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Top 10 Must-do Halong Bay Water Activities

December 30, 2023 - 2375 views

Wondering what to do once you arrive in Halong Bay? Here are the best Halong Bay water activities to jumpstart your planning.

Halong Bay, UNESCO's World Natural Heritage, is home to many limestone islands and picturesque beaches. It is the ideal destination for almost any kind of traveler: families who fancy a cruise with fun activities, couples going on a honeymoon, and young people looking for a weekend getaway from bustling cities. This destination is one of the most famous, must-see attraction spots in Vietnam.

Therefore, a large number of tourist activities are available to cater to the needs of many. When visiting Halong Bay during pleasant weather, travelers cannot miss the various water activities. This article will guide you through the suggestions that make planning for Halong Bay less daunting.

halong bay water activities

10 recommended water activities in Halong Bay for different travel styles and adventure levels


1. Go on A Cruise

  • Recommended for: Everyone. It is the most popular water activity in Halong Bay to try out, if not the reason most tourists come to Halong Bay.

The top activity on the tip of everyone's tongue when thinking about Halong Bay is going on a cruise. Discover this natural site's beauty through many different attraction spots while dining in an elegant restaurant and relaxing in a hotel lounge. It is an unmatched activity that cannot be experienced elsewhere in Vietnam. Cruises take you through stunning natural caves and allow swimming in offshore crystal clear seawater with professional onboard services and comfortable cabins that will make traveling on waters for a whole day less unsettling.

Halong Bay cruise

There is a variety of overnight cruises in Halong Bay.

Customers love going on overnight cruises for the diversity of options and a safe, comfortable experience. There are various Halong Bay Cruises to choose from, with different price ranges, activities included, and departure points. Furthermore, many cruises offer excursions such as kayaking and visiting floating villages and plentiful onboard services like cooking classes, Tai Chi exercises, and fine dining options.

They are suitable for every kind of traveler, and you can choose from a range of reasonable-priced to luxury first-class cruises that depart daily from Halong Bay. Why not look into a cruise before you arrive in Vietnam, book in advance to get early bird deals, and arrive in Halong Bay with ease?

   Recommended best cruises in Halong Bay:


2. Go Kayaking

  • Recommended: Anyone looking for fun during their holidays and enjoying a little bit of adventure.

Halong Bay kayaking is perfect for those who want to relax with the Halong Bay breeze while not getting wet. Loved by many, it is perhaps the most popular water activity in Halong Bay after going on a cruise. Kayaking is often included in a cruise package, so do not hesitate on a kayak boat and try out this unique and exciting excursion! It is a great way to uncover the charms of Halong Bay caves.

kayaking Halong Bay

Test your kayaking skill and explore beautiful nature along the way

You will get to slowly move inside the cave, an authentic way of discovering Vietnam's natural beauty that cruise ships cannot reach. Then, paddle through limestone islets, unspoiled beaches, and hidden caves in calm weather conditions. This hands-on experiential travel activity is certainly refreshing from scrolling around the city and visiting historical sites. Bear in mind the safety procedures before departing and embark on an adventure worthy of making your bucket list.

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3. Go Swimming

  • Recommended for: Everyone, as long as it is safe to swim.

Fancy going for a swim in the clear blue sea during your holiday in Halong Bay? If pleasurable weather conditions allow swimming, why not cool down with a swim when your cruise comes ashore on the island? Halong Bay is known as one of the most beautiful swimming destinations in Vietnam. It owns many artificial and natural beaches with white sand, clear emerald water, and cool breezes. The feeling of swimming and immersing in cool, clear blue water is extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

Besides swimming in Halong Bay, a beach is an ideal place for sunbathing and relaxing in the shade or sports activities for active travelers. If you have the opportunity to come here, you should take the time to visit some famous beaches such as Tuan Chau beach, Titop Beach, Soi Sim Beach, Quan Lan Beach, etc. Relaxing and cooling off in the swimming spots will make your trip to Halong Bay even more appealing and memorable.

Swimming in Halong

Swimming in Halong bay


4. Take a Row Boat Ride

  • Recommended for: Those who are not too keen on adventure. Rowing on a bamboo boat provides a peaceful and serene experience through Halong Bay.

Rowing on a bamboo boat is a fun, authentic local activity, especially if you are traveling in a group with kids or elders. There is a vast selection of rowing boat services throughout Halong Bay, run by friendly locals. Halong Bay's fishermen are willing to answer your questions about the local life while taking you on a ride across the villages and secluded beaches.

rowboat Halong Bay

Taking a rowboat through the caves is a great experience for families.

This type of bamboo boat is suitable for those who want to discover the hidden charms of Halong Bay while not having to glide a kayak yourself. The experience is the same, maybe even better for some, since the skillful fishermen know their way around, making it the most comfortable and safe ride!

Rowing a boat ride with a local is an intimate and somewhat personal adventure with your travel mates. Tourists can witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Halong Bay and get insight into the daily life of the local fishermen in the nearby floating villages. Despite the language barrier, hard-working and passionate locals will leave a profound impact when you get back from the rowboat trip.

  Top-rated cruises offering rowing boats without surcharge:


5. Try Squid Fishing

  • Recommended for: Those who enjoy fishing but want to take the hobby to the next level, or look for a fun water activity in Halong Bay after enjoying a delicious dinner.

The best time for squid fishing in Halong Bay is from November to February, which is also the best time to visit Halong Bay in general. When the night falls, those who want to be engaged will be provided fishing gear by the cruise crew. It is then time to participate in squid fishing with other curious travelers on the cruise and see if you are lucky to catch squid.

Halong Squid fishing

Halong Squid fishing

This activity can only be enjoyed at night and is part of Halong Bay tour packages, so if you want to try your hand at squid fishing, you should choose the most suitable Halong Bay cruise. If you need advice on picking a cruise with your favorite activity, feel free to contact BestPrice Travel. We have experienced travel consultants who are happy to assist you with any questions.

  Recommended cruises offer squid fishing:


6. Snorkel and Dive

  • Recommended for: Nature and adventure lovers with a bit of experience. You should check this activity out with or after trying other famous snorkeling spots throughout Vietnam, such as Phu Quoc and Nha Trang.

Halong Bay is not the only remarkable place in Vietnam where you can go snorkeling, but it is one of the highlights. With immersed underwater life, Halong Bay provides suitable conditions for snorkeling and diving. It is the best way to admire the amazing undersea life with plenty of sea creatures and magnificent natural beauty with colorful coral reefs.

Consider snorkeling on Cat Ba Island, and Van Don Island, and get in touch with some scuba diving services in Halong Bay if you are not going on a cruise. Snorkeling in beautiful surroundings is a unique opportunity for water activity in Halong Bay and will create wonderful memories. The best time to go snorkeling or diving in Halong Bay is May to September, as the water is warm enough, allowing a fully comfortable trip.


7. Experience the Typhoon Water Park

  • Recommended for: Everyone. This water park consists of three different zones that guarantee fun for people of all ages, not just children.

If you are traveling with kids or enjoy playing with the water, why not visit Typhoon Water Park in Sun World Halong Complex? Established in 2017, the spacious amusement complex has become a favorite spot even for domestic travelers. It has made the must-visit destinations list in a Halong Bay travel itinerary in recent years.

Families with children will love Typhoon Water Park, featuring 12 unique water games perfect for a few hours after exploring the land. Aside from the Typhoon Water Park, you might want to check out other zones in the large entertainment complex too.

Halong Bay water park

Halong Bay water park

  • Adult tickets are 400.000 VND (17 USD)
  • Children's tickets are 300.000 VND (13 USD)
  • There is an additional fee of 50.000VND (2 USD) on the weekends
  • The prices are subject to change, depending on the time of the year and discount programs


8. Parasail

  • Recommended for: Adventure seekers and those who are not afraid of heights. Parasailing can be very intimidating for first-timers.

Parasailing is a thrilling water sport that allows you to see Halong Bay on a different level. It is an exciting opportunity for adventurous travelers to get high above parasailing. The high-speed canoe runs forward and lifts you off the ground, allowing you to see the beaches, limestones, and beautiful scenery of Halong Bay.

With parasailing, you will not only get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire a magnificent seascape but also enjoy fresh open air as a relief from hot weather conditions.

Sun World Beach offers a variety of activities such as kayaking and parasailing. Additionally, Tuan Chau Beach is also a famous spot for parasailing. You can only go parasailing at certain places in Halong Bay, so always remember to choose reliable services and stick to the rules.


9. Visit a Floating Village

  • Recommended for: Families, couples, solo travelers — anyone is suited for this Halong Bay activity. It is a great way to relax and unwind while learning about local life.

Unlike your traditional travel experience, floating villages provide a deep insight into the local fishermen's life. After discovering the magnificent natural sights of Halong Bay caves and embarking on various fun-filled adventures, you can visit a floating village in Halong Bay for some downtime. It is a place of peace, serenity, and exploring an authentic local lifestyle with long-standing traditional culture. You will get to see Halong Bay locals go on about their daily lives.

floating village Halong Bay

Floating village in Halong Bay

People do all kinds of activities and work in these floating villages, and you will be surprised at how they are accustomed to living in such distinctive conditions. Though floating villages have become less of living space and more a spot for tourists, they remain intact with their authenticity.

Visiting a floating village will create a lasting impression on both international and domestic tourists. Besides meeting locals with an integrated lifestyle and long-standing history of culture, you can also immerse yourself in the surrounding mountainous scenery. After all, this experience will leave you feeling whole and impressed — the true meaning of traveling outside of your comfort zone.


10. Go Fishing with Locals

  • Recommended for: Anyone interested in fishing and meeting locals to get an insight into their lives.

Why not take your floating village visit further by going fishing with the local fishermen? With a fishing trip, you will be able to go using fishing gear and try your luck at fishing under the guidance of a local fisherman.

Even though Halong Bay has long become a renowned tourist attraction with its combination of peculiar beauty and various touristic services, fishing remains a way of life for many Vietnamese people in Halong Bay to this day.

You will discover the many methods locals use to catch a fish. A fishing trip creates a genuine feeling of being a hard-working fisherman in Halong Bay and makes an interesting excursion for tourists.


All in all, the most important thing to remember when participating in water activities in Halong Bay is to keep in mind the weather conditions and always follow the safety procedures. We hope that this article has provided some water activity suggestions for your trip to Halong Bay.

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