Top 10 Most Appetizing Mooncake Flavors in Vietnam

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Mooncake is one of the most elegant and irreplaceable cuisines in Mid-Autumn Festival of Vietnam. If you have an opportunity to visit Vietnam during this time, don’t forget to try these appetizing flavors of Vietnamese mooncake.

At the middle of the 8th lunar month which corresponds to the time between late September and early October, the Vietnamese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival for family reunion, moon worship, children’s festival and the most representative tradition of eating mooncakes. If you don’t have a clear insight of Vietnamese mooncakes, this article will show you how traditional mooncakes look like and guide you how to choose the most favorable mooncakes in Vietnam.

What do Vietnamese mooncakes look like?

Lasting for centuries, Vietnamese mooncakes has become more and more diversified in shapes, sizes, flavors and fillings. However, the culinary recipes still preserve two main kinds of shapes: round symbolizing for the Sky and square symbolizing for the Earth; and the decoration of floral molds.

The crust is usually made with sweet taste and fragrant. There are 2 types of mooncake’s crusts including baked crust and sticky one.

The baked crust is light brown, shining and tender. It’s made from wheat flour, egg, oil, baking soda and special syrup, a cockroach-wing-color syrup adding flavors and colors to the crust.

The sticky crust is usually white, smooth and tender. The ingredients include special flour, pomelo flower extract, oil and special syrup which is different from the one used to make baked crust.

Generally, mooncakes have sweet and savory taste which suit with dessert style. The best way to savor mooncake is cutting the cake into 4, 6 or 8 pieces and sipping each piece with a cup of tea.

Vietnamese mooncakes are best served with tea

Best of 10 Vietnamese mooncakes to try

In Vietnam, hundreds of mooncake’s fillings can be divided into 2 main tastes which are sweet and mixed. The most common fillings are traditional mixed nuts, green bean, lotus seed paste, taro, coconut juice, Chinese sausage, salted egg yolk and other more. Today, many innovative recipes of mooncakes have added Isomalt and Maltitol sugar which is good for vegans and people going on a diet. Here’s a list of the most mouthwatering mooncake flavors that’ll make you desire a bite.

1. Traditional mixed nuts

Despite thousands of modern fillings, traditional mixed flavor has been the most preferable to many Vietnamese people. This kind of filling is a mix of sophisticated ingredients including five kernels: lotus seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts and sesame seeds. This combination can be added more ingredients such as walnuts, cashew, Chinese sausage, lemon leaves, roast chicken and salted egg yolk. Also, expensive shark fin and bird nests are added to make high-end products.

Traditional mixed filling of Vietnamese mooncakes

2. Lotus seed paste

Lotus seeds are especially good for cardiovascular system, anti-aging and night sleep. That’s why the Vietnamese locals consider lotus seeds as a traditional therapy and a favorite material. Lotus seed paste is made from dried lotus seeds which create a sweet and smooth filling paste of mooncakes. The traditional-style mooncake is usually filled with pure lotus single yolk and a single salted egg yolk in the center.

Mooncakes with lotus seed paste and one salted egg yolk 

3. Red/Green bean paste

Thanks to not-so-sweet and easy-to-eat flavor, red or green bean paste is a perfect alternative to traditional mixed nuts. Both sweet and salty filling made from bean are widely interested by lots of Vietnamese people. Interestingly, this mooncake flavor is not only easy to taste but also simple to make. The harmony of organic ingredients like red bean, green bean, cooking oil, white sugar, sticky flour and sesame oil has created the smooth paste.

Baked mooncake with filling made from red bean paste

4. Matcha mooncake

Green tea brings a fresh and flavorsome taste into plenty of Vietnamese food, ranging from ice cream, cookies, yogurt to mooncakes. Green tea mooncakes are perfect for Matcha lovers; because unlike usual crusts, the mooncakes have a soft and slightly chewy texture of snow skin which is similar to mochi. Chewing a bite of green tea mooncake, you’ll feel a taste of fresh matcha and a lingering sweet aftertaste.

Matcha mooncakes give a cool and refreshing taste

5. Mochi mooncake

Mochi mooncakes, also called snow skin or snowy mooncakes, use a cooked glutinous rice flour crust which gives you a soft and chewy texture. Rooted in Singaporean culture, snow skin mooncakes are made by Japanese mochi recipes with different colors and flavors consisting of green bean, fruits, jams, chocolate, coffee, cheese, durian, etc. Inspite of being served chilled, this no-bake mooncake brings a unique savor of soft crust combined with refreshing taste after refrigerator.

Snow skin mooncakes usually have colorful decorations

6. Taro paste

The flaky texture and nice fragrant of taro made a great ingredients for mooncakes. Recipe of taro mooncakes isn’t as complicated as the one of traditional mixed mooncakes. The essential ingredients include smooth taro paste, sticky flour, wheat flour, malt, cooking oil and sugar. Especially, the filling of taro mooncakes will be more delicious with one or two salted egg yolks.

Taro paste is one of the most favorite flavors of Vietnamese mooncakes

7. Coconut mooncake

A tenderly sweet filling made of coconut offers you the most appealing and the healthiest mooncake than ever. One of the popular combinations contains shredded coconut, young coconut milk, lotus seed and sesame seed. Coconut mooncakes give tasters a distinctively mesmerizing savor unlike other mooncakes. Such a savory mooncake to die for!

A mixed combination of coconut filling

8. Pineapple leaf paste

A mooncake filled with pineapple leaf paste brings a sugary and refreshing bitter. Furthermore, thanks to the abundance of nutrients in pineapple leaves, you can relieve flu, fever; cure diarrhea, TB disease; help smoothing digestion system and other health issues. Frequently mixed with green bean, mooncakes made from pineapple leaf is unsurprisingly prevalent among Vietnamese people.

Pineapple leaf is a perfect ingredient for mooncakes in Vietnam

9. Jelly mooncake

Jelly version of Vietnamese mooncake is made from gracilaria or agar jelly, and decorated by vibrant colors, plenteous patterns with the colorful centre. In addition to normal fillings, jelly mooncakes are often filled with soft fillings such as flan cake, caramel and milk jelly. This type of mooncakes is fresh without preservative, so that it’s best served chilled as a refreshing dessert and preserved in a short time.

Jelly mooncakes have refreshing taste after fridge

10. Black garlic mooncake

Black garlic has been the weirdest and wackiest flavor in the history of mooncakes. Besides, black garlic has plenty of amazing advantages: cardiovascular protection, anti-virus, cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, immune booster, etc. Instead of colorful crusts, this mooncake has a great variety of fillings and a black crust created from finely ground black garlic. The mystery of gothic color must arouse your curiosity about what the mooncake tastes like. Once the cake hits you with strong garlic flavor at first bite, you’ll ease into the sweetness of the caramelized paste.

Black garlic mooncakes have been risingly popular in Vietnam

Where to buy Vietnamese mooncakes?

During 2 months ahead of the Mid-Autumn Day, Vietnamese mooncakes are sold broadly in the whole country. You should be aware of numerous brand names spreading in the market. Count on these reliable brands to find your favorite taste.

  • Kinh Do is the first choice of most Vietnamese customers as Kind Do mooncakes offer a wide range from common to premium products with reasonable price and has the wide retailed system throughout the country.
  • Some old traditional mooncake brand such as Bao Phuong (Hanoi), Dong Phuong (Hai Phong), Dong Hung Vien (Saigon), etc. which have been selling mooncake for years through many generations and only sell the basic tradition mooncake flavors like mix nuts, lotus seed and green bean (with salted egg york). 
  • Madam Huong is another Vietnamese brand which is suitable for high-end and formal presents. Madam Huong mooncake is a perfect mix between traditional and modernize style.
  • Givral is one of the most luxury brands coming from France. With exquisite flavor and packaging design, Givral is a harmonious combination between western and eastern cuisines.
  • Moon n Sun is familiar with the deep roots and treasured value of Vietnamese cultrues. This brand is well-known for lotus paste, traditional mixed and dark sesame with salted egg.
  • Hotel brands including Hilton Opera, Intercontinental, Metropole, Daewoo,… have brought deluxe products of Vietnamese mooncakes to customers. The recipes are selectively created by culinary artists and master chefs in the hotel.

On the whole, mooncakes feature a traditional beauty existing from time to time in Vietnamese customs. The Mid-Autumn Festival will be incomplete unless you taste a piece of mooncake. Come explore the wonderful Vietnam and try the best of mooncakes appetite with BestPrice Travel.

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