Bai Tu Long Bay Weather All You Need to Know

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An off-the-beaten-track destination, Bai Tu Long Bay has gained its reputation as a quieter, more pristine bay than its neighbor Halong Bay. How is the weather in Bai Tu Long Bay? Read on and pick the best time for your vacation to this beautiful bay.

Bai Tu Long Bay is a separate bay in the northeast of the island that takes up three-quarters of Halong Bay. While it is less well-known than the main bay, the beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay is equally as rewarding to visitors. The destination is home to many small islands, floating villages, and unspoiled beaches, surrounded by mountainous scenery.

bai tu long bay

Sunrise in Bai Tu Long Bay (Source: Quang Le)

With the vast development of tourism, Bai Tu Long Bay's beauty has come to light in recent years and become the destination for some overnight cruises. It is a laid-back alternative to Halong Bay. Come to Bai Tu Long Bay and explore what its weather is like.


Bai Tu Long Bay Weather & Temperature Overview

Located in northern Vietnam, Bai Tu Long Bay has seasonal variations at each time of the year. The yearly temperature ranges from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius with an average rainfall of around 2,000 millimeters.

bai tu long bay weather

Generally, there are two seasonal variations in Bai Tu Long Bay with distinct characteristics: hot and humid summer (from May to August) and cool winter season (from November to January). However, during the transitional periods between the two main seasons, there is the spring and autumn season.

  • Spring (February - April)

Spring means pleasant Bai Tu Long Bay weather, clear blue skies, and calm sea conditions. This season allows plenty of water-related activities and a variety of cruises. During this season, there are relatively fewer domestic visitors. It allows you the freedom to enjoy the place at any time you want.

  • Summer (May - August)

Summer is the peak of domestic tourism. During this time, Vietnamese people go to the mountains or the beaches to relieve the heat, and Bai Tu Long Bay is a popular destination. However, the temperature from May to August can rise to 35 degrees Celsius. It would make a good time for swimming, but summer in the climate brings torrential rainfalls and unexpected thunderstorms that may lead to the cancellation of your cruise.

  • Autumn (September - October)

Autumn features the most beautiful weather in Bai Tu Long Bay. There is a large decrease in rainfall compared to the previous summer months. Glorious sunshine and clear blue skies over the picturesque scenery make September and October a popular choice for couples looking for a romantic vacation. Be it for cruising, water activities, or trekking, there are plenty of things to do in autumn in Bai Tu Long Bay.

  • Winter (November - January)

Finally, the winter season means that Bai Tu Long Bay weather is the coldest of the year. Low precipitation might seem ideal for most travelers, but heavy fog might hinder your sightseeing excursion on a cruise or around the bay.

The guideline above shows that spring and autumn would be recommended for making the most out of your trip. Halong Bay in general, consisting of the center, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay, welcomes tourists at any time of the year. You should plan your activities and pack accordingly to weather conditions. Also, there are travel deals that you may find depending on the season.

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Bai Tu Long Bay Weather by Month

bai tu long bay weather by month

Month Temperature High/Low


Sunshine Hours


January 20°/14° 14mm 7 hours the coolest & driest months month of the year
February 21°/15° 22mm 7 hours beginning of the spring season, so a cool breeze is expected with somewhat chilly weather.
March 23°/18° 53mm 8 hours Visitors will be comfortable with pleasant sunshine shining over the beautiful landscape
April 27°/21° 57mm 8 hours Rainfall increases but does not influent your activities in Halong Bay
May 30°/24° 175mm 8 hours Start of the hot season, nice weather to do water activities
June 30°/24° 172mm 8 hours One of the hottest months of the year. June also marks the beginning of peak domestic tourism.
July 31°/25° 201mm 7 hours Frequent downpours and unexpected thunderstorms
August 32°/25° 265mm 6 hours Bai Tu Long Bay cruises are subject to cancellation due to bad weather.
September 31°/24° 190mm 7 hours A good time to explore the caves and shake off the heat
October 28°/21° 54mm 7 hours Rainfall has dramatically decreased to 54mm, so tourists do not Have to worry much about bringing waterproof clothes.
November 24°/18° 12mm 8 hours Start of winter in Bai Tu Long Bay, the lowest rainfall in the year
December 21°/15° 23mm 8 hours Fog will make traveling around Bai Tu Long Bay in December less convenient.


Best Weather to Visit Bai Tu Long Bay

It is undeniable that weather is the decisive factor for travelers to choose the best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. This secluded destination is beautiful throughout the year. But if you are mostly concerned about Bai Tu Long Bay weather, spring and autumn would be the best picks for you.

best time to visit bai tu long bay

Best time to visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay weather factors to consider are calm currents for water-related activities, little rainfall that makes your cruise trip convenient, pleasant sunshine to complement the beautiful landscape, and more. Therefore, transitional periods with less harsh conditions are usually the best time to travel. With comfortable weather, you can plan day excursions around Bai Tu Long Bay.

Spring begins in February and lasts until the first half of May. During this time, there are not many domestic tourists, except for the Vietnamese New Year. Therefore, March and April are the two best months to take a cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay and explore the untouched beauty. September and October are popular among international tourists. Adventure seekers who are keen on trekking should pick this month to travel. Additionally, there is a wide range of available activities in Bai Tu Long Bay.

We hope this article has provided information to help you in planning a Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise, the undiscovered gem near Halong Bay center. Have a great holiday!

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