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Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

January 11, 2022 - 553 views

Although scamming is not common in Vietnam, Do not travel to Vietnam until you read this article. Together with scams like transportation, shopping, pickpocket, booking accommodation is something you may meet during your holiday. It is best to learn about them before you arrive & this article will help you avoid being ripped off when booking accommodation in Vietnam

Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

Booking accommodation online

Scamming is everywhere in the world and Vietnam has no exception. The best way to avoid it is to know it in advance. Below are 5 typical scams you should be aware of when booking accommodation in Vietnam. These scams sometimes happen in small hostels or guesthouses, therefore smart travel to have a great holiday in Vietnam.

1. Extra money charge

This is one of the most common scams when booking a hotel in Vietnam. This kind of scam is often run by the small and independent hostel, guesthouse. They offer a low rate for hotel booking, however, it ends up asking you for a higher payment. You only know when you check out and the explanation is that the quoted rate was for each person staying, and not per night or error booking system. Another way to overcharge your payment is that the hostel or guesthouse told you that the rooms you have booked are not available. They will let you stay in a better room, then you pay an extra fee when checking out. Sometimes, your bill is much higher than you thought because the hotel adds a lot of things you do not use into the bill.
How to avoid: Book your hotel through a trusted hotel booking website and bring along your confirmation email. Do not forget to fully confirm payment and rates on arrival at your hotel or guesthouse, check the bill carefully when you check out.

Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

Don't let  you become the victim of overcharge in the hotel

2. Exaggerated advertising

You are very happy with booking accommodation at an attractive rate. The hotel and the room look good on the Google or hotel website, however, it is not similar to what you saw online. The hotel is much far from the city center, the room is not clean, small, old. You are totally disappointed. The hotel may explain that what you saw is just for advertisement. If you have transferred money beforehand, they will not return any money.
How to avoid: It is a good idea to go to some forums or TripAdvisor to check customer reviews, authentic pictures of the accommodation before booking. Once you are able to choose once, contact the accommodation for terms and conditions. You will know it is a good place to stay when all the policies are clear and public.

Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

It looks like you arrive at the wrong hotel

3. No room available

With this scam, you even do not have a chance to stay in the hotel you have booked. When you arrive at the hotel and you tell the receptionist that you want to check it. Unfortunately, the hotel staff informs you the is a mistake, a “technical issue”. They will introduce you to another hotel, a sister hotel which has an equivalent room available. You may be too tired after a long journey and agree to move to another hotel. However, the new hotel is totally different from the hotel you have booked.
How to avoid: Refuse to stay in a hotel that is not similar to what you have booked, ask hotel staff to check the room with “technical issue” and only stay at the hotel which provides a similar service to the one you have booked

4. Fake accommodation

One more thing you need to care for when choosing accommodation is that there are few fake accommodations in Vietnam. These accommodations have the same names as the real ones. They try to steal business from the real one which is already popular and attracts a lot of customers. You may book a fake accommodation online or you book a real one but arrive in a fake one to check-in. This scam can be seen in Hanoi Old Quarter where the streets are quite confusing.
How to avoid: Check the hotel address carefully before you book, use the Google Map to make sure you arrive at the real hotels.

Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

Do not forget to use Google Map to find the correct address of the hotel you have booked

5. Being stolen at the accommodation

Congratulations if you find the correct hotel, successfully check-in and all the payment is confirmed between and the receptionist. The hotel room is exactly what you expect. You have nothing to do except enjoying your stay at the hotel. However, there is something you need to care for. It rarely happens, but it is better to avoid it. Housekeepers can steal some money or precious items from your room. They sometimes clean your room even when you put the sign “Please do not disturb”. Moreover, some customers from guesthouses can be stolen from other customers who stay in the guesthouses.
How to avoid: Strictly inform the receptionist if you do not want room cleaning service, inform them if you have any problems. Bring along your precious properties or lock them in the safe.

Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

Do not forget to put your precious properties in the safe

Avoiding scams for booking accommodation in Vietnam

Well prepare for your perfect stay at the hotel

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”, therefore, do researches about the hotel you are planning to book carefully to avoid scams. If you are not confident enough to book a hotel by yourself, do not hesitate to contact us for help. We offer Tour Packages and hotel booking individually.

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