An Essential Guideline on One-day Tour to Lan Ha Bay

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You are interested in traveling to Lan Ha Bay but don't know how to get there and what to expect? Here is a guide to the Lan Ha Bay day tour that can help.

Lan Ha Bay, which has been for years under the management of Cat Ba National Park, is in fact a part of the complex that includes Halong Bay. With an area of more than 70,000 ha, the bay itself possesses hundreds of breathtaking islets and charming beaches, creating a stunning scene equal to its neighbor's but in some way more isolated and untouched. Therefore, Lan Ha Bay is now an ideal destination for those who want to spend their vacation in a tranquil and peaceful place.

Each year, thousands of people come here to get away from the stressful life plus enjoy the exquisite scenery. The majority of them choose to have a 2 or 3-day tour in order to see all the bay's beauties. However, others don't have much time to spend or just include the bay in their itinerary as a small destination, thus booking a one-day tour to Lan Ha Bay. In this case, a detailed and smart guide to visit the bay is of a strong recommendation.

Lan Ha Bay one-day tour in a nutshell

Lan Ha Bay one-day tour that you will be interested in 


Getting to Lan Ha Bay

Though untouched and relatively undeveloped, Lan Ha Bay could be easily accessed, as it is close to Ha Long Bay (about 20 km to the South), the tourism center with modern transportations such as ferry, speedboat, etc.

In addition, there are now Lan Ha Bay day cruises from Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island, which is suggested when you are spending your vacation in the neighboring area so that you can have a Lan Ha Bay day trip at short notice and enjoy your day here with a well-planned itinerary. Besides, those who don't plan to see the surrounding spots and expect to freely explore the area instead of following a fixed itinerary can start their Lan Ha Bay day tour from Hanoi with the following suggested route.


Ha Noi - Hai Phong

From Ha Noi, you can make a journey to Got pier or Binh port in Hai Phong by car, bus, or train. It is up to you to choose one. Usually, a 3-hour bus journey is the most recommended because there are many buses to Hai Phong and each departs at a typical time, which offers flexibility in time. Also, the bus ticket price ranges between US$3.47 - US$4.34 per person might be appropriate for a low-budget Lan Ha Bay day tour.


Hai Phong – Cat Ba Island

After reaching Hai Phong, from Got pier or Binh port, a speedboat or a ferry route to Cat Ba Island is always available. Generally, it will take you about 30 minutes and US$2.39 per person to get to Cat Ba Island in a speedboat. However, the high speed could make you a bit tired. Instead, you can take a 1-hour ferry route with a much lower price of US$0.52 per person.


Cat Ba Island – Lan Ha Bay

Landing on Cat Ba Island, taking a bus to Cat Ba town, and finding a hotel to stay in during your vacation, you could start your Lan Ha Bay one-day tour by hiring a motorboat with a price between US$8.68 and US$21.50 per boat to get there.

Lan Ha Bay one-day tour

The isolated and untouched Lan Ha Bay


Where to visit on a day tour in Lan Ha Bay

Thousands of large and small, tall and short islets along with hundreds of stunning beaches here might somehow make us confused about where to visit. Due to the time-limited, there would be an appropriate itinerary to visit highlight spots during your Lan Ha Bay day trip.

Cai Beo Floating Village

Located among magnificent karst islets and stretching along Ben Beo's coast (Cat Ba Island), Cai Beo Floating Village was one of the most famous villages hundreds of years ago, in which all of the people made a living by fishery and aquaculture. Now, though lesser-known, the village remains a territory of sea culture, and maybe, the most bustling place in the area.

During your Lan Ha Bay full-day tour, you can explore the indigenous culture brought by the unique boathouses which have existed for ages or the equally ancient floating markets. Since Cai Beo Village has not been developed for tourism, its scene is still primitive, totally different from the crowded Halong Bay.

Cai Beo Floating Village - Where to visit on a day tour in Lan Ha Bay

Cai Beo floating village

Cat Dua Island (Monkey Island)

From Cai Beo floating village, Monkey Island gradually shows itself after about 5 minutes of going by boat. Upon coming here, you would be able to explore the true beauty of the "forgotten paradise" – Lan Ha Bay.

The island features two peaceful and stunning beaches called Cat Dua 1 and Cat Dua 2 with crystal-clear, cool seawater perfect to immerse in and relax. Also, here inhabit the monkeys, which would be an unforgettable experience to visit their habitat, as these special friends are quite friendly to humans.

Monkey Island - Where to visit on a one-day tour in Lan Ha Bay

Cat Dua Island with its tranquility


Dark & Bright Caves

Dark & Bright Caves is a limestone structure that has existed for ages and has been created by unique natural phenomena. Here, you can explore the stunning scenery and diverse ecosystem blessed by amazing nature. Generally, this structure includes two parts: Dark Cave and Bright Cave.

The Dark Cave is a huge one that features little light while the Bright Cave is smaller but has the sun shining from the entrance to the end. Both have strange-shaped karst cliffs that make them the must-see destinations. Like the pretty island of Cat Dua, Dark & Bright Caves give the tourist a sense of peace, relaxation, and a kayaking spot.


Van Boi Beach

To end your day trip to Lan Ha Bay, engrossing yourself in the cool water of Van Boi Beach would be a great idea. Lying on a small island which is quite similar to Rua island of Halong Bay, Van Boi Beach attracts tourists by its primitive and untouched beauty. As the scenery here is quite peaceful, you can experience the tranquility that could not be found anywhere else.


What to do for one day in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay features not only amazing nature but also a wide range of interesting activities that you can fully take part in during your day tour to Lan Ha Bay.

Swimming and snorkeling

When coming to Lan Ha Bay, the two must-do experiences that you should have to thoroughly enjoy your vacation are swimming and snorkeling. Due to crystal-clear, cool water plus diverse marine life, the bay becomes an ideal place to swim and admire the stunning coral reef. While you can freely go swimming on any beach of Lan ha Bay such as Van Boi, Ba Trai Dao, snorkeling requires more. You could book a snorkeling service with a price of US$ 26.2 on Cat Dua Island.

Snorkeling in Lan Ha Bay - What to do for one day in Lann Ha Bay

Snorkeling and admiring stunning coral reef


As there are some tourist spots that are difficult for a boat or a cruise to get in, you would have to choose between kayaking and sitting on a small boat rowed by the locals. Usually, kayaking is more recommended. A kayak tour for 2 people can be hired at around US$ 2.5/hour anywhere in Lan Ha Bay.

Otherwise, there is also a guided full-day kayaking tour offering US$ 42 - 50/person. With one, you and your friend can get into the unique Dark & Bright Caves or Luon Cave, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and privately talk to each other. Also, this is a kind of sport for you to get active after a long journey to Lan Ha Bay.

Learn more: Lan Ha Bay Kayaking.

Kayaking in Lan Ha Bay

Kayaking, a must-do activity in Lan Ha Bay 


Rock Climbing

If you are longing for something more adventurous, climbing in Lan Ha Bay would not let you down. With thousands of magnificent mountains and breathtaking cliffs, the bay would be suitable for those who want to conquer themselves plus get the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay. Generally, there are three popular climbing spots: Dau Be Island, cliffs near Beo port, and Ba Trai Dao Island.

Climbing in Lan Ha Bay - What to do for one day in Lan Ha Bay

Climbing in Lan Ha Bay

All of the activities above would be included in a cruise itinerary, which means that you don't need to pay for each when traveling on a Lan Ha Bay full-day cruise. On the other hand, when coming by yourself, you would have to bring some cash to enjoy the activity that you like.

Here is a guide to the Lan Ha Bay day tour, so you can make a reference before starting your trip. Think carefully, plan well, and your one-day trip would be an unforgettable experience in spite of the short time.

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