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Lan Ha Bay Weather: Complete Guide

April 12, 2023 - 522 views

Lan Ha Bay, near Cat Ba Island and to the South of Ha Long Bay, with its unspoiled beauty and the year-round humid subtropical climate, is the perfect destination for a relaxing and classy vacation. Don’t know what the weather in Lan Ha Bay is like to prepare for your dream trip? Let's learn about Lan Ha Bay weather to plan the best holiday for you.

Thanks to its proximity to the equator and location in North Vietnam, Lan Ha Bay experiences a tropical monsoon climate with warm weather all year round, which is excellent for a relaxing vacation. 


Lan Ha Bay Weather & Temperature Overview

Lan Ha Bay weather is generally delightful all year round, typically experiencing temperatures between 25 and 28 degrees, with no extreme conditions such as being too cold or hot. Your holiday will be fun if you combine the natural beauty with the "blue straits" that beckon travelers to explore, the cold breeze on the bay, and the fresh air. As a part of tropical North Vietnam, it is not surprising that Lan Ha Bay has a distinct seasonal distribution.

In the summer, temperatures can reach 31°C to 33°C, and there are occasionally squalls. Winter is often when the northeast monsoon arrives, with 14–22 degrees temperatures.

Lan Ha Bay Weather Overview

  • Spring (February - April)

Spring is one of the most well-liked seasons for tourists to visit Lan Ha Bay. Despite the sporadic drizzle, the mild temperatures, gorgeous sunshine, and clear skies are ideal for sailing along the tranquil currents before engaging in water-related activities.

  • Summer (May - September)

Summer is considered the peak season for domestic travel. With the temperature rising and the sun shining more, marine activities like sunbathing, swimming in the cool blue water, or kayaking to explore the caves on a hot day are ideal.

Summer might also bring sporadic showers and thunderstorms, which can force you to cancel your cruise.

  • Autumn (October - November)

For foreign visitors, now is the ideal time to travel to Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay. Most activities, including sightseeing, kayaking, and trekking, are permitted due to the minimal likelihood of rain and clear skies. Lan Ha Bay is the perfect place for a romantic getaway or a short family holiday because of the area's beautiful, serene surroundings. The adjacent islands are an excellent place to taste the seafood.

Lan Ha Bay With A Unspoiled Beauty

Lan Ha Bay with an unspoiled beauty

  • Winter (December - January)

Winter welcomes tourists to Lan Ha Bay for a special occasion of the year. You can find celebrations on cruises during this time. The tropical environment makes Lan Ha Bay's winters more comfortable than those of other countries, although they are still cold. As a result, the island continues attracting many foreign visitors looking for a resort. Unfortunately, a lot of fog in December may discourage tourists from going. 


Lan Ha Bay weather by month

Lan Ha Bay is in a humid tropical climate divided into 4 distinct seasons. However, each month in each season has its unique characteristics.

  • January is the coldest month of the year, while June and July are the 2 summer months with the highest peak temperatures, ranging from 30 to 32 degrees.
  • August is the month with the most storms and the worst weather in Lan Ha Bay, so you should avoid planning your trip this month.
  • It will rain a lot in September
  • February and December are the two peak times of the tourist season because they often fall on holidays such as Tet, Christmas, and New Year.

For your reference on your journey, the table of particular temperature variations for each month of the year in Lan Ha Bay is provided below.

Month High/Low Chance of rain
January 19°C/14°C 30%
February 22°C/16°C 38%
March 23°C/18°C 48%
April 28°C/22°C 49%
May 31°C/24°C 52%
June 33°C/26°C 54%
July 33°C/26°C 59%
August 32°C/26°C 55%
September 32°C/25°C 43%
October 29°C/22°C 43%
November 26°C/19°C 25%
December 22°C/15°C 23%

The annual percentage of humidity in Lan Ha Bay is 79%, with November being the least humid month. 

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Which is the best time to Visit Lan Ha Bay?

Year-round, Lan Ha Bay is a stunning vacation spot. You can choose the ideal time to visit based on the type of tourism and activities you want to engage in.

Lan Ha Bay Best time to visit

  • Best time for great weather

The time when Lan Ha Bay is most beautiful is from April to July every year. At that time, the weather will be highly pleasing to people so that you can comfortably participate in water activities such as boating, swimming, or visiting the islands, ...

However, remember that you should not plan a trip to visit Lan Ha Bay at the end of summer, around the latest August - September, because this is the time when storms and bad weather can often interrupt your trip. Your plan could be canceled by the weather.

  • Best time for cruising and sightseeing

Spring (From February to April) is a great season for you to enjoy the peaceful beauty of Lan Ha Bay on a cruise. Swimming during this time is not advised because the water will be freezing. However, you can still explore the attractions in Lan Ha Bay in different, advantageous ways, such as kayaking, visiting caves, and participating in fishing village culture. 

Visitors will undoubtedly be impressed by Lan Ha Bay, which has rugged mountains, gorgeous caves, peaceful fishing towns, and crystal-clear water. It is equally as stunning as the center of the famed Halong Bay.

Enjoy An Overnight Cruise In Lan Ha Bay

Enjoy an overnight cruise in Lan Ha Bay (Source: Heritage Binh Chuan Cruise)


Here are some tips for visiting Lan Ha Bay

  • Remember to bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses if visiting in summer to avoid sunstroke 
  • At the end of summer, there will be storms (often in August and September), so you should avoid visiting Lan Ha Bay at this time.
  • If you want to experience the cruise most comfortably, choose October or February to enjoy an overnight cruise, and remember to book 3-7 days in advance to ensure room availability.

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All in all, Lan Ha Bay is an unpolished and unknown gem like Ha Long Bay. However, with unspoiled natural beauty and a pleasant climate, nature lovers will not regret spending their vacation here. It is beautiful regardless of the time of the year, so do not hesitate and book a Lan Ha Bay Cruise and enjoy your trip.

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