Squid Fishing Halong Bay: Interesting Activities at Night

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Apart from kayaking, snorkeling, etc., squid fishing is also a must-do experience when tourists come to Ha Long. Below are some recommendations for squid fishing in Halong Bay so that you can fully take part in the activity.

Halong Bay has been long famous as one of the World's Heritages, thanks to its stunning beauty of a thousand karst islands, emerald water, and many limestone caves. The bay itself is also blessed with diverse marine life that can only be discovered by participating in activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and especially squid fishing, which has been a typical activity of Ha Long.

Now, within The World Heritage, squids are in quite a large number and keep on reproducing every year. This has made Halong Bay squid fishing exist and develop as one of the experience activities for tourists coming here. For years, the activity has got its popularity among Halong Bay tourists, due to the fun and peace it brings to them. Also, it is a way to show people the hidden beauty of Halong Bay's natural resources, one of the local pride.

Squid Fishing Halong Bay

Squid Fishing Halong Bay

By taking part in squid fishing, you can have some unforgettable moments with your friends, and family, time to relax, to try your patience, a chance to discover the stunning natural beauty, and enjoyment tasting the delicious dishes cooked from the extra fresh squid that you just catch. It is such a fascinating activity that you'd better not miss during your visit to Halong Bay. How great it can be to by yourself see the swimming squids, catch them, and eat them right away on the boat!

Are you ready to fish some squids at night in Halong Bay? If visiting the bay during squid season, you will have a bigger chance to go squid fishing.

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Squid Fishing Season in Halong Bay 

Usually, squid fishing season in Halong Bay takes place in fall and winter, which means traveling to Halong Bay from August to January can be great, especially between October and November. During this time, rains are rare, making the water level fall dramatically, allowing you to easily access the squid's habitat. Therefore, a lot of big fat ones (sometimes up to 10) could be caught once.

Surprisingly, this time parallels Halong Bay's peak season, when tourists come to the bay the most, boats and cruises set sail to the sea the most. This gives you a bigger chance to go offshore and squid fishing with the best service. Also, as a lot of people take part in squid fishing with you, you can make friends with many others.

Besides, squid fishing will be done at night on an overnight Halong Bay cruise as a result of the squid's foraging habits. Therefore, you can have yourself admire the nightlife of Halong Bay in fall or winter which is far more tranquil than that other times.


Tips to Join Halong Squid Fishing 

Honestly, fishing some squids in Halong is quite easy. In preparation for squid fishing, you will be given artificial bait, a fishing rod, and some other tools to catch squids. The most important things are to choose suitable tools, know the technique tips, and have the best health.

Halong Bay Squid fishing tips

For the best experience of Halong Bay squid fishing, you can use the following tips 


1. Choose the best artificial bait 

The bait mainly decides whether you can catch any squids or not. Choosing a good one can maybe bring you the best of luck, so don't skip this step if desiring for a bountiful fishing trip. Unlike fishing, squid fishing doesn't need real bait but artificial ones that are usually made of rubber. These baits are in the shape and color of shrimp or fish, attached directly to a hook so that when squids see them, they will mistake them for their prey and be trapped by accessing the baits.

Normally, using a fish- or shrimp-shaped bait depends on each situation. If you can easily see the squids swimming underwater, a fish-shaped bait can be better as it is light enough to float on the surface. If the squids are hiding deep down in the sea, it is more effective to use a shrimp-like one due to its greater weight and ability to sink deep in the water.

Now, there are many brands of artificial bait to choose from. For the best-quality bait, you'd better use that made by Japanese brands like Squid Jig, or Yo Zuri, since the bait is well made and additionally painted with a luminescence that can attract the squids; hence effective squid fishing. This kind of bait will cost you about US$ 3 - 4.5 per one. If looking for a cheaper option, you can choose bait made in China. However, a lower price means lower quality.

Additionally, on choosing bait color, you should choose baits that are in dark color as squid fishing will be done at night, when the natural light is low, to make sure the squids are easily deceived.

Tips for choosing the best artficial bait for halong bay squid fishing

Tips for choosing the best bait while squid fishing


2. Choose the best fishing rod 

For the best squid fishing rod, we recommend you use the one that is about 2 - 3 meters long. Usually, a fishing rod for squid is longer and lighter than the one for fish. Therefore, you should take note when choosing the rod.

Additionally, a squid fishing rod will have to go with a 20 to 25-meter gut line so that it can't be cut while squid fishing is done.


3. Technique tips to get the most squids 

During the squid fishing trip, which usually takes place at night, the boat will turn on the underwater light system to attract the squid's attention. Therefore, they will gather around your boat. All you need to do is drop the bait already attached to the gut line down into the water, but make sure that you do it slowly. When the squid gets trapped, the top of your rod will get a bit heavier. This is the time you pulled the line as fast as you can. However, the sign may be unclear, which requires you to completely focus to figure out when is the perfect time. If nothing happens after about 7 minutes after dropping the bait, you can pull the line, clear the bait, and try again. However, be patient as squid fishing is not for those who are hasty but a chance for you to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the bay.

If you are a newbie to the activity or find squid fishing a bit difficult, you can have the local fishermen help you with this. They can tell you when the squid gets trapped and the way to do the job correctly.


4. Health and safety tips

Generally, squid fishing is a must-try thing to do in Halong Bay as it is not too difficult or includes special requests. However, to take part in the activity, you will have to make sure to have a normal health condition. As squid fishing often takes place at night, you should bring a light so as not to get cold by night fog. Besides, always remember to wear a life jacket and follow the guide on the boat and never stand too close to the side of the boat.

Enjoy squid fishing together

Enjoy squid fishing together


How to Do Squid Fishing in Halong Bay 

Now in Halong Bay, squid fishing services are abundant, which offers tourists a wide range of choices for taking part in the activity.

Usually, squid fishing services in Halong Bay are divided into 2 types:

  • Small and separate service, which can be booked separately on your vacation to the bay. The advantage of this type is flexibility in time. You can book the service at any time during your stay. However, this service is not high-standard and sometimes involves risks of scams to tourists.
  • High-standard service, which is included in Halong Bay cruise's activities. This type of squid fishing is extra professional and promises to give you the best experience. By taking part in the activity on Halong Bay cruises, you can both relax and enjoy the beautiful nightlife of the bay.

Above are our recommendations about Halong Bay Squid Fishing. If interested in the activity, don't bother to contact us through bestpricetravel.com to get the best deals on Halong Bay Cruises

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