Is Halong Bay Worth It? Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit

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Halong Bay has been the top trending destination for international tourists in Vietnam for at least a decade. So is its popularity true? Is Halong Bay worth a try? Let’s find out your answer with us!

Located in the North East of Viet Nam, Ha Long Bay has an area of 1,553 km2, including 1,960 – 2,000 limestone islets. Also, the bay itself is the center of a larger zone and is surrounded by many other natural spots such as Bai Tu Long Bay to the Northeast and Cat Ba Island to the South West. Therefore, visiting the entire area of Ha Long Bay and the nearby spots requires a great deal of time.

As to find out if Halong Bay is worth visiting, hereby 5 main reasons why you should book a tour to this magical bay.

1. Once-in-lifetime vacation in a World Natural Heritage site

Recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994, Ha Long Bay has been not only one of the most famous tourist attractions in Viet Nam but also the top conserved area in this country. The stunning natural-made scenery of majestic mountains, blue sky, and crystal-clear water will make your vacation more enjoyable. 

Mother Nature gives Halong Bay a special geographic structure that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 3000 years of geologic activities created the unique beauty of Halong where the mountains and the sea seem to merge into one. Even the shapes of rocky mountains and small islets here are also special and hard to be seen in other places. All the rare things that happen at the same time and in the same place help create the one-and-only beauty of Halong Bay.

Besides, there are very few islands and islets in Halong Bay that have residents, most of them are totally wild which means there is a wide range of beaches here that have no human footprints. You absolutely can enjoy a natural private beach on any of these islands with clean sandy beaches and crystal clear seawater, no crow, no noise, everything seems the same as it was hundreds of years ago. 

In addition, you can indulge more in the natural masterpieces by spending time exploring Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay, or Bai Tu Long Bay in just 2-3 day itineraries. 

Once-in-lifetime vacation in a World Natural Heritage site

Once-in-lifetime vacation in a World Natural Heritage site


2. Affordable Halong Bay cruising experience

Usually, it may cost a lot of money to have a voyage. Most of the time, you may have to pay at least a few thousand dollars to have a short vacation on a cruise. However, Halong Bay Cruise is not that expensive. On average, you just have to pay about USD 200 for a 2-day trip with a luxury overnight cruise here and of course, it’s a full-package journey with a full amenities cabin, meals, a tour guide, sightseeing tickets, Taichi and cooking classes, kayaking. What a cheap price for a 5-star voyage!

The price of each cruise trip in Halong Bay depends on how many days you want to stay and the cruise’s service standard. Generally, an overnight cruise in Halong will cost you between $120 and $550 per person for a two-day trip or $300 - $1300 per person for a three-day trip. The price range depends on your needs and preferences, so just consider your budget and choose the most suitable one. Instead of renting transportation, accommodation, paying for amusing activities, and going out for meals, you only need to pay for an inclusive package tour for a cruise trip.


Affordable cruising experience in Halong Bay

Affordable cruising experience


3. Lots of amazing things to do in Halong

Upon visiting, you would have a chance to join a wide range of interesting Halong Bay things to do that might make your vacation more enjoyable. These activities vary from the typical ones such as sightseeing, snapping to the exclusive ones that are only offered in a cruise trip.

Great sightseeing and snapping

When you spend your vacation in a tourist spot, the main things you would do are sightseeing and snapping. These activities can occur anywhere, at any time, so why should you do this on an overnight cruise in Halong Bay?

Apparently, the cruise will make them safer and more relaxing. If you travel on a ferry or a speedboat, you can easily get seasick and are not usually allowed to go around during the route, as that is too dangerous. Whereas, on an overnight cruise, you will be able to enjoy the stunning scene comfortably, and from the cruise, you can catch sight of many other interesting things.

Also, the "overnight" means that you can see the scenery at night, under the moonlight, which is another beauty completely different from that viewed during the daytime.

Amazing cabin for snapping in Halong bay

Amazing cabin for snapping in Halong bay


Unforgettable experience and exploring

During the trip, you can also have an opportunity to join other activities that include Halong Bay kayaking, swimming, rowing a local sampan, night squish fishing, etc. Also, there are cooking classes held to teach tourists how to make Vietnamese food for those who want to explore the indigenous culture. In general, these activities will make your trip a more interesting one.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Interesting On-board activities

When you do an overnight cruise in Halong Bay, the on-cruise services' fees are included, so you can enjoy all the services that are only offered on a luxury junk boat such as spa treatments, Tai Chi exercises, outdoor swimming pool,...  These are the exclusive activities that you can take part in during the cruise tour, which will make your holiday more relaxing.


4. Tasty culinary experience

There is no doubt that fresh seafood is the specialty of Halong Bay. Crab, lobster, shrimps, clams, scallops, etc. all are provided directly from the sea and sold during the day. Don’t miss a meal in a local seafood restaurant and also a fine dining experience, you would be amazed by all dishes from seafood here either in the traditional rustic cooking style or the exquisite fusion menu in a 5-star restaurant.

In addition, the food on Halong Bay luxury cruises is absolutely a highlight. During the trip, you are offered a wide range of menus so that you can choose among them to enjoy a mix of different culinary cultures. Besides some must-try seafood dishes as mentioned above, for those who want to experience Vietnamese cuisine, the local food menu is always available. This includes traditional dishes such as Vietnamese hamburgers called "bánh mì", Vietnamese noodle soup with chicken or beef named "phở", or spring roll, etc.

Also, Western-styled menus such as steak, pasta, or BBQ are offered for those not getting used to Vietnamese taste. In addition, if you want to experience Vietnamese cuisine but are concerned about the strange taste of traditional food, there will be some Vietnamese fusion dishes that fit the bill.

Taste fresh seafood in Halong Bay

Taste fresh seafood


5. It may not exist forever

Halong is well preserved by the Vietnam government and local residents. However, due to the change of global climate, no one can be sure about how long the beauty of Halong Bay would exist as affected by bad weather with more severe typhoons and the rise of sea level. If you are planning for a vacation, you should get to Halong as soon as possible and take the chance to admire its magnificent view while nothing here hasn’t changed.

All in all, Halong bay is a great idea for your valuable vacation. And with those who desire not only to fully explore the magnificent scenery of the bay in just a few days but also to experience the high-end tourism service, the overnight cruise is definitely the best choice. From your own place, you can book a Halong Bay tour easily, and then give yourself a chance to indulge in the best experience brought to you by the tour.


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