but it is vital to remember the rules and travel in large groups instead of kayaking on your own. It will help you ensure your safety in the more secluded spots of Lan Ha, where cruising is not available.

Give yourself a day to embark and kayak through the calm waters of Lan Ha Bay with a rented kayak: Vietnam Insider Travel, Cat Ba Kayak Adventures, Blue Swimmer Adventures with price between 10 - 20 USD per person.


Book kayaking tour on a Lan Ha Bay cruise

Beginners should choose this option as there will be clear instructions given to you before disembarking on an excursion. In case you cannot choose from a variety of photogenic spots in Lan Ha Bay, the tour will guide you through some of the most notable destinations, with support available wherever you go.

Lan Ha Bay tourism is vast developing, allowing plenty of services for tourists. The casual tourists will love cruising and rowboat, while more adventurous travelers want to integrate water activities with a higher intensity level in their visit. No matter what activities you choose to do, Lan Ha Bay's exceptional beauty is nothing short of expectation.

To see the most of this renowned destination, many travelers choose to go on a cruise that covers interesting highlights of Lan Ha Bay — from kayaking at picturesque areas, admiring the sunset from the cruise deck to seeing the limestone mountains at night. Many Lan Ha Bay cruises depart from Got Pier or Tuan Chau Pier, but they differ in prices, architectural design, and onboard services, so it is up to you to choose the most suitable one on your special occasion. Most of the cruises include kayaking with no additional cost in their program.

Besides the cruise packages, some travel agencies like Blue Swimmer Adventures and Good Morning Cat Ba offer a full-day kayaking exclusive tour that allows you to discover Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Lan Ha Bay Cruise


All in all, we recommend booking a kayaking tour, whether it is with a Lan Ha Bay cruise or a reliable company. Not only will you save more money this way, but the available services will ensure the safest and most convenient excursion. Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay will give you invaluable experience in the untouched beautiful nature.

Our Kayaking in Halong Bay provides information on kayaking in Ha Long Bay in general that hopefully will convince you to take up the activity without any hesitation.

Let's plan a trip to Lan Ha and Ha Long Bay to take a breather from the daily busy life with BestPrice Travel. Our team is happy to assist you with any questions regarding booking flights, hotels, cruises, and tour packages.

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