Halong Bay Swimming: A Must-do to Get Into Nature

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Swimming in Halong Bay is absolutely a must-do when you are there. Halong Bay is a perfect place to swim, so sign up for a cruise to Halong Bay, pack your suitcase with a swimsuit, and just enjoy swimming in the picturesque Halong Bay.

The below article includes some best beaches for swimming in Halong Bay and tips for swimming there. Hope that you have a wonderful time in Halong Bay.

Swimming in Halong Bay

Halong Bay has numerous beautiful beaches with calm tides, and clean, and green water, which is suitable for swimming and other water activities in Halong Bay. Some people swim at beaches near Halong city, some want to try something special and a bit adventurous such as: jumping from the cruise and immersing in the purest water of mother nature. The depth of Halong Bay ranges from 15 to 29 meters, the beaches have stunning scenery.

The best time to swim in Halong Bay is in early autumn, summer, and spring. Swimming in Halong Bay is definitely one of the best experiences, you will feel thrilled and excited when rushing into the freshest water stream and floating in the middle of nature.

No need to worry about the shark, but you may get into a little trouble with local jellyfish because it can cause itching and irritation. This symptom can be treated by covering a slice of lemon or vinegar on the skin.

Halong Bay swimming

Jumping from the cruise on Halong Bay


Best Places to Go Swimming in Halong

The best spots for swimming in this area are locations where the water is calm and the beaches are not too crowded. As a masterpiece of nature, Halong bay owns super beautiful beaches with white sand, blue sea, and the breeze of waves to bring wonderful space for visitors to enjoy the best things to do in Halong Bay. Hence, you should not miss the beautiful beaches below.


Ba Trai Dao Beach

It is a perfect location for swimming activities, as it is a relatively private beach with pristine waters and white sand. It’s both picturesque and secluded and provides the perfect spot for swimming and sunbathing.

Halong Bay swimming

Ba Trai Dao beach


Tuan Chau Beach

It is not far from Halong city; this artificial beach is nearly as beautiful as the natural beach. Stretching over 2 kilometers with white, smooth sand, and yellow sunshine the whole summer, it is an ideal place for swimming

Halong Bay swimming - tuan chau beach

Tuan Chau beach


Titop Beach

Located about 14km from the Bai Chay area, Tiptop beach has the shape of a full moon embracing the island. It is a small beach but very quiet and suitable to relax.

Halong Bay swimming - titop beach

Titop beach


Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung is an ideal beach for those who like an immense beach, far from the shore, and not as polluted as others. Ngoc Vung Beach is becoming more and more attractive to swim in Halong bay.


Bai Chay Beach

An artificial beach locates in the center of Halong city. Bai Chay beach has a sandy beach more than 500m long, and 100m wide, suitable for a lot of fun activities.

Halong Bay swimming - Bai chay beach

Bai Chau beach


Minh Chau Beach

Minh Chau beach is as beautiful as its name (which means bright pearl), a white sand beach “without footprints”. This is a beautiful beach on Quan Lan island, far from Halong city so tourists can stay here overnight.

Halong Bay swimming - minh chau beach

Minh Chau beach

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Halong Bay Swimming Tips & Experience

To ensure the safety of those who swim in Halong Bay, it is important to follow these few safety rules:

Before swimming

• Warm-up for about 5 minutes includes head, leg, and hand rotation
• Do not drink alcohol and beer because the effects of alcohol slow down your reactions and could lead to accidents. Avoid a large meal.
• Use sunscreen
• Wear a bikini or swimming suit and don’t wear jewelry in order not to get caught on the beach
• Wear a life racket if you are not confident much in your ability


While swimming

• Swim with the group or ask someone for supervising you
• Do not far from your cruise, or where you do not know how strong the currents are
• Avoid swimming at noon, late at night, and in the early morning
• When seeing the large waves, dive down as deep as possible to get away from them. Then swim to shore when there is a break in the waves.
• Be alert with jerry fish, which can make you itch
• Swim in 15-20 minutes. If too long in the water, you easily get cold
• Children swimming in the water should be monitored by their parents at all times


After swimming

• Rinse immediately to remove seawater, which can make you sticky
• Come back to the lee, or else you can get cold
• Drink water

Halong Bay swimming tips

Swimming in beautiful Halong Bay

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Overall, swimming is the most worth-trying thing to do in Halong Bay, where you can immerse in the turquoise water and get into the nature of the world heritage site. Don't miss out on our best Halong Bay cruises to enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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