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Join us to explore one of the brightest pearls in Halong Bay - Titop Island with a lot of useful information such as location, how to visit the island, and interesting things that cannot be missed on this island.

Titop IslandTitop IslandTitop IslandTitop IslandTitop IslandTitop IslandTitop IslandTitop IslandSwimming in TitopSwimming in TitopSwimming in TitopSwimming in TitopSwimming in Titop

For many tourists, Titop is still quite strange and less known. But this is a small island located in the Natural Wonders of the World - Halong Bay. To reach this beautiful island, tourists have to take a boat from Bai Chay port. During that time, tourists will be able to admire the majestic nature and beautiful scenery of Halong Bay. Standing on the boat and feeling each cool breeze blowing will increase your curiosity about Titop Island.

Titop Island

Welcome to Titop Island - one of the most famous attractions in Halong Bay

Where is Titop Island?

Titop Island is located in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh Province, about 7-8 km southeast of Bai Chay tourist ship port. Unlike 2,000 other tourism spots in Halong, Titop Island has a famous crescent-shaped sand beach called Titop beach or Vang Trang beach (which means the Moon beach, because the sandy beach looks like the moon hanging onto the island mountain). Not only that, when conquering the island, you will be able to see the beauty of Ha Long Bay from above. If you have only seen one picture of Halong bay, it is more likely taken from the crest of Titop Island. Don’t wonder why there are thousands of tourists who visit Titop Island every day

Titop Island Location

Titop Island Location

Why is it called Titop?

In the early years, Titop Island was less known and called Graveyard Island or Red Cross. The name was in memorial of the death of a French cargo ship crew, who faced disaster nearby and buried on the island. When visiting Titop Island, you can learn more history of the island on the rock placed right in front of the island.

It was kept until 1962 when Ho Chi Minh visited the island with a Soviet astronaut named Gherman Titov, then Ho Chi Minh asked everyone to get the name Titov for this island. Nowadays, as for being more familiar with Vietnamese, the island is called Titop which is the word Titov written in the Vietnamese language. So the name “Titop” appeared and became a symbol of the friendship between Vietnam - Soviet Union.

Best time to visit Titop Island

With the wild and romantic beauty and fresh atmosphere, tourists can come here at any time of the year. June - July is always the peak season of Titop Island because this is the time for the summer holiday and the weather is suitable for swimming and outdoor activities. However, from February to May is also recommended for you to visit this beautiful island, because the weather is cool, suitable for swimming, sightseeing and this is not the peak tourist season, so the expense here is not too expensive.

Nice weather to visit Titop Island

Nice weather to visit Titop Island

How to get to Titop Island

Titop Island belongs to Route No. 2 in Ha Long tourism, many tourism boat tours are designed to stop at Titop for the night. It is recommended for tourists to travel to the island by boat or book Ha Long Bay Cruise to stay on the island for a night. You can look for the cruise tour as a preferred option. Halong Bay itinerary usually offers two different journeys: 1 night and 2 nights onboard, which provide tourists with different stops and activities. In comparison with a one-night cruise in Halong Bay, the two-night Halong Bay itinerary will give you a chance to explore more secluded and untouched destinations, not only in Ha Long Bay but also in Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. If you have enough time, two nights must be the best choice. If not, one night is fine anyway.

The second choice of yours can be taking a seaplane to the island for the top view. Seaplanes take off from Tuan Chau island, flying above 300m from water level.

Things to do at Titop Island


There are many relaxing activities for travelers to enjoy on the beautiful island. The beach is not so big, but it is definitely peaceful and clean. Thanks to daily tidal wave rise, the sand is “washed” to white, lying next to nice emerald green seawater. Nowadays, there is a bar at the beach, with swimsuit rental services, swimming float, and fresh-water bath. There also have water motorbike and parachute rental services. Freshwater is transported from the mainland by the Bay Management. Photo-generic views are everywhere for your Instagram tour.

Enjoy Swimming in Titop Island

Enjoy Swimming on Titop Island

Thrilling sports

You can try kayak riding, parachute jumping, and other water activities to enjoy the beach fulfill. If you are active enough, you are definitely supposed to climb to the top of Titop mountain, the only barrier is the 400-step stair. No matter how tired you are from the stair, the high view will undoubtedly take your breath away. Widening your eyesight from the top, you would feel small, lost between the immersive lake and mountainous view. Being a part of nature, isn’t it the coolest part of trekking?

Enjoying the peaceful nighttime

If the sunrise covers the entire space of Titop beach with warm sunshine gently, the scene of the night falling here is also very special. The wind flowing through majestic forest, the sound of waves crashing gradually stronger than the day, all of them will create a lavish harmony in the quiet oasis. Tourists can choose for themselves a tent on the beach or a boat floating on blue water to enjoy the full taste of the sea for an unforgettable night in Titop Island.

Eating fresh seafood

Coming to the sea, tourists should not ignore the opportunity to taste the fresh taste of fresh seafood right on the beach: crab, shrimp, fish, squid, etc. What is more interesting than enjoying the fresh and nutritious seafood under the sun with the wind, while admiring the romantic scenery in Titop Island.

Lovely Titop island beach from above

Lovely Titop beach from above

Travel tips

To have the best experience on Titop Island, you should note the following things:

  • The weather here is often sunny, so to protect your skin remember to bring sunscreen.
  • Bring a camera/ phone so you can save memorable moments.
  • There is no food sold on Titop Island, so you should bring food before you come here to avoid hunger.
  • When climbing the stairs to the top of Titop should go along the system, do not play around to ensure safety

Attractions nearby Titop Island Halong Bay

  • Sung Sot Cave: this is one of the most famous caves located in Ha Long Bay. Sung Sot cave was found by the French in 1901, they discovered this cave and named it "La Grotte des Surprises" for its beauty and majesty in the cave. This is the widest and most beautiful cave of Ha Long Bay and this is also the place where many unique shape rocks are found. To reach Sung Sot cave, tourists must go under the forest, stepping on rocks so you can enjoy both climbing and exploring journeys.
  • Luon Cave: It is called “Luon” (in Vietnamese, “Luon” means keep your head down) cave because when visiting the cave on high tide days, tourists will have to keep their head down on a bamboo boat going through the cave to pass the cave. The cave is about 60 meters long, 3 - 4 meters high through the mountain and opens to a green lake, four sides are rocky mountains. On the cliffs covered with ferns, ten thousand and a bunch of golden monkeys climbed on the branches and cliffs. According to the management of Ha Long Bay, in Luon cave, there are about 50 golden monkeys living wild on the rocky mountain.
  • Soi Sim Island: the island is a quite new destination for tourists because the island has just been put into operation for about 10 years. Among the islands located on Ha Long Bay, Soi Sim is considered to be the wildest because of the least human impact, the most diversity, and beautiful vegetation, the atmosphere is extremely peaceful and fresh. The beach is very clean with fine white sand and the seawater so clear that allows you to see the bottom.

On a journey to visit Ha Long Bay, Titop Island is an indispensable destination in the itinerary of each traveler. If you have not come to Titop Island before, you should try once to come here to feel what nature gave this beautiful island. Hopefully, with the information about Titop Island above, you will have an interesting trip to explore here. Don't forget to share with BestPrice Travel your experiences about this island, as well as a beautiful Ha Long Bay!

Titop Island Map

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Asked by David Adam, February 08, 2021
Will be arriving by cruise ship at 1000 at Bai Chay terminal. Ship departs same day at 2100. Is there a ship that would pick up at the terminal and take in Bon Hon and Titov Peak and return to port terminal that day?
BestPrice, February 08, 2021
@David Adam: what time is your boat arrive and leave? most sharing cruise start around noon and back late afternoon. You can take taxi to pier to get the cruise then after ending back there by your own.

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