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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Halong Bay

December 30, 2023 - 2809 views

Beaches in Vietnam are popular spots for tourists and locals looking to escape the bustling city life. With over 3,000 km of soft sand and clear waters, Vietnam has plenty of beautiful beaches to discover. The beaches in Halong Bay are some of the most popular and beautiful ones in Vietnam.

Halong Bay beaches have emerald blue waters suitable for the best water sports, gorgeous limestone karsts, thick jungles and mountains for hiking and rock climbing, pristine white sand for sunbathing and relaxing, and they also offer some of the best local seafood in Vietnam.

Below are the top 10 beautiful beaches in Halong bay that you should visit once on your trip to Vietnam. Some beaches are cruise stops, so you can book a Halong Bay cruise to come to visit.

Beaches in Halong Bay


1. Titop Beach

Ti Top beach is located on Titop Island in the heart of Halong Bay. It was named after a Russian hero who came to visit the beach in 1962. The beach has white sands and turquoise blue waters around the year, making it a perfect landscape. There are a lot of activities on beaches which you can join such as swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. The beach is well-equipped for visitors with deckchairs, showers, and refreshment stalls selling fresh coconuts. It is among the popular stops of the overnight cruise in Halong Bay.

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Titops Beach

Ti Top beach


2. Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau is a pristine white sand beach in Halong Bay, stretching over 3 km. It is about 8 km from the harbor. Coming here, you can enjoy the beauty of the bay and experience a number of entertainment activities such as swimming, snorkeling, wave surfing, climbing, and camping in the eco-tourism zone. It is also an ideal spot for all luxury travelers looking to relax and unwind in the middle of Halong Bay as you can stay overnight there. The backdrop of the beach is pine tree forests, great places for taking pictures.

Tuan Chau Beach

Tuan Chau beach


3. Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung beach is situated to the south of Ngoc Vung Island, about 34 km southeast of the tourist boat wharf. It is a three-kilometer-long white sand beach with clear waters all year round. The beach is still pristine and unspoiled by tourism. Arriving at this beach, you can enjoy swimming and sightseeing, and tasting fresh delicious seafood caught by local fishermen. Oysters and lobsters are among the top favorite dishes. There are no big resorts or hotels, however, you can do camping, enjoy a barbecue, and spend a night in a peaceful environment here.

Ngoc Vung Beach

Ngoc Vung beach


4. Ba Trai Dao Beach

Ba Trai Dao Beach located near Cat Ba Island is about 22 kilometers south-north of Bai Chay Wharf. An islet is a group of three small mountains 23 meters high, looking like three peaches. Beach at its bottom is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halong Bay: white sand and crystal clear blue and shallow water. This beach is a great place for people who want to snorkel, scuba, kayak, or just sunbathe and laze around. There are also some great rock climbing choices if you are interested. There is no accommodation on this beach, you can only swim here for about two or three hours a day because of the high tide.

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Ba Trai Dao Beach

Ba Trai Dao beach


5. Minh Chau Beach

Minh Chau is another beautiful beach in Halong Bay. This beach belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay, Ha Long, 15 km from Quan Lan Beach. It is well-known as the 'no footprints' beach because the white sand here does not stick to one's feet. You can go camping on the beach overnight.

It will become an unforgettable memory when you stay overnight on the beach, and immerse yourself in the fresh and natural landscape. Some part of the beach is moderately wavy, and some have shallow water, making swimming easy for everyone, especially the children. This beach is a perfect choice for honey couples or families with children.

Minh Chau Beach

Minh Chau beach


6. Quan Lan Beach

Quan Lan Beach is located on Quan Lan island in Bai Tu Long Bay. The beach is well-known for its majestic wilderness, fine white sand, blue water, and a peaceful space unspoiled by tourism. This heavenly beach stretches for several kilometers along the coast of Quan Lan Island.

Although there are some hotels, and hostels nearby, they are hidden from the view of the bay, tourists who come here will have a feeling of being in a lost paradise. Quan Lan Beach attracts lots of tourists, especially visitors who love swimming, camping and getting away from busy life.

Quan Lan Beach

Quan Lan Beach


7. Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach is located on Soi Sim Island, just about 700m away from Ti Top Island. This beach has been open for 10 years, so it is pretty new to tourists. The island becomes beautiful with purple Sim tree (rose myrtle) blooming from March to August. That is why the island is called Sim Soi.

Soi Sim beach is also famous for its green color of plants, wild scene, quiet atmosphere, and clean and clear-cut emerald water. You can even see the fishing swimming at the bottle thank to its emerald water. Climbing to the peak of the island, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Halong Bay, making it an ideal place for taking photos.

Soi Sim Beach

Soi Sim Beach


8. Ban Chan Beach

Ban Chan Beach can be translated into English as Foot Beach. The beach is not as popular as others in Halong Bay, as it belongs to an "off the beaten track" route. It is surrounded by the famous towering limestone outcroppings and has the primitive and unspoiled beauty that you have never seen on any famous beaches.

The white sandbank stretches for several kilometers beneath casuarina pines. Tourists coming here enjoy many interesting activities such as swimming in fresh clear water, sightseeing, kayaking, camping...

Ban Chan Beach

Ban Chan Beach


9. Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay beach is an artificial beach in Halong Bay, but as beautiful as a natural one. It is close to the coast of Halong Bay City, and well-developed with bars and hotels alongside it, hence, attracting a huge crowd of beachgoers to spend time here, especially in the summertime.

On a 100-meter-long sandbank, tourists can enjoy many water sports here like water skiing, sea motorcycling, snorkeling, and scuba diving among others. Each hotel has its own piece of beach where the guesthouse can relax, children can play and enjoy a nice cold beverage or some of the delicious local seafood.

Bai Chay Beach

Bai Chay Beach


10. Tra Co Beach

Tra Co Beach is known as one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in North Vietnam, thanks to its blue clean water and smooth white sand. The beach is located in Quang Ninh province, about 9 km from Mong Cai town, and 170 km from Halong city, making it a great destination for tourists, especially people who come from China.

Tra Co has 17 kilometers long beach with very clean water, tourists can see rows of greenish trees and mountains reflected on the water. As the beach is long, tourists can easily find some privacy and get away from the big crowds. Watching the sunset on the beach with many colors fading to the horizon is among the best things to do on this beach, so do not miss it.

Tra Co Beach

Tra Co Beach

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