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Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay is one of the most popular beaches in Halong bay, especially during summer vacation. In recent years, Bai Chay tourism has become more and more bustling and attracts more visitors with a series of projects, diverse activities for visitors, possibly Ocean Park, Queen Cable Car, Vinpearl resorts, etc. and the transportation to visit the bay also have more options, allow us to explore and have fun.

Bai Chay is located close to Ha Long Bay, between Tuan Chau Island and Hon Gai Island. This can be considered as the tourism center of Ha Long, very convenient to explore the whole of Ha Long.

Bai Chay Beach is the largest beach in Ha Long. This is an artificial coast, stretching over 1000m and over 100m wide, is blessed with wonderful beauty with clear blue water, clean beaches, so it attracts many tourists. Along the coast is a stretch of pine trees creating a fresh, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere of the sea breeze combined with green trees. Coming to this place, enjoy a clear blue beach with white sand and two sides of trees, romantic sunsets, and dawns, giving tourists an incredible comfort and peaceful feeling. In addition, it also serves bicycle rental on the beach, surfing cars, kite rental, and extremely unique various kinds of food and drink.

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach


How to get to Bai Chay

The distance from Hanoi to Bai Chay is about 150km, traffic is developed so there are some ways for you to choose:

  • By train: you can choose the train to go from Hanoi to Ha Long. Using this vehicle, you can enjoy sightseeing along the way, learn more about the lives of local people at the places where the train passes.
  • By bus: There are many buses coming to Halong in Luong Yen bus station and My Dinh bus station. There is a bus every 5 - 10 minutes.
  • By motorbike: It takes you about 155km. You can follow the route: Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Uong Bi - Ha Long.
  • Seaplane: It is an extremely new and enjoyable experience. The flight departs from Noi Bai airport to Tuan Chau port, flight time is 45 minutes and some flights have 15 minutes more for tourists to enjoy the scenery. If you choose a seaplane, you should choose flights that have sightseeing time, very eye-catching, and the whole Halong get into your eyes.

Get to Bai Chay Beach

Get to Bai Chay Beach


Famous attractions near Bai Chay Beach

Sun World Ha Long Park: On an area of 214ha, Sun World Ha Long Park in Bai Chay is the largest entertainment complex in the North of Vietnam. Ha Long Park is designed with 2 main areas: the coastal amusement area and the Ba Pass entertainment area, connected by Queen Cable Car. Coming to the coastal amusement area, tourists will be able to enjoy 2 amusement parks with many games: Dragon Park and Typhoon Water Park. Dragon Park currently holds the record for having the fastest roller coaster game in Vietnam.

Sunworld Halong near bai chay beach

Sunworld Halong near bai chay beach

Bai Chay Bridge is also a famous destination that tourists cannot ignore when coming here. Bai Chay Bridge is an 1106m bridge located on Highway 18, connecting Hon Gai and Bai Chay through Cua Luc river. Bai Chay Bridge is also a symbol of Quang Ninh. In the evening, the bridge is a peaceful place for all families walking to enjoy the cool breeze, it will help you to reduce all the stress and worries of the chaos of life and send your soul into moments of peace and relaxation with the sea and wind.

Bai Chay night market: The night market has an area of up to 5,000 m2 with 335 business stalls selling all kinds of goods such as souvenirs, clothes, local cuisine, etc. Bai Chay night market has become spacious with solid infrastructure such as concrete floors, lighting systems, electric fans, parking, ensuring more safety for tourists as well as shopkeepers. The best time to enjoy the night market is from 9 pm to 12 pm at night. It is the time when the market is most active, both food stalls and souvenir stalls. You will definitely be surprised by the variety of cuisine in Ha Long at this night market!


Where to stay in Bai Chay Beach

Vinpearl Halong Resort: Only 9km from the city center, the location of Vinpearl Halong Resort allows you can quickly and easily reach many local points in Bai Chay as well as Halong. For comfort and convenience, the resort offers free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, daily housekeeping, fireplace. There are 384 rooms with full equipment such as welcome coffee and tea, closet, towels, slippers, etc. to please even the most discerning guest. Besides that, Vinpearl Halong Resort also has a yoga room, private beach, fitness center, sauna, an outdoor pool for guests to escape and relax.

La Stella Hotel is designed in a modern style with a light tone, it will be one of the most interesting options for tourists during their stay. The hotel offers a 24-hour front desk, room service, and currency exchange services for guests. Each room is fully equipped with amenities, bringing the most luxurious and comfortable experience for tourists. La Stella Hotel is located about 1.1 km far from Bai Chay Beach and 2.2 km far from Queen Cable Car. The nearest airport is Cat Bi International Airport, which is 35 km away.

Homestay sea view Newlife Halong: Homestay sea view Newlife Halong is an apartment homestay with luxurious, modern space and a beautiful view overlooking the beach, this place will definitely give you an unforgettable vacation! Located on the high-end New Life Tower apartment building, with modern bedrooms overlooking the Ha Long Bay, bring a sense of luxury and relaxation to guests! The kitchen is fully equipped with cute items, it will allow you to create special dishes to enjoy together.


Food and Restaurants in Bai Chay Beach

Besides seafood, coming to Bai Chay, there are two special foods that you cannot miss: Squid rolls and “Sá Sùng”.

Squid rolls: Made from fresh squids with the hand-pounding technique, instead of grinding machine like many other places, then adding seasoning and fried on boiling oil pan until the rolls turn into golden color. Therefore, Ha Long Squid Rolls have a very natural crispness and tasty. Although the price of squid rolls is quite high, about $15 - 20 US dollars per kg, tourists still want to buy it when they have the opportunity to visit the market.

“Sá Sùng”: “Sá Sùng” looks like a kind of worm, is one of the extremely rare types of seafood today. “Sá Sùng” contains many nutritional values that are good for human health. According to research, “Sá Sùng” contains 17 mineral elements and 18 types of amino acids. Among those nutrients, eight are essential for the body. “Sá Sùng” is widely used to make “Phở” (famous rice noodles in Vienoodles in Vietnam) because it will create a natural and unique aroma that no seasoning has.

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