Phi Ta Khon Festival in Thailand

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Every year, Phi Ta Khon Festival is one of the hottest activities in Thailand that attracts many tourists come here to join in. Tourists will be impressed with the unique rituals and activities of this festival.

Phi Ta Khon Festival is usually held in the end of June or the beginning of July and prolong in 3 days. In 2019, it will be held from 5th July to 7th July, do not miss the chance to enjoy it on this year!

Phi Ta Khon

Phi Ta Khon in Thailand

  • Day 1: the first day is called “Wan Ruan”. A ritual will be held to invite the spirit of Mun River. Then they will celebrate a lot of games and wearing masks, which made of coconut leaves, rice, etc., with colorful clothes   
  • Day 2: the second day is rocket festival with many interesting activities such as: costume and dance competitions, parades, etc.
  • Day 3: on the final day, locals will listen to sermons from monks.

Nowadays, Phi Ta Khon Festival is not only a culture activity but also a nation traditional festival in Thailand. Taking part in the festival you can have chance to enjoy Thai’s interesting culture.

Making The Mark

Making the mask for Phi Ta Khon Festival

If tourists have the opportunity to participate in this festival, it will be very impressive and you should prepare a devil mask to enjoy the atmosphere of festival. Because during the festival, all participants: local people or tourists, girls or boys, must wear a devil mask which is very eye-catching. With colorful costumes, the villagers will gather together around the town center with full of excited.

Devil Marks With Colorful Costume

Devil masks with colorful costume

To save the memories about this Phi Ta Khon Festival, tourists cannot forget to bring a camera to record the moments and unique performances of the festival. According to the Thai tradition, every activity in the festival such as singing and dancing aim to show their respect to the souls who protect their village and pray for the following crop.

Due to the preserving and promoting traditional beauty from generation to generation of Thai, until today Phi Ta Khon Festival still remains many unique features that impresses lots of tourists. Come to Thailand and explore Thai cultures through the diversity of traditional festivals.

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