Bangkok Weather in December: Climate & Best Things To Do

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The city of Bangkok welcomes millions of tourists every year, proclaiming its title of 'most visited city in the world' by Mastercard's Global Destination Cities Index for four years in a row. There is no doubt that Thailand's capital city has lots to offer, especially when the cool season allows a hassle-free, comfortable trip. Bangkok weather in December makes it one of the best months to visit Bangkok.

Characteristics of Bangkok weather in December

The best time to visit Thailand or any Asia country is outside the rainy season.

The most prominent feature of Bangkok weather in December is the drop in precipitation and humidity. Both make it ideal for traveling as any indoor or outdoor activity is appropriate. Tourists should hesitate no more and plan a trip to Bangkok during this time of the year. The average temperature in December is 28 degrees Celsius, and it can get as low as 22 degrees in some years. However, the weather rarely gets uncomfortably cold, so travelers should not worry about not being able to enjoy their planned activities.

The humidity level is also the lowest of the year. Bangkok weather in December remains mostly dry with lots of sunshine, and rainfall is almost absent. Tourists who are looking for great photo opportunities should visit Bangkok in December, but bear in mind the large influx of tourists in the peak season.

Bangkok weather December

What to expect in Bangkok in December

Without a doubt, December is one of the most eventful months of the year, when the festive atmosphere is all around. Both local people and visitors are excited for this month to shop for gifts, see the brightly-lit decorations, and slowly transition into the New Year.

Christmas Day

While Bangkok and Thailand do not celebrate Christmas in a religious sense, you can still feel the Christmas vibes from all over the capital city — with Christmas trees and lights as decorations in restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Head to Rajadamri to see a gorgeous display of Christmas lights, hit the Sansiri Winter Market for some gift shopping, and take holiday photos in CentralWorld. There are plenty of things to do during this time.

christmas Bangkok

CentralWorld Bangkok hosts a lights show during the festival season


Chatuchak Weekend Market

You can shop in Bangkok all year round — is one of the things the city prides itself on. As Christmas draws near, small businesses and shopping plazas host sales events to attract shoppers all around. You will have no trouble finding gifts at a reasonable price, but if you have a whole day to dedicate to shopping, we recommend paying a visit to Chatuchak Weekend Market. This spot has become increasingly popular for foreign tourists, with hundreds and thousands of stalls of products to choose from: new and used clothing, ceramics, home and decoration, books, art creations, antiques, and more.

Chatuchak market Bangkok

The colorful stalls make a magnificent view from above. Source: Lisheng Chang

Travel tips for Bangkok in December

  • When shopping at local markets, you can use your negotiation and bargaining skills, but remember to maintain a friendly attitude. It is the key to getting the deal you want.
  • As it is peak season, it is crucial to book accommodation in advance. Tourists begin coming in November, so you should plan your trip early on.
  • There will be a lot of nightlife activities around Christmas time. As a visitor, you should drink and party responsibly and respect the local culture on top of everything. It includes wearing appropriate clothing in Bangkok.

December is an exciting time to visit Bangkok. Check our guide for more information about Bangkok weather year-round, and consider booking a Bangkok tour with us. BestPrice Travel is a leading travel company, providing a range of services in the Indochina region. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us. We hope you will enjoy your trip to Bangkok in December!

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